A Dark Grey Idea: Build a Better Amy (se5revolution.s3.amazonaws.com)
So if the Big Don is the new Ami, in SG Dark Grey, what do we do with the old one?
How about, turning her into the "new" Tomoko, to replace the one that broke Ryuuji's heart AND to serve as Eve to "Ryuta's" Adam in creating thr Omega race?
Ryuuji could gather facial/ hair DNA from Bel, bust DNA from Karen, midsection chromosomes from Kotomi. and American thighs matter from Sana, all from hair samples taken from dates. These could be fashioned into medicines given to Ami when you meet her for her four dates. She may have to go bra shopping after she leaves the sleeping forest, for example.
So the random mugging aftet the dates is Junta (or Snakeman) stopping Ryuuji from collecting the DNA.Finally, what she thinks is a time machine is actually a machine for finishing the transformation of Ami into a Tomoko clone/ OmegaAmi.
Hey, it worked for the Jenner girls.
  • SimMan Interesting ideas. I may try to do something like that. So far I am just sure that Amy won't be playing the advisor role for the playboy (unqualified), and Ryuuji will try to corrupt her. Ryuuji will be running a model agency slash escort service for the riches.