Ami's Sunrise Surprise

  • A Dark Grey Idea: Build a Better Amy
    So if the Big Don is the new Ami, in SG Dark Grey, what do we do with the old one?
    How about, turning her into the "new" Tomoko, to replace the one that broke Ryuuji's heart AND to serve as Eve to "Ryuta's" Adam in creating thr Omega race?
    Ryuuji could gather facial/ hair DNA from Bel, bust DNA from Karen, midsection chromosomes from Kotomi. and American thighs matter from Sana, all from hair samples taken from dates. These could be fashioned into medicines given to Ami when you meet her for her four dates. She may have to go bra shopping after she leaves the sleeping forest, for example.
    So the random mugging aftet the dates is Junta (or Snakeman) stopping Ryuuji from collecting the DNA.Finally, what she thinks is a time machine is actually a machine for finishing the transformation of Ami into a Tomoko clone/ OmegaAmi.
    Hey, it worked for the Jenner girls.
    • SimMan Interesting ideas. I may try to do something like that. So far I am just sure that Amy won't be playing the advisor role for the playboy (unqualified), and Ryuuji will try to corrupt her. Ryuuji will be running a model agency slash escort service for the riches.
  • Dark Side of a Star: Midnight Raid
    The screen was dimly lit, but it was still clear that there was a figure on the floor."You killed Santa Claus?" Bel asked, almost too sweetly.

    "Not exactly."Keir retrieved the figure's bloody beard and held it up."The perv had the nerve, the absolute gall, to come sneaking down here for the sex show while still dressed as Santa. Probably came straight from bouncing kids on his knee and finding out what they wanted under the tree. If that's not worthy of a stabbing, I don't know what is."

    "So you know what's happening down there," SimMan intoned.

    "Of course I do."  Keir flashed his sword at the screen. "That's why I come here. I'm like a minotaur in the maze, ready to shishkebab every perv who follows his dick here instead of his brain."

    Korri spoke up. "We need to break some girls out of there. Would you be willing to help us?"

    "Well, they don't bother me, and I don't bother them. So, I'll show you how to get in, and assuming you get out, if anyone follows you into the tunnels, I'll deal with them."

    "How will you know who's who?" Alexia asked.

    Keir thought about it.
    "Have everyone who's escaping, run to my left when they see me. I'm right handed, so I'll try to avoid anyone coming in that direction who's not trying to stab me."
    SimMan looked at the others in the room."You realize this doesn't end the trafficking problem. And whoever it is doing this can just pick up and start elsewhere."

    "Yeah," Tassy replied. "But it won't be in our neighborhood.""And it might get some, or all of you killed."

    "Maybe they should be afraid of us!" Benny added.

    SimMan chuckled to himself

    "Let's hope so."

    They left SimMan's house.
    "We'll all need weapons. You all got any?" Benny asked.
    "I do!" Bel volunteered.
    "Those of you who don't, there's a guy I know. He runs a bar..."
    Benny turned in surprise, and looked at Korri.
    "You know him?"
    "Uh, yeah."
    Tassy smiled. "She used to know him a lot better."
    Korri blushed as the girls laughed. Toreda was a hard, bitter man who knew the streets. But she still harbored a soft spot for him.
    And as they walked into the bar, she saw Toreda pause a bit when she came to where he was standing. He looked all businesslike when they explained what they needed, and told them to meet after closing time to pick up what they needed.
    As they walked away, Toreda motioned for Korri to come back over.
    He drew her close.
    "It's not my business," he whispered. "But what ever you're doing, be quick. And be careful."
    She pulled away slightly and looked back.
    "I will," she said, softly. "Thanks."

    On New Year's Eve, they assembled the team in Amy's kitchen. Sana brought dark clothes for the party, who all brought their weapons. Bel brought two, including a holstered pistol.
    Primero took a sushi roll and placed the six pieces on the table. He lay the knife in front.
    "After we clear the door, Sana will lead. First sign of trouble, she deploys a smokescreen and falls back behind the second line. Korri, Tassy, and I will advance first. We'll engage the guards when we see them."
    "Bel, Benny, and Lexy will advance behind us. When you get a chance, go around or through us and make your way to the door. Shoot the door lock if you have to, and take the girls around and back."
    "Remember," Lexy added. "Run to the right, Keir's left, when you leave the door on the way out."

    The five guards were watching the show in the arena above them. A girl, mesmerized by the gas, gyrated for customers on the stage, while Rosebery's most despicable citizens watched. They were all surprised by the sudden burst of activity from the door.
    Primero, flanked by Tassy and Korri, charged through the smoke. As the guards joined the melee, Sana peered through the smoke and saw Lexy's hair as she and the others headed for a door.

    Six girls were huddled in the darkened room. All of them were partially dressed either in the clothes they had come in for the My Morning Star auditions, or in schoolgirl outfits. They listened when Benny invoked them to leave quickly.
    The guards were distracted by the gunshot. Tassy took advantage and plunged a knife into a guard's belly. One of the rescued girls screamed when she saw the guard's blood; Benny grabbed her arm and pulled her toward the hallway.

    Keir stood, impatiently.
    I really want to stab somebody, he kept telling himself. They promised!
    He watched for Sana's signal, trying to will her into giving it.

    Sana saw the first of the girls run towards her. She waved the agreed signal for NO.
    Keir continued to grumble, as the first of the girls ran by him. He could feel his palms sweat as he readied himself.
    As Benny and the last girl ran past, Sana waved her arms to signal YES. She also set off an airhorn to signal Primero and the girls to retreat. The blast lifted Keir's spirits. He watched as Korri came out the door, followed by Tassy, Sana, and Primero. As a guard came up on Primero, he halted, as Keir's blade disappeared into his torso.
    The swordsman reveled in his victim's gasp. He retrieved his blade, and plunged it into the figure behind the first. And another. And another.

