Karin's Photo Opportunity I: Flash Point
The new kid stood at the front of the class, searching for the farthest seat in back.
Akira spoke. "Class, this is our new student, Jirou Watanabe."
"Just call me Jo."
"OK, then. Welcome, Jo."
Jo didn't wait for anybody to say anything or bow. He just headed to the open seat in back.
It was tough for him not to notice the curves of his new teacher. He also noticed the spiky haired kid next to him was drawing a picture of her, in a bikini. When class ended he approached the kid.
"You're a good artist."
"I've had a lot of practice in this class. Name's Junta."
Jo took his handshake. "Jo. What about the lesson?"
"We've got jocks in here. Cheerleaders. It's a great place to sleep. Draw. Look at girls."
"Teacher's nice to look at."
"Yeah, there's that. See you tomorrow, Jo."

Jo walked into the photography club classroom. He had his camera bag over his shoulder.
Ami greeted him. "You're Jo, right?"
"I am. Is anyone else here?"
"They all quit when Ms. Kudo stopped being the monitor to open her own studio. She took all the good gear. Did you bring a camera?"
Jo broke out the Canon.
"We now have one decent camera. Two if you count Kotomi's."
"Where is she?"
"Gymnastics practice."
"So what do we do for right now?"
"We can set up the remaining gear, then take each other's picture. If Kotomi's practice doesn't go too late, she can join us."

Jo pulled his car out of the student lot. He had not gone far when he heard a female voice from the back seat.
"Pull over."
As he pulled the car over to the left, he quietly slipped his phone out of his pocket, and took a picture over his shoulder.
The girl in the back seat was blue haired and clad only in underwear. She was unarmed.
"Drive me to Itaya Point."
"I can't. It will take forever in this traffic."
"I've got a gun."
Jo checked the picture on his camera, then checked the rear view mirror.
"No, you don't."
The girl in back paused. "My name is Karin. Can I persuade you, then?"
Jo looked up. In the rear view mirror, he saw the girl pull her bra up off her breasts.
"Ok, come up front."
Karin slipped over the seat. Up close, she was cute, and she had a nice rack. She reached over and unzipped his pants. She started to run her hands under his boxers. Her head followed, and he soon felt the unmistakeable feeling of lips around his shaft.
He let her go at it for a minute.
"Are you trying to get me in trouble?"
Jo asked.
She looked up. "Don't worry. I'm legal. I was born in 2096."
"That does it." Jo could stand blue hair. He could stand half naked. He could even tolerate crazy. But blue haired, half naked, and crazy?
"Get out!"