A New Year's Resolution
It was New Years Eve, and the friends gathered at the Fireworks Festival, waiting for the new year to begin.

Primero knew the tradition- only one can be the first person you kiss at midnight. He had stepped back to watch the three girls stare at the explosions in the sky. Were they waiting in his decision, he wondered. Or were they always this happy?
He knew what he had to do.

Miles away, Sana stared through the picture window of the mystic store to a lonely parking lot. The very tops of the fireworks barely cleared the building across the street. She delighted in the few fireworks she could see.
Suddenly, two headlights filled her line of sight. Her initial thought was fear- could somebody be so cruel as to try to rob her, or worse, in the first moments of the new year?

Primero closed the car door and walked to the front of the store. She recognized his face in the streetlight and opened the door.
"What a nice surprise!"
He wrapped her up in a warm embrace. "I wanted you to be my first kiss this year. Am I too late?"
She kissed him.
"No, you're right in time."