    It was a good day.
    • SimMan It seems that in real life the authority is turning a blind eye to pizzagate (I hope they are doing some kind of undercover operation and do not want too much noise on purpose), so seeing the SG team restored justice is strangely insanely satisfying. Great story as usual.
    • Keiryu And so they say Keir's heart grew three sizes that day. Then it immediately shrank 6 imploding itself while he threw some dudes head into the crowd.

      Truly a great day.
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  • Dark Side of a Star: The Naughty List

    Sana looked at the photo of Amy and started giggling.
    "Can't you see, silly girl?"
    Sana put the photo down on the counter.
    "You're way better looking naked than that."
    She walked to the steel grid and pulled it down. Then she came back inside.
    "There now. Show me what you really got."
    Amy swallowed hard.
    "Let me pour you some liquid courage."
    Sana found a bottle of sake and some paper cups. She poured a measure for both of them.
    "Bottoms up!"
    "What's that mean?"
    "It just means you chug it."
    Amy did chug it. By the third cup, the sake was having its effect.
    "I...I should clean up first."
    "No need for that."
    Sana found a whipped cream can and put a dollop on her fingers. She approached Amy and fed her a lick.
    "Do I get more?" Amy asked warmly.
    "No, but I do."
    Sana drew a line down from Amy's neck to her chest. She reached over and licked a bit off of Amy's chin. She put another dollop on her fingers.
    "I can either put this down your shirt or on your body."
    "It would stain my shirt."
    Amy. Ever practical.
    She reached down and removed her shirt and bra in one motion.
    Sana drew a heart on Amy's chest, then dotted her nipples like they were punctuation marks. She held Amy by the waist as she sucked the cream from her nipple.
    "What about your shirt?"
    "Oh, right."
    Sana stepped back, and stripped. Completely. Amy had just moments to view her beautiful body. She was breathtaking.
    Sana stepped forward again, with one more dollop of cream.
    "Where's that going?" Amy cooed.
    She had her answer. Sana knelt and tugged Amy's pants to her knees. The coolness of the cream hit Amy's privates quickly, and melted just as fast; Sana's tongue had the more lingering effect.
    Amy backed into a prep table. She hoisted herself up, and kicked at her pants until they fell away. Sana used her new position to deeper her tongue's thrust into Amy's pussy lips, who cried her delight for all the world to hear.

    Korri, Alexia, and Bel met before school.
    "We're going to need some more, dare I say it, manpower."
    "But who are we going to get?" Bel asked. "The only ones who's said yes is Primero and...Benny."
    "Benny?" Alexia scoffed. "He plays video games. What can he do?"
    "Why don't we ask...him?"
    Korri looked over at the solitary figure in the courtyard. LeRoy was smoking a cigarette, as if nobody would dare to stop him.
    "No, Korri."
    "C'mon. Worst he can say is no."
    Korri came back quickly.
    "What did he say?"
    "Figures." Alexia rolled her eyes. "Did he say why?"
    "Says it's not his territory. What does that mean?"
    Bel shook her head.
    "Gangs. People like LeRoy are tough, but they know to stay in their territory. When they stray, that's when gang wars start."
    "Okay, then," Alexia said. "Who's the gang leader there?"
    Primero approached.
    "It's a no-man's land. None of the gangs go there. They say there's an army creatures under the arena, who pick the area clean after the lights go down. But I think I know somebody who knows them."
    He shifted his books to walk away.
    "Meet me here after school. We'll walk together."

    "Who are your friends, Primero?"
    "Korri, Lexy, Bel, and Tassy, this is SimMan."
    SimMan seemed to recognize Tassy.
    "I know you. Miss Rosebery winner."
    Tassy scoffed. "Should I know you?"
    "You should," he replied. "All the security in the stadium worked for me."
    "So you know the arena," Korri asked.
    "Most of it.  You see," SimMan pointed to the video board.
    "I can only see what my cameras and my men are allowed to see."
    "So there's parts you can't see?" Bel seemed relieved.
    "The place was built over an underground sex club. Every sewer and drainpipe might lead to that place. But only a few actually do and nobody goes there. Except the one who lives there."
    "Allow me to introduce you."
    SimMan pressed a button. A single tone, not unlike a smoke alarm, could be heard on the speaker. A figure approached the camera, dressed in black, save a red stocking cap on his head.
    "Got a minute?"
    "Give me two minutes. OK, five. I'm about to show this rat bastard why I don't believe in Santa Claus."

  • Dark Side of a Star - Regrouping
    Amy quickly gave the naked girls some cooking aprons to cover themselves.
    "What...what happened to you in there?"
    Sana tossed her gas mask on the floor.
    "Nearest I figure, some variant on nitrous oxide. It explains the heat anyway."
    Bel looked nervous, "Does it explain how wild we got?"
    Sana grinned. "Maybe a little. I'm a sleepy drunk myself - I don't turn into Girls Gone Wild after just a few drinks."
    Bel looked embarrassed.
    "Tassy, can I talk to you?"

    Korri signaled to Alexia to follow her.
    "Where are you headed?"
    "There's a gym across the street that I'm a member of. We can clean off there."

    Bel followed Tassy to her car.
    "I'll drive you home," she offered. "We can talk along the way."
    Bel got in and buckled herself.
    " don't get so friendly with people like that."
    Tassy laughed.
    "That wasn't all you."
    "You mean that?"
    "To be honest, you kind of stood there, like the Status of Liberty with a gun. A lot of those movements were all me."
    Tassy put the car in gear.
    "Can I ask why?"
    Tassy drove in silence for a few blocks. Then she turned into a darkened parking lot.
    "Because I thought we were going to die there. And if I was going to die, I was going to make sure I had been with you, first."
    Bel blushed. Tassy was such an attractive girl. It had never dawned on her that she might have feelings like that. Especially for her.
    "I...I had no idea."
    Tassy stopped the car.
    "Do you feel the same way about me?"
    Bel reached for the seatbelt and released it. She reached for the handle that lowered the passenger seat. When it lowered as far as it could go, she reached down and took the hem of her apron. She wriggled her body as she pulled the fabric up. When her crotch was exposed, she moved her naked butt on the seat to free her back. She took both hands and pulled the apron above her breasts.
    Within moments, Tassy had rolled onto her. They clawed at Tassy's apron as Tassy's lower body slid between Bel's thighs. A few hurried moments later, they were fully naked.
    Their kisses were messy, as they tried to taste each other the best they could. Tassy could not reach Bel's crotch. Bel obliged by crawling in the back seat. Tassy followed, crawling leags first so she could lower her own mound on Bel's waiting tongue.

