Art of the Sale III: Sana's Date
Sana always kept a couple of outfits, like gym sweats, around the shop. But she had nothing appropriate for a date. The store had many dresses and other outfits, and so Sana closed the store a few minutes early to pore over them.
She grabbed a few of the less gaudy selections, locked the front door, and headed to the dressing room. She stripped to her panties and put on a pink dress. It was nice. She found a red dress that was also ...nice.
The black dress almost dared her to put it on. She did, and marveled at what she saw. Suddenly the right shoes and stockings seemed to be right there.
She was done, just in time.

Gakusha could not believe his luck when she opened the door. He followed her progtess as shr locked the door and slowl lowered herself into the car seat. Instinctively, he opened her car door when they got there.
"How do I look?" She leaned against a pole, and took a model pose.

"Two please."
Behind the counter, Ami was friendly, as she cheerfully handed them their tickets. "Enjoy the show."
She seemed a little less friendly when Gakusha asked for 3D. "They are five more, and you don't need them for that movie."
"They're not for me. A friend will pick them tomorrow."
"This friend have a name?"
Sana had walked back to the booth. "Professor Kudo."

The car was quiet on the way back.
"Do you still need other object ideas?"
"One normally associates glasses with smart people. He had a Men's Health on him. Maybe he has barbells lying around?"
She laughed. "And where should I put them?"
"A knife or a sword?"
"We have plenty of those."
"How about brass knuckles?"
"We don't sell those."
"So buy one."
"Where's HE going to get one?
"There's a shop at the beach. We send him there. Or, we buy them and leave them somewhere like the way we left the glasses."
"The beach? Hmm." Sana seemed lost in thought.
Gakusha pulled up to the mystic shop. Sana got out.
"I want you to tell me good night now."
"OK." He seemed a little sad. "Good night."
"So this is the end of our first date, yes?"
"Uh, yes."
"Don't move."
Sana moved the best she could in the fancy shoes she was wearing. He saw the door open and close and hr waited.
A few minutes later, she returned, in sweats, with a couple of towels. "Up that road is the Blue Mountain park. I know a maintenance entrance that takes you all the way to the lake. And you see this?"
She held up a jar of perfume. "I know the biker shop you are talking about at the beach. It's a couple of doors down from my favorite t-shirt shop. And they sell my favorite perfume. That's our third object."
"So what do we do with the perfume you have there?"
She leaned over and kissed him. "I was thinking we could go to the lake and lay our towels out under the stars. Then you could spray this on my naked body."
"Let's go."