Art of the Sale: Bonus Scene and recap
Hope you enjoyed my take on Sana's backstory. Got a few lessons learned out of it- #1 is I need to keep the titles straight. But it was fun nonetheless.

The scene of Sana waiting during the "kidnapping" was cut out at the last minute. I was going to let the readers in on the surprise that she was in on the last part of Professor Kudo's training, but it just got too unwieldy.
As a standalone scene, I think you may enjoy it.

The scene starts just as Snakeman abducts her into the back room in front of Gakusha and the Kudos.

SimMan closed the door behind him. A display of multiple monitors lined the wall. A man sat at the table. A large mohawked man held Sana across her stomach with one arm, while the other covered her mouth.
One of the monitors showed Gakusha, Akira, and the professor leaving the front door.
"Snakeman, release her!"
Sana felt the hands of the big man relax. She coughed. She looked around at the former storeroom, now transformed into a video control room.
"Are you all right?" SimMan asked.
"No not really." Sana looked around. "What is going on here?"
"Allow me." The other figure stood up. "My name is Mister Saeki. I represent Ecophobia Games. You are a participant in a scenario of ours."
"I'm in a video game?"
"Not exactly. A training exercise, designed to test the ethics and decision making skill of a man we value highly."
"Does my father know about this?"
"He knows that you are not in danger. He also knows that we plan to compensate both of you handsomely for your time and effort."
"So, what now?"
"We have one more task. We need you to be out of touch with everyone for the next 24 hours. Including your boyfriend. We are prepared to compensate you for your time."
"You want me to sit here for 24 hours?"
"No. A suite has been prepared for you at the Puremia Hotel. SimMan's team will accompany you to ensure you keep your end of the bargain."
"I need to talk to my father. Or no deal."
"Fair enough." SimMan handed Snakeman a phone. "Her father's number is showing. Anytime she wants to call him, she can do so, in front of you. Tell the others when your shift ends."
"HE is going be there? Who's going to protect me from him?"
"His relief is Yuki, his girlfriend." SimMan chuckled. "He lays a hand on you, I'd hate to see what she'd do to him."

The suite was impressive. It had a kitchen, a sectional couch, a large flat screen TV, and a fake fireplace. The bedroom and bathrooms had their own door.
Even with SimMan's assurances, Sana felt unsafe sleeping with just the Snakeman in the next room over. She also longed to leave her admitted well-guilded cage.
Snakeman was watching TV when she approached.
"Have Yuki come up early," Sana suggested.
"Hiw often can the two of you spend time in a place like this?"
"I'm going to bed."

Sana couldn't have slept if she wanted to. The couple on the couch had furiously throw off their clothes and torn into each otheralmost immediately. The idea of escaping the room kept popping in her head. She realized it was a bad idea, but she started getting dressed anyway, intending to sneak out.
She was only a few steps away from the door when she turned to see both Yuki and Snakeman running towards her, both stark naked.
He looked mad, and appeared to want to strike her.
Yuki took her wrists. "What are you doing?"
"I...just wanted to leave."
Yuki reached over to hold back Snakeman. "You'll ruin everything! Do you know how much we're all getting paid for this? You especially?"
Sana shook her head.
"Call your father. Ask him!" Snakeman grunted.
"Please." Yuki put her face close to Sana's. "Stay. We'll literally do anything to make you happy."
Out of nowhere, Sana pictured Akira's warm kisses on her lips and her breast. She reached behind Yuki's neck, drawing her into a kiss. Yuki returned the favor, slipping her tongue into Sana's mouth as she put her hands below Sana's shirt.
Snakeman moved behind Sana and pulled her shirt up. Yuki reached down and pulled her yoga pants down to her shins.
Sana felt herself being lifted off the floor, with Snakeman's hands under her arms, as Yuki tugged the pants off her ankles. He let her down, and she walked over to the couch and lay down on her back.
Yuki lay on top of her. She kissed one breast, then the other. She got on all fours as she made a row of kisses down Sana's belly. She paused just before Sana's folds as Snakeman slipped into her from behind. Her licks began, first slowly, then increasing in intensity and depth as her own walls were penetrated by Snakeman's furious rhythm. They collapsed as one, a tangle of nude humanity.
  • Robin Love the standalone scene, thans for sharing.
    And I was right, this was my favourite story so far :)

    By the way, XI means 11 and IX means 9 :p
    • kotomifan Lessons learned #1 is more attention to detail on my part. I think you'll enjoy the Tomoko series, too.