    Alexia dropped her towel and joined Korri in the streams of water, and they kissed.
    They opened their mouths almost immediately to each other's tongue.
    Korri put her back against the wall. Alexia balanced on her toes; their bodies lined up, breasts to breast, navel to navel. Alexia released the kiss; she stood back on her feet, kissing her chin, her neck, her shoulder, as her fingers strokes her lover's sides. Alexia closed her eyes, and felt Korri kiss and nibble her chest.
    It was just like Alexia imagined; a tender touch on each side, a warm tongue bathing her nipple. It was all she needed to get started.

    Korri looked down through the fog of the cascading waters to see Alexia move down in front of her crotch, her eyes closed. She slid down the wall slightly, bending her knees as she did.
    Korri's eyes opened. She looked down at Alexia and smiled, as she slid down onto the floor with her. She moved her head forward and kissed her clit. Alexia reached down to stroke her hair as her heartbeat rose. She closed her eyes and let Korri explore. Her cries echoed off the floor, mixing with the splashes of the water to form a joyful noise, a true duet.

    Amy poured Sana some tea.
    "So what do we do now?"
    "I'd say, call the boys in. We need some more people down there with us."
    "I was kind of hoping we could take care of this, ourselves."
    "Me, too."
    Amy went to pour herself a cup. As she did, she saw the picture that was sent to her earlier. It still made her laugh.
    "Hey," she said to Sana.
    "Want to see a picture of me, naked?"
    • SimMan Nice. Sana becomes the new heroine in the team. I am planning to do the same in Rosebery too as she would be the only Ms. know-how in a spiritual battle.
  • Dark Side of a Star: Showtime!
    Korri and her team met with Amy at the restaurant.Amy was pleasantly surprised to see how many people Korri had found in a short period of time.
    Alexia looked at Amy quizzically.
    "Um, where's your weapon?"
    "I can't join you right now," Amy replied. "If they see me gone, they'll be suspicious"
    She looked around.
    "But I can get you started."
    She pulled out a paper menu. On the back was a crudely drawn map.
    "The maintenance area behind the door can also be reached through the security area. You just need to get around him."
    "Or through him," Tassy teased.
    "Behind him is a long ramp. I'm not sure what is there, but the ramp is big enough to drive through. For today, I'd just go as far as you can, and then we'll meet back here and plot our next move."
    "We might not get a second chance at this," Sana replied.
    Bel looked over.
    "Well, then we should have brought more weapons."
    "I have my runes and my positions."
    "Haw!" Bel padded her shoulder harness. "I'm not sure what your jars of eye of newt are going to do. But bullets? That'll stop a man."

    Tassy made short work of the guard by putting his money where her mouth was. He enjoyed the oral, but would probably not enjoy the headache he got from Bel's pistol whipping.

    As they headed down the tunnel, Sana felt one of her vials pull free. Korri was moving ahead, along with the girls. Sana motioned to Alexia that they should move ahead with without her.

    Korri cracked open the next door. All but Sana walked onto a darkened stage. Suddenly, the stage lights went up. Barely visible beyond the stage were four figures - one standing, and three sitting down.

    The standing figure leered at the girls.
    "Well, I guess we have some surprise contestants today. Four lovely ladies who were lost. But now you are are discovered!'
    The girls heard some old jazz music play, as one might here in an old burlesque hall.
    "Ready?" said the figure.
    "For what?" Alexia yelled back.
    The four figures donned gas masks. Through the mask, the standing figure shouted.
    "Ladies and Gentlemen. Foreplay!"
    A gas started hissing from the footlights. Korri and her friends were in a panic. They felt dizzy. Warm. Warmer. The temperature seemed to rise so fast that they started clawing at their own clothes.
    Korri stared at her friends. They had dropped their weapons, and were writhing their way out of their clothing, almost in a race to see who would get naked first. But Tassy, as always, was winning.
    "That's right," came the muffled announcement. "Show us what you got!"
    Bel and Tassy were locked in a strange embrace. They were both naked, yet somehow, Bel still held her pistol.
    Korri heard the voice.
    "A fine lady with a gun! Ain't you a fine lady!"
    She felt angry, and helpless, as she tugged the last of her leotard to her ankles.

    Then came the breeze -  a strong wind that chilled her body and her libido.

    Sana emerged. Gas mask over her face, she held her hands out. Korris could feel a strong breeze. She grabbed Alexia's hand and ran towards Sana.
    "Go!" Sana directed. "I'll get the others!'

    Sana yelled towards them.
    Still they danced.
    Sana grabbed them by the wrists.
    About that time, the masked figures realized the show was over.

    "After them!!!!"

    • Red Haired Devil I believe there are elements that could be explored, and expanded upon, There is a great deal of methods in which Sana could put her magic’s to use to emphasize upon her importance alongside the most notable main Characters, as well as put into display her role as an actual witch. A scene like this could easily be three times more exciting with even a minor use of mystics.
      Let us say Sana runs in and sees as the gas envelops the rest of the girls, noticing right away the effect the fumes begin to have on them as they begin to sweat profusely and fall to their knees. Sana immediately reaches into a pouch on her belt, tosses a handful of dust up, and inhales it deeply. Then instantly sprints toward the girls. Sana pulls out a light blue rune stone and places it down in the center of where they knelt, and just as the girls begin to tug at their clothes, Sana blows out a clear line of pure bright air unto the rune, which bursts out a strong gust of air, dispelling the gas from around them. The powerful blast of wind causes the masked figures to stumble back a few feet before jetting back towards the girls and forms into a dome of swirling that blows fiercely about them, and repels all the surrounding gas as Sana tends to its debilitating effect on her friends. With a swift swig of purifying water, Sana hurriedly pulls each of the girls to their feet.
      Unsure of what had transpired a moment passes before the veiled figures regain their postures, however it was evident the girls had managed to free themselves from their perverted snare. Furious at this uprising turn of events, the groups of masked figures rush forward. "After them!" t Sana begins to flee, shouting at the girls to follow. "Run"! The girls all dash after Sana as she tosses one final vial at their pursuers. Sana turns back to look at the masked group, and blows a kiss before ginning as the vial explodes on contact, and fills the hall with the same gas that they had just prior to attempted to use in their trap against the girls. The girls snicker as they envision their pursuers stripping themselves naked in humiliation and make their escape.
    • SimMan This scene can use some extra time. Sana had bad timing :)
  • Dark Side of a Star: Korri's Team
    Korri knew she had to do something quickly, so she went around school trying to find people to help Amy. They decided to meet after school at the gym.

