Art of the Sale IV: Star Light, Star Bright
Sana and Gakusha walked through the trees to the shoreline. He had never seen so many stars, not a moon so bright that he could see what he was doing. And what she was doing.
She lay her towel out next to his. She slipped her sweat pants and panties off in one motion, and rolled them into a pillow at her head. The lower edge of the sweatshirt just covered her modesty.
She kissed him. "Got the perfume?"
"Uh huh."
She removed her top and stood naked before him in the moonlight. There was just enough light to see every curve, every shadow.
"Wow." Gakusha's lips said.
She lay down, head on the rolled clothes. She directed as he sprayed each ear, side of the neck, breast and thigh. But when she asked for a spray between her legs, he refused. Instead, he gently kissed her there. She approved and let him do it again. And again.
Soon, it was his turn to lie down, as she mounted him. Even in shadows, her face and body looked beautiful.
"Think anybody up there is looking down at us?" He asked.
"Great. We're making porn for space aliens. They'll all want to come here now."
She laughed. And then sighed. And then started grinding a lot faster. She let out a cry that might startle alien voyeurs, but that satisfied lovers know all too well. A glorious moment later, she rolled to his side and they both looked up at their twinkling audience.

She kissed him as she released her seatbelt to leave. "Be back here. Nine sharp!"
He smiled. Somehow, Biochem class will just have to wait.

Gakusha expected the beach to be quiet, without the weekend crowds. But there was activity. Girls in bikinis, photographers, and umbrella lights spawned an audience. One of the models brushed past him on her way to the staging area- he recognized her as Tomoko Saeki, a classmate.
They approached the biker store. She pointed to the brass knuckles in the display. "Get those- I'll meet you at the t-shirt shop."
Sana was looking forward to modeling a bikini for him. She found the one she wanted, and changed into it. She left the dressing room to see herself ib the three way mirror. As she admired the suit, she saw a woman approach.
"You should be outside with the others," said the woman. She was not that much older than Sana, and was strikingly attractive.
"Oh, I'm not a model."
"Well, if you'd like to be, call me. The sooner the better." She handed Sana a business card.
Akira Kudo. Professional Model and Manager of Talent.
"Thanks." Sana suppressed a laugh. Kudo. She wasn't sure how common a name Kudo was. Could her flabby professor be any relation? Before she could ask, the woman was gone.
She had been replaced by an admiring Gakusha.
"I'll buy it if you wear it," he offered.
"Absolutely." She smiled. "And that perfume I like is right there."
She saw him pick a bottle up to read the price tag.
"No, you"re not buying that. Let's see if he will."
Gakusha thankfully put down the bottle. Beautiful women can be expensive!
  • Robin They may be expensive, but they're worth it :)

    By the way, I really like those small references to the game (Tomoko's bikini shoot was a nice detail).