Karin's Photo Opportunity IV: Team Building
Jo found Ami and Tomoko inside of school the next morning.
"You said nobody uses the photo lab room anymore, right?
"You have a key?"
Ami nodded.
"I met a girl last night. You saw her at dinner. I let her stay there last night."
Kotomi looked horrified. "What if she stole my camera?"
She raced down the hall, with Jo and Ami behind her.
Karin was at the door when Ami unlocked it; she was in the school gym uniform.
"Where's the bathroom?"
"Not far. I'll walk you there."
Jo and Karin left as Ami and Kotomi walked inside. Ami was impressed that the room had been picked up.  "It looks nicer in here today."
"Looks like she hasn't taken anything yet." Kotomi didn't seemed convinced.
"And he's quite the photographer. You should see his shots of me," Ami added.
"Ami, you're a nice person. But we've only known Jo a day. And I don't know if this blue haired girl will be around tomorrow."
"If she sticks around, she can be our third model."
"A homeless girl? We need four models for shoots, not three. Shall we find a hooker for the fourth? Or see how Jo looks in a bikini?"
"You're right." Ami sat down. "But what if we asked Tomoko? Maybe she'd join us?"
"She'd never agree."

Jo waited until Akira turned her head to the board to look over at Junta's drawing.
He had sketched the face of a dark haired girl leaning against a desk, with her eyes closed and her mouth open.