    Tassy volunteered to help and to bring her dad's prized kitana. Alexia pulled out a pair of brass knuckles.

    And Bel, the American, pulled out a gun.

    Korri was going to ask her how she got that into the country, but decided the better of it. Especially when Bel asked if it would be enough.
    "We'll need a diversion. Where can we get a smokescreen or something."
    "I know a girl who is a witch," Tassy replied. "Maybe she can help."

    Sana was bussing tables again. Witchcraft was a great source of knowledge, but she had yet to find a clientele on a regular basis.
    So when Tassy came to the cafe and asked her to help, she jumped at the chance. And there was another reason - she could see the skepticism in the eyes of Tassy's friends when she told them she was a witch, while dressed as a waitress.

    She swore that today, she would show them.
  • Dark Side of a Star: Suitable for Framing
    As she prepared the concessions for the new day, Amy kept thinking about the girl in the trash bin area. Who was she? Why was she there? Who hurt her?

    And did the arena have anything to do with it? There was so much of this cement and steel monstrosity that she had not yet seen. She looked at the piles of concessions and imagined it as piles of money. Money that would go elsewhere if she stuck her nose where it should not be.

    She pulled out the bins of food and placed the nori on the table. The surimi and the vegetables would not sell by themselves, she thought. But when they come together as sushi...

    When she finally opened the steel rolling door that shielded her stand from food thieves and customers alike, she saw a card in an envelope drop out.

    It was unmarked, save the phrase, "Do not open until Christmas".

    Amy went back to the inside of the stand and opened the envelope. Staring back at her was a picture of herself, undressing.
    Instinctively, she dropped the photo and picked it back up. Typed on the back was, "This is our gift to you. Your gift to us is your silence."

    Amy shook her head.
    "That's what you think."
    She found Korri in her speed dial.
  • Dark Side of a Star: Something in the Air
    Amy still couldn't afford a car to get home. She kept her bike chained to a post around the corner of the pharmacy inside the new civic center. She had stopped for tea after closing her new restaurant, and did not get back to her bike until late.

    She always thought that this part of the city would stay crowded, even at night. The wind caught up the smell of the nearby dumpster. Amy turned her head to avoid the smell.

    That's when she saw the girl.

    "Help me." It seemed more of a request than a cry for help. The figure was a girl - she looked underdressed for the weather, and terribly hurt.

    Amy came closer, but not too close.

    "H..How can I..."

    The girl looked up. A gash was visible on her neck, as if somebody meant to slash her throat.

    "There... are..others.  Please help."

    The girl slumped to the ground. Ami looked over her to to the wall. The door behind the dumpster that was always closed, was ajar.
  • Dark Side of a Star: You Want Edamame with That?
    OK, so handing out beer and yakitori to hungry patrons wasn't the same as the old restaurant back home.But moneywise, it was night and day. Two sticks of chicken and a beer was the name she answered to, most days.Amy could handle the frenzied crowds. She marveled at the lines of people, who would eat almost anything, and fork over three times what she charged at the café. And she could barely find enough pockets to put all the cash each night.
    But she missed some of the freedoms she had at the old place. Korri used to come by after closing to sip tea and catch up. Not anymore. It was closing time at 10pm on nonvenue days, one hour after lights on performance nights. And it wasn't just her - the tshirt vendors, the ice cream people, and the bento box hawkers left the same time. Only the pharmacy lingered.
    She wondered - what's the rush?
  • Dark Side of a Star: The Empty Cafe
    Had a mystery idea pop into my head on the train home.It all starts with Amy's family restaurant. Business is much slower, now that Tian's restaurant has taken much of their business. As Amy cleans the table, she complains to her friend Korri about the misfortune they have had.Then, a man walks in, and asks to talk to the owner. Amy sits him down and discovers that he is from the company building the new concert venue where My Morning Star is to be filmed. They are looking for concession businesses that they can operate for the fans who come to attend.
    What's more, the restaurant they would operate has already been built...
  • Omega Playboy 2 VIII: I am Become Death
    Monack presented Jurgen's satelllite phone to Keir, who stared at it for a moment."Well let's see who answers when I hit redial.""Executive Helicaopter Services."
    Perfect."Sir, this is Keir, the boy scout leader of the trip Jurgen is on. I'm going to ask you to do me a big favor. Before you land, can you do a flyover of the island and tell me how many souls there are?""We can do that.""Now a bigger favor. We're supposed to torch this place. Could you bring a flare gun, and possibly drop some fuel on an old silo that used to be a control tower?"The other side was quiet."I'll need authorization."

    "In dollars and cents, how much does an authorization cost?"

    "About 50 grand American."


    "I'll see you at 0600. Have your coordinates changed?""The same as Jurgen sent you."
    The survivors spent the rest of the night trying to sleep in shifts. Mostly, they just started at the edge of the jungle. Keir reckoned that the savest place in the area was the base of a small bridge, because there were less options for the bad guys to use to get to them.As the dawn finally broke, Toreda looked up and pointed out the incoming dot."Either the zombies have a helo , or that's one of ours."
    The aircraft hovered over the camp briefly, long enough to drop a flare gun, before flying away.
    Keir handed the gun to Minoru.
    "OK, Deputy. You wanted to shoot. Here you go. Wait until we get a position from the helo and make your move."
    "Will do."
    "Take Takeo with you."
    "I'll be fine. You need the firepower."
    "Actually, I don't but..."
    Minoru loaded the flare gun.
    "Just say the word."

