Karin's Photo Opportunity II: The New Model
"Please let me stay. This is the worst day of my life."
"Calm down." Jo looked over. At the very least, she was a cute, well built, halfnaked crazy girl. "Put your clothes back on."
"These are my only clothes." Karin whimpered. "He took my clothes."
"My kidnapper. He and another man took all my things."
"So why do you want to go to the slums?"
"Itaya Point is not the slums!"
"I may have just moved here, but even I know that's a bad neighborhood."
The girl was quiet and appeared to be thinking.
"Can I stay with you?"
He felt her hand touch him again. His mind raced as she stroked him.
"I wish you could." he gasped. He tried hard to think and drive as his pulse increased.
At a stop light, she went to go down on him again. He racked his brain for a solution.
"I...I have an idea for a place you can go tonight."
Jo turned the car around and headed back to the school.
She looked up. "Where are we going?"
"I have a hunch you can stay at the photo lab and nobody will know you're there." 
"But what do I wear to get inside?"
"My gym clothes are in the trunk."
He quickly zipped himself as they entered the lot.

Karin sorted through the costumes in the classroom. She was able to find a Fukoma High uniform that fit her, along with a few other clothes, including a bikini.
"So the girls pose for you?"
"It's only my first day here. So far, one has- her name is Ami."
Karin went behind a panel and changed into the bikini. She came out, and twirled around.
"What do you think?"
"Looks like it fits. Let's get something to eat."
"OK." She put Jo's workout clothes over the bikini.

Karin opened the menu.
"Wow, food is cheap now!"
The waitress came by.
"My name is Ami. Can I take your order?"
"Yakitori, rice, and tea," said Karin.
"The same. And hey," Jo reached for his camera. "Did you want to see your picture?"
Ami watched him pull his camera out.
"I don't normally take a good picture."
He showed her pic to Karin.
"It looks very pretty to me." Karin commented.
"Oh, I guess it does." Ami put her pencil behind her ear. "I'll be back soon."

Jo and Karin came back to the photo lab classroom.
"You need some pictures of me now!"
Karin leaned against the window and struck a pose. He took a few pictures. He did the same as she slipped the shirt and shorts off to reveal the bikini.
She went behind the screen. When she emerged, she had on just the bra and panties. She smiled at Jo.
"I want to thank you for helping me."
As his shutter clicked, she slowly undressed in front of him. After she slipped her panties off, she waited for him to take a few more. She beckoned for him with her hand.
Jo stepped forward. She undid his pants, and resumed her tongue's services to his shaft. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the attention.
She rolled on her back, spreadeagle.
"You look like a cat."
He took one final picture of her, then lowered himself onto her.
He planted kisses on her breasts and neck. As he went to kiss her lips, he saw her look back at him.
"I don't know your name," she panted.
"It's Jo."
She reached down and guided him in. She bucked her hips, moving him in deeper. She came alive at that point, rolling him over and riding him as he held her hips on his. He could only hope they were alone in the building when she cried out to the world as she came.
She lay next to him.
"Thank you, Jo."