Art of the Sale VIII: Scouter's Honor
Gakusha sat in a lawn chair in Kyoji's garage, wearing a Dragonball Z toy scouter.
"All this is over a toy?"
Kyoji walked over. "The one on your head is a toy. It was our inspiration. Try this one."
He held still as Kyoji placed the new scouter over his eye. Suddenly, he was looking at a green hued three dimensional grid.
"You haven't seen the best part." Kotomi hooked a smartphone to the back of the scouter.
He looked back at her. Letter and numbers appeared in front of his eyes.
Kotomi Takanashi. August 29. B84. W53. H83. 155CM. 43K.
"What's 43K mean?
Kotomi giggled. "Kilos. It means l never lie about my weight anymore."
"How does it work?"
"At the moment, it doesn't." Kyoji stepped in front of Gakusha's view. Nothing changed. "That's a simulation that responds to Kotomi's bluetooth headset. In order for it to work, I need an infrared receiver. Convenience store cell phones aren't usually equipped with them."
"But home video games are." Gakusha replied. "Playstation, Xbox, Wii?"
"My friend, I'm not a gamer."
"But I am."
He turned to Kotomi. "Would that work?"
"It's worth a try."
"Could you drive me?"

Gakusha buckled himself into Kotomi's Honda for the trip back. A sack of old gaming pieces sat on his lap. "Sorry about just blurting your weight out earlier."
She smiled. "A lady is supposed to have secrets. Hope my boyfriend never gets one of those devices."
"If you don't mind my asking, how does it work?"
"It's like a denial of service attack on your brain. The system sends a series of questions at a person, supercompressed in a high pitch audio. A True answer has a different brain response than a False one. IR reads the brainwave delta. The person has no idea that their brain answered questions."
"So to get a birthday, you ask 366 questions?"
"43. Month and date separate. Plus year. 1918 to 2000, so about 125 total."
"So the body stats are from the brain?"
"Yeah, which is a good thing. They had this earlier prototype that tried to do everything by scanning the whole body. They even asked if I'd get naked so they could check their stats."
"Did you do it?"
"Hell no. I'm not giving this body to science until I'm dead and done with it."
He took an IR bar out of the sack. "Will this work?"
"It may be a bit long. Hold it above your ear."
He watched her look at his head.
"If we exaggerate the casing in back, we might get away with it."

Akira roused Gakusha from the lawn chair he had been sleeping in.
"We need to get you home. You have school tomorrow."
"But the scouter..."
"Works, thanks in part to you. But my brother and I need to finish this."
"But Sana is there! We have to save her!"
She sighed. "So you are the reason she gave me the cold shoulder. Fine. Meet us back here at five. I'll tell Kotomi."