    The satellite phone came back to life.
    "400 meters from your position is the tower. And it's not a silo, it's a tower. There's one guy standing on it. Standing around the tower are about twenty, um, souls. Man, they are beat up."
    "Can you douse the target, sir?"
    "We have our agreement? Or otherwise, I'll need Jurgen's go ahead."
    "Jurgen might be one of those bag of bones you just saw."
    "Well, why didn't you say so? Lenny, dump fuel from the first tank on my mark."

    Minoru ran over the bridge into the jungle. If there was anything in there, he would not have time to notice. He dodged some pricker bushes and the occasional vine until he caught site of the tower.
    Without radios, he had only one way of alerting Keir or the helo that he was ready. He took out his service revolver and aimed at the figure in the tower.
    His shot was for effect; fortunately, it also managed to hit the figure.

    Lah Rhee ha just been admiring his otherworldly army when he heard the helicopter above him. For a moment, he thought the god machine was here to protect him and his band of sketelons. But the sudden pain in his arm told him otherwise.
    And now it began to rain. But this rain came from the god machine. It smelled horrible.
    I cannot stay here.
    He scrambled down the ladder and made it to the ground floor. Looking up, he saw the room he was just in, burst into flame.
    The end times were here.

    Minoru dropped the spent flare gun. The feeling of raw, searing pain enveloped his neck at its base. As he fell forward, a figure clad in a warrant officer's uniform picked up the flare gun. The pale hand closed on the handle. The monster drove the trigger mechanism deep into Minoru's skull.
    He did not seem to notice a frantic Lah Rhee frantically calling for the zombies to follow him, as he sought to quench this new hunger. Nor did he notice the flames coming toward him. And without nerves to alert him, he continued his grisly meal as the fire licked at his jump suit.

    Lah Rhee moved though the jungle, dodging obstacles he knew were there. The others were devoid of such memories and struggled with the rocks, trees, and vines as they moved forward.
    He got to the bridge and started to cross.
    On the other side of the bridge, Keir pointed towards the sole figure.
    Takeo, Toreda, and Monack all shot toward the figure. None hit, but it clearly unnerved their target. As they watched, the other side became filled with men. Some were missing arms. Most were missing hair, or skin.
    Two figures clad in jump suits moved forward in front of the target, as they walked, the skeletons filed in behind them, pacing as best they could.
    "He wants us to waste bullets on them," Keir shouted. Wait until you have a clear shot, then go for the head.
    The others listened, and let the procession get alarmingly close.
    The gunfire rang out. The bodies began falling; first the green uniforms, then the native clad corpses. Through the gunfire, Keir heard a screeching, mournful wail.
    "Cease fire!"
    The procession halted as three skeletons stood on the bridge. Lah Rhee moved to the front. He held his staff forward in a defensive posture.
    "Is he surrendering?" Toredo asked.
    "Not sure," Keir replied.
    Lah Rhee patted a skeleton on his back. The corpse of what used to be his uncle turned and smiled back. Lah Rhee reached into a pouch on the skeleton's hip. The flash of a World War II American Army bayonet flashed in the early morning sun.
    He fixed the bayonet and charged towards Keir, who gripped the pink bastard sword in anticipation. When the madman drew close enough, Keir assumed a defensive pose and glanced the blow away.
    "Now you've pissed me off!"
    Keir attempted a two handed blow to the native's midsection. The shaman blocked it, and tried to stab Keir's leg.Another couple of blows were also countered.
    "You want me to just kill him for you?" Takeo snickered.
    "I'm not done playing with him yet."
    Wielding the bastard like a baseball bat, he looked to the end of the staff where the bayonet was fixed.His blow crossed his body and caught the handle of the bayonet, sending the staff to the ground.
    The unarmed shaman looked lost for a moment. Then, he uttered a percing cry. The remaining zombies bega to walk or crawl towards Keir.
    "Let's start with you, "
    Keir resumed his stance, then slashed forward. The blow to the shaman's neck silenced the scream, as the native went to his knees. Behind Keir, Takeo and Toredo started firing at the figures on the bridge.
    Keir's final blow separated Lah Rhee's head from his neck. A few moments later, the last zombie fell.
    "You get 'em all?"
     "No," replied Monack. "I ran out of bullets."
    The men laughed.
    "Let's get out of here."

    "So where do you want to go?"
    "These three are supposed to go to Shambala, but for right nowm they're at Lycra."
    "My sympathies. What about you/?"
    Keir smiled. "Can this thing make it to Papeete?"
    "Shouldn't be a problem."
    "I can catch a flight out and be in Honolulu before Tuesday. Cool."
    He picked up the satellite phone.
    "Grace, this is Dr Keir. I will be able to make the surgery on Tuesday after all. Tell Mrs. Johnson no meals after Monday. And send that $50,000 check and the bottle of Maker's Mark to that address in Singapore."
    "Will do. Have a great trip."
    "You're a man of your word, sir."
    The pilot offered his hand.
    "You're welcome. Let's go."  
    • Keiryu Nice touch with the Surgery at the end. I was not expecting anyone to remember my Alter-ego to be a Doctor. Very nice touch indeed.

