Karin's Photo Opportunity III: Tomoko Exposed
Tomoko entered and locked the door behind her. Akira came forward and greeted her with a kiss.
Tomoko returned the kiss with her tongue. She leaned against the door and watched as Akira knelt down ti grasp her panties and liberate them from her legs.
Akira could not wait to taste her again. She took her hand and led her away from the door.
Tomoko pushed some papers across the desk; she hopped up on the desk, and held her knees.
"Hey, do't make a mess." Akira cautioned.
Tomoko moved her feet apart, exposing herself.
"Eat me."

Karin waited until Jo left. She pasted tape in the door lock so she could return, then quietly slipped out. She passed by rows of unlit classrooms until she heard noises.
She looked into a class. A figure clad in the girl's uniform on the desk had her skirt hiked up. Suddenly, she exposed herself.
She was daring. She was bare. She was beautiful.
Another figure emerged: she placed her head of red hair in the crotch of the first.
Karin slipped a hand under the uniform and quietly stroked her already moist folds under her panties. An involuntary gasp told her she should finish elsewhere. She dashed to a ladies room. Locking the door behind her, she quickly put her fingers to work, finishing off her orgasm.
As she left the ladies' room, she thought of how lucky she was, and how well she'd sleep tonight, now that she was free from Ryuuji.
She was so lost in thought that she nearly collided with a red uniforn clad figure.
Tomoko was angry. "Out of ny way!"

"What do you mean, you're releasing me?"
Tomoko had sprinted over from school after receiving her manager's message. She was still in her uniform.
The manager of the modeling agency sat behind his desk. "Try to understand. You signed a code of conduct when you agreed to join us, yes?"
"Of course."
"We received reports that you were found in the company of a car thief, in a state of undress. Is that so?"
"What are you talking about?"
"Here." He tossed a folder on the desk. "One of the officers who arrested the man posted pictures on the net. A sponsor of the Miss Fukoma pageant alerted us."
Tomoko looked at the picture. Her face and naked torso were clearly  visible, as she lay on the steering wheel of the car with the diamond necklace between her breasts.
To be honest, it was a pretty good picture.
"So what happens now?"
"You are suspended from using our services, pending a review. If I were you, I might take this opportunity to find a less scrupulous agency."
Tomoko contemplated flashing her panty-less crotch at the manager as a way of changing his mind. Then she remembered Akira's new modeling business. It was the perfect backup plan.