Art of the Sale VI: Dirty Secrets
Sana knocked on the door of the address she was given. She was keenly aware that she was at a house and not in a business park or high-rise. Should she be worried, she asked herself.
Akira answered the door, looking very professional. "You're on time," she stated. "Good."
The furniture was sparse and utilitarian. The walls were filled with art - photographs, paintings, and framed posters. Akira's face stared back at Sana from a few of the photos, most notably from a striking nude.
She heard Akira's voice ask, "You like that one?"
She looked away, embarrassed.The overalls and shirt were on a hanger over her shoulder. "Where should I change?"
Akira appeared surprised by the question. "There's a screen you can stand behind, over there. Oh, and use this pink shirt instead of the white."
Sana ducked behind the screen and stripped to her panties. She put on the shirt and buttoned the overalls. She walked over to the wicker chair sat in the middle of a large white tarp, hung from the ceiling.
"Sign this." Akira directed.
Sana scanned it quickly. "Who is Gayle Forster?"
"You are. This way, your American fans will think you're the girl next door. I could also write it up as Russian. How does Tatiana Orlova sound?"
Sana scribbled her new American name on the form and handed it back.
"Step away from the chair. Hands down. Left hand on hip."
Sana heard a click.
Akira approached her with a farmer's straw hat, and lay it gently on her hair.
"You're hot."
"Uh, thanks."
"No. For the shot, you're hot. Sit. Now lean back just a bit, like you're trying to get cool."
Sana took a deep breath and heard the camera snap.
"Arms up, hold the brim."
"Drop the hat, keep the arms back, close your eyes."
Clicks. Sana could also feel a button being undone on her blouse. Then a second one."Sit up. Thumbs under the overall straps. Now lean back again."
The overalls were now being unbuttoned. Akira dabbed a washcloth on Sana's brow and neck. Then she positioned the overall straps farther apart."OK, look this way, eyes open more. Part your lips. Think thirsty. Good."
Now the shirt and overalls fell to each elbow as Sana's breasts emerged from the fabric. Akira applied a powder puff to each nip, then stepped back. More clicks. Akira freed the shirt from the overall straps, leaving Sana uncovered to the waist.
"Part your lips a bit more, like you're kissing a lover. Here."
With that, Akira kissed her on the lips. She stepped back, and caught Sana's quizzical look in her lens. She put a finger on Sana's lips , then drew it down her chin, her neck, and chest, finally stopping between her breasts. She then kissed one, then the other.Sana sat with eyes closed, enjoying the new attention. She opened her eyes as Akira unsnapped her pants and drew the zipper down. It was then that Sana saw the face of Professor Kudo.

A picture that she had not seen before hung on the wall behind Akira's head. It was the Professor, with a woman about his age.Probably, his wife."I have to go."
Akira watched her scramble to dress. "Let's finish tomorrow then. Same time."
"Um, sure. Whatever."
Assuming the world doesn't end.
Sana would have promised the world at that point, just to leave. She just needed to get to work, to put that dress on. To see him.

"She's performed admirably." SimMan told the voice on the other line. "My sources tell me he's walking into a store at the beach right now. And we both know where he should be."
"You do good work, sir."
"I thank you, sir."
SimMan closed the call. He opened the door to see an empty store, and a frantic girl attempting to unlock the front door.
Sana threw open the door to see SimMan in the center of the store.
"Good morning, Sana. Opening the store late today?"
"Should your special friend come today, ask him to return by the time you close with his latest gift. Imply that tonight is a special night for you two."
"Shall he bring his wife?"
"He could, but wouldn't that be awkward?"He turned to leave. "Tell him not to keep you waiting."
The back door closed as the front door opened. The chimes announced the arrival of the day's first customer. And the familiar scent of her favorite perfume announced that it was the Professor.
She wanted to yell at him. Confess. Tell him to run. But she knew Mr. S was just on the other side of the door.
And she was also out of uniform.
She moved quickly to the dressing room, grabbing the white dress on the way.
"Good morning, Kyoju! I'll be out in a minute."
She stripped. It was then she saw traces of Akira's powder on her breast.
A naked, scared girl returned her gaze into the mirror.
What have I done?
  • Robin I've got to ask? Gayle Forster? Is that a common name in America because I totally don't think of the girl next door when I hear that name. I don't live in America though so I could be wrong :)

    Or is it just your neighbourhood crush? :p
    • kotomifan My first thought was something all American that everybody knows. For some reason, The Wizard of Oz popped in my head. I thought the name Dorothy was a bit too old. Her last name is Gale, so I played with that. Gale force winds became Gale Force became Gayle Forster.