      I still say we should get a look on what other characters would do but for now that was a nice story. After all i got to use my pretty pink bastard sword. ^_^

      Plus with the new mini game that came out recently you got even more material to work with. SimMan even included "Eaters" So i say Zombies are now Canon to Simgirls.
  • Omega Playboy 2 VII: Enemy of my Enemy

    Jurgen was breathless when he got back to the camp. In the flicker of the campfire, he could see Takeo holding him at gunpoint.
    "Why are you pointing that at me?"
    "You heard Keir. We're supposed to shoot anything that moves. Consider yourself lucky I saw your fancy watch first."
    Fancy watch. That gave Jurgen an idea.
    He walked past Takeo to his tent. He fished out his cell phone.
    Monack watched him. "I don't think you're going to find a cell tower here."
    "Don't need one. This is a satellite-based phone."
    Jurgen made a few calls,  finally reaching his father at his mistress' chalet in Gstaad.
    "How did you get this number?" His father demanded.
    "You're not the only one who got special ski lessons from Olga, Poppy. Anyway, I need a helicopter to my location. I promise to go back to school if you get me out of here."
    Monack quickly figured out what Jurgeen was doing and ran to tell the others.
    Jurgen emerged from the tent to see the whole party aiming at him. Standing in the center of the group was Keir.
    "Awful sporting of you to run away and to get Genya to die for you."
    The man in black was even more ominous in the firelight.
    "I admit I didn't like him much. BUT. He was a member of this team. And now we're down a man."
    "Two," Monack volunteered. "His helo should be coming soon."
    "I guess there's only one thing to do."
    Keir unsheathed the pink bastard sword, still caked with dingo blood.
    "Kill me?"
    "You don't get off that easy." Keir removed a knife from a side scabbard. "You're here to show us the zombies. So now you're on point. Show us the zombies."
    Toreda walked behind him, and pointed the AK-47 at Jurgen's back.
    "I'll make sure he doesn't run this time."
    "Douse the fire," Keir ordered. "And put out the cigar. We need as little heat and light as possible."
    Takeo frowned as he crushed his cigar.
    "Somebody owes me a Cuban."

    The group wandered north, along the path. The moonlight did little to light the way; fortunately, there was little to be found, save rocks, sand, and mosquitoes. At the edge of the jungle, the path disappeared under small groundcover. Jurgen had arrived first, and was also the first to notice Genya's goggles, still wet with blood. He quickly began a search for Genya's rifle.As the others came closer, he threw down his knife, and picked up the rifle from the underbrush. He pointed the barrel at Keir, then the others.

    "You wanted me to find them, well, I did."
    "Don't do something stupid," Monack replied.Keir stuck the bastard sword in the ground and stepped forward."So how many bullets you think you have left? Enough for all of us, plus whatever's behind you?""I should have plenty." Jurgen stammered.
    "If you say so. I heard Genya empty his whole magazine before he died."Keir took another step. Jurgen waved the gun at him.
    "No closer."Keir reached behind him and grabbed the sword. In one motion, the sword came over Keir's head and came down on the rifle barrel. With a clang, the rifle hit the ground. Keir drew the sword back up and rested it on Jurgen's shoulder."I already disarmed you. Shall I disembowel you next?"
    The Bloody King laughed at the rich kid's humiliation. But then something else caught his eye."Keir, we're not alone.""I know."He looked back at Jurgen.
    "Your call, moneybags. Either pick up the knife next to you, and stab what's coming at you, or get out of my way."
    The kid started running.
    Keir waited until the wimp was out of the path of the bullets.
    "Everybody. Small burst of fire. Let's see who's on the opposite side."
    Jurgen suddenly reemerged in their line of fire.
    "It's Genya!. He's OK!
    "Jurgen took a couple of steps into the brush.The figure that came forward was Genya. Most of him, anyway. He turned towards Jurgen as the other man came forward.
    "Are you OK?"
    Genya turned and lifted his arms up. He grasped Jurgen on either side of his chin. Opening his jaws wide, he bit Jurgen on his temple, next to his left eye.The party heard an inhuman scream.
    "That's not Genya," Toreda shouted.
    "No shit." Keir picked up Genya's rifle and popped in a clip.
    "Short bursts, everyone. FIRE!"
    Jurgen went down immediately. Genya took a few more shots, finally falling when Minoru clipped his head.
    The party waited until they had no more sign of movement. Keir stepped into the brush. Genya's reanimated corpse quivered on the ground. Keir put an end to that with a quick, clean decapitation; the pink bastard sword almost sang as it hit bone. He turned to Jurgen, laying on the ground.The young man's eyes were rolled back, and the pallor of death was already in his face. Keir figured that a quick decapitation was the best he could do for him.
    "Turn him."
    "You're not going to help him?" Monack asked.
    "I am helping him. He's already dead."
    What was left of Jurgen reacted, lunging toward Keir. The man in black countered with a kick to the sternum.Jurgen staggered back and fell.Keir gripped the sword in both hands, and started plunging it downwards.
    " will...stay dead!"
    Takeo put his big foot on Jurgen's chest. Keir plunged his sword down once more, neatly severing the head from the body. he looked around and saw the others do the same with the half dozen skeletal bodies laying scattered about them.
    "Where are they coming from?" Monack asked.
    "I don't know," Keir replied. "But I think I know a way to find out."

    • Keiryu By Lilith. I love my pink bastard sword. A better weapon has yet to be invented...Well not counting my Pooplauncher but that one is only for wedding and funerals. ^_^
  • Omega Playboy 2 V: The Big Fix

    Mr. S arrived before the dawn via seaplane. He was ferried over to the shore in a whaleboat. A couple of hours later, he took the whaleboat over to the McMurdo. Stepping off, he greeted the captain.
    "How many souls did you lose?"
    "We think nine. One survivor. No recovery has been attempted."
    "Damage to equipment appears to be minimal. Were the wells productive?"
    "We hadn't drilled any yet."
    "Excellent. Then load all recoverable equipment back onboard.  With any luck, we can get this stuff back to Jakarta by Friday."
    "What about the project?" Shinichi interrupted.
    Mr S rolled his eyes.
    "There is no project. The price of gas has dipped again. It's cheaper to buy petroleum than capture Earth farts from remote islands."
    He turned to the captain.
    "I need to call Jakarta to get the specialist. Once he's here with his team, and you have the gear stowed, you can steam out of here."

    Keir looked at the cannon fodder in the chairs in front of him. He knew that the ragtag men had been part of the team responsible for securing the "incident". Zombies were a joke on TV. It was almost an honor meeting people who had actually killed them.
    There had been more people involved, but for reasons unknown, the three women who had been involved were not here. Probably because they were women.
    Weird country, Japan.
    "Men, thank you for coming."
    "We didn't have a choice."
    The jerk in the goggles was telling the truth. The entire team had been airlifted to the company Island. They were supposed to go to Shambala, but the accommodations they were promised did not yet exist. So they sat, waiting, eating at the manager's table and sleeping in bunks, for their ship to come in.
    Their providers implied that serving in Keir's "cleanup committee" was part of their agreement.
    "Well, thanks anyway. OK, let's make this short and sweet. You will all be issued with an AK-47 with one clip. Those of you who know how to shoot will get more. You also get one machete."
    "Our plan is to walk the perimeter of the island. Anything or anybody that makes a move towards us gets shot or stabbed. After we walk around the island, we will enter the airfield perimeter, set fire to the structures, then walk through the jungle to the other side."
    "You. Old guy. Got any previous military service?"
    Takeo, known back home as the Bloody King, shook his head.
    "If I go off to kill something and these numbnuts can't see me, they're to look to you. Follow the plan and I'll meet you when I'm done."
    He picked up a clipboard. "Raise a hand when I call your name. Genya, Dan, Toreda, Monack, Takeo, Minoru."
    All were present.
    Keir handed Takeo the clipboard. "Meet at the dock in an hour."

    Minoru stopped Keir as he left.
    "I was a police officer in Japan. Maybe I should be your #2."
    Keir looked at him.
    "Your police training include not killing civilians?"
    "Well, of course."
    "That's why I made somebody else in charge."

    The party landed at the west side of the island. They had added Jurgen to show them around.
    Scattered remains of engineers and geologists littered the shoreline.
    Genya kicked a shoe. He jumped back when he saw an anklebone jut out of it.Trying to look cool, he muttered, "Shame it wasn't a lawyer."
    "Or a Kardasian." Monack agreed.
    Jurgen looked too shellshocked to say anything.
    Keir looked back to the sea.
    "We're at the westernmost point. That's 9:00 if you're too ignorant to use a compass. We'll head north until we run out of daylight."
    He looked at Minoru, and waved him forward.
    "OK, Deputy. You're on point. Anything forward of you is a target."
    Minoru started going ahead. Keir followed.
    "Let's move out."
    • Keiryu Now this is how a mission briefing should be. "Go in. Kill all. Get out..." Maybe play football with one or two of their heads.

      Also. DAMNIT! Why am i stuck with the sausage fest...I swear if i don't find at least one long haired virgin i will stab one of them myself... -_-
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  • Omega Playboy 2 IV: Going Bump in the Night
    (Yes, that's Van Gogh's 'Starry Night Over the Rhone")
    Shinichi dangled the bomber jacket in front of the two girls again, then sat
    down. He raised his eyebrow a bit, then pointed at the chests of the native ladies.
    The taller one thought he wanted them to identify themselves.
    "Kahn Dee".
    She pointed to the other.
    "Hah Nee."
    Candy and Honey. Really? Shinichi tried not to snicker. Maybe they were nicknames, aliases. Sounded like stripper names. Looking at his bomber jacket, he wonder how many American soldiers had called themselves GI Joe, or just Joe, in situations like this.
    "Joooooe." Candy purred the name back to him. She started clapping her hands and dancing in place. Honey followed the beat at first, clapping along. She soon stopped clapping and began to move in more exaggerated ways, swaying her hips and moving her painted arms along her thighs. Honey started reaching out toward the jacket. Shinichi made a point of clutching it further. She acted hurt, making a sad face. Then she turned her back on Shinichi, and started undoing the knot of the scarf covering her breasts. Once the knot unraveled, she turned back to Shinichi. Her right hand held the scarf as she continued her dance, making no attempt to cover herself.
    He was enjoying the show. But at the same time he could not help but notice that both of them were stained all over their bodies with dirt. This was most apparent on the topless lass, as the lack of dirt on her breasts created a tan line. Fortunately, his cabin was one of the few equipped with a shower. Slinging the coat over his shoulder, he beckoned the ladies to follow him into the head.
    Jurgen Graz had a Masters Degree in chemistry, and a family fortune that dated back to the Austria-Hungarian empire. He also had the family lawyers erase a hashish smuggling charge, which had led to his exile to cousin Shinichi's crew of sweaty engineers.
    He had learned his lesson about smuggling. From now on, somebody else needed to carry the drugs. Today, that somebody else was Manute, a nearly two meter standing giant from Zanzibar with a talent for turning anything into a smuggling container. Manute approached his friend and removed his shoes; in the sole of his left flip flop was enough Afghani hash to keep them both stoned.
    Jurgen pulled out a relief valve he kept handy in his pocket and a mesh screen. He fashioned the valve into a hash pipe and lit it.
    Manute grasped the pipe.
    "Shitty night, mon."
    "I hadn't noticed."
    It could be worse, he told himself. He could be staring through metal bars at the Austrian countryside, rather than lying on a beach, getting wasted.
    A few puffs later, he sat back, and watched the stars unhinge themselves and dance before him.
    Jurgen took the pipe back. He went to draw in more of Kabul's finest into his lungs. The fire had gone out.
    "Dude, you got your torch?"
    Manute did not get a chance to answer. The African's face was contorted in pain as a figure on a green jumper bit into his neck.
    Jurgen's first thought was to run. Anywhere. His first destination was the nearby landing craft. There was no where to hide, but there was a radio.
    The hashish had stripped his mind of any sense of protocol. He just screamed into the transmitter until somebody came on to tell him to shut up.

    Honey entered the shower first, almost knocking Shinichi over in her zeal to see the falling water. He stripped next, leaving the jacket on the sink. As Candy tentatively joined them, Shinichi stepped out to make room. He turned and removed Honey's wet skirt so she stood naked in the tub. She was also hogging the water. As he reached for Candy to bring her closer to the water, Honey bolted from the tub. She grabbed the jacket from the sink and ran back into the room, giggling all the way. Shinichi ran in after her. He was not worried about the jacket; he just did not want her to head into the passageway naked, nor did he want to pursue her naked.

    Shinichi had cornered Honey by the desk. She put on the jacket and gave him a big smile, as she reached out for him. It was clear she was willing to trade for the jacket. He stepped up, bent his knees a bit, and put both arms between her legs. Her thighs parted as he pushed her up the wall. He lowered her back down onto his member as she squealed in delight. Shinichi leveraged the bulkhead to keep Honey up as he kept his rhythm going below. Her legs draped from his straining arms. She gasped out "Joe" amid her moans as she moved to receive his thrusts.
    Candy came out and stared at them. Since she was already naked, he tried to wave her over. He figured she couldn't understand him, but he tried anyway.
    "Want to join us?"
    "You could be next."
    "Come on, I bet I could find more jackets."
    What caused her to move was Honey's guttural orgasm, a tensing of her body that caused Shinichi to respond in kind. Candy moved too, towards the door.
    "No, wait, I..."
    Candy had opened the door. It was blocked by the captain.
    "Sorry to interrupt, sir."
    In this insane world of money, the grizzled Norwegian had to refer to Shinichi as "Sir."
    Shinichi's robe was nearby, fortunately.
    "This had better be good."
  • Omega Playboy 2 II: Fallen Angels
    It was another cold, dank day on the "Reluctant Dragon", a P-3 Orion aircraft flying for the U.S. Navy. Its 8 hour mission was to fly silently over the Pacific, relaying back its information to the Battle Group's antisubmarine command.
    The pilots answered to Lieutenant Mike Helms and Lieutenant Don Laramie at home; in flight, they were callsigns Galahad and Beowulf. They mostly sat up front, while the crew chief, Warrant Officer Ari Perez, wandered back to check on instruments and the half asleep crew monitoring them.
    Thirty thousand feet below was a mostly abandoned island with the oddest group of worshippers imaginable. About 60 people gathered for their celebration of the full moon. Their native garb covered little of their bodies. White chalk was used to make fanciful stars and stripes on their chests and legs. A notable exception was the shaman, Lah Rhee, who augmented his cape with trinkets left by a long departed World War II fighter squadron. They gathered the afternoon following the full moon.
    The group stood in a semi circle around the flight tower with gifts of coconut and dried fish, imploring the tower to call to the aircraft that had come before. Young men and women whispered about the magical potion "cho-co-lot" that made their grandmothers swoon, long ago. Tales of dark green shells of food dropping down from the sky had been passed in from older generations.
    This began the dance - the young ladies would stretch their arms out and pretend to fly, doing playful dogfights with their friends as their male counterparts roared out a concussive chant reminiscent of gunfire.
    In the decades following V-J Day, no aircraft had come. But until today, neither had anyone else.

    Shinichi approached them slowly, waling through the dust and grass of the oceanside runway. He had remembered to bring an American bomber jacket. But there would be no mission of mercy this time.
    Shinichi's family had their tentacles in many industries, one of which was natural gas. Getting five dozen G I Joe worshippers off the cork of a large natural gas reserve would be PR suicide, unless they left on their own.
    He did not know their language. But he figured a look of anguish was universal. He began by crying out, then pointing to the tower. He repeated this twice. The third time, he raised his hands to the heavens, using his air SMA skills to create turbulence.
    Far above the island,  an unsuspecting Galahad felt the controls of the Reluctant Dragon lose their effectiveness.
    Both he and Beowulf knew how to dead stick land their P-3. But the stall was so sudden, their backup plan was useless.
    Beowulf's cry for help was replied to, but they never heard it. The spin was generating multiple G's, knocking the crew out.
    The villagers panicked as they saw the plummeting aircraft. Shinichi and his men directed the natives to the landing craft waited patiently to escort them to their new home: a company island dedicated to the manufacture of Lycra miniskirts and yoga pants.

    The aircraft had spun in, landing tail first on the runway. The nose broke off, exposing the cockpit.
    Lah Rhee pulled three men from their seats. They all wore the traditional jump suit garb that he wore. And they were not gods, but men.
    The shaman remembered an ancient medicine, one that was only to be used when the village was out of fighters, and it was necessary to have the dead fight again. It was the last skill his father taught him; he warned that it was only for the end of times, so that the villagers' final act was to take their enemies with them to the underworld.
    As he saw his people moved towards the watercraft, he realized that it was now time for the dead to act. And what better revenge, than to kill the man that killed you? Chanting the forbidden words, he slit his wrists so just enough to feed a few drops to the warriors. After this first meal, it would be up to them to get more.
    The bodies of Helms, Laramie, and Perez sat motionless. The shaman despaired that he had done something wrong; he made large slits, and painted the airmen's lips with his wounds. When nothing else happened, he grew mad. He bounded toward the burial ground, his bleeding arms dropping his blood on the dusty ground.
    When he arrived at the ancients' ground, he staggered aimlessly, chanting as loud as he could. He swung his arms wildly, hoping the drops would find their champions.
    One of Shinichi's men saw the man dancing. He raised his gun to shoot.
    Shinichi stopped him.
    "Let him be. He just killed his god, so he's having a bad day."
    The men chuckled as they walked towards the landing craft.

    The tower was now alone, save three bodies at its base. The smoke of the burning aircraft fouled the sky. An exhausted shaman lay bleeding in a patch of grave markers.
    But as the sun dipped below the horizon, the tattooed fingers of Warrant Officer Perez made a fist.
    • Keiryu Nice. By far one of the best chapters you have made and i mean out of all the series. Also nice naming sense there. Beowulf and Galahad. I did not expect that. Personaly i would have gone all Knights of the Round or maybe name them Beowulf and Grendel. Since they are kind of a duo. But that's just personal opinion. You could have also gone with Gilgamesh and Enkidu. Which would still fit more or less. But again just personal opinion.

      Also on another note. I just realised this is the second time one of the Douchebags causes the Zedpocalypse. I am pretty sure it's about time we kill them all off. ^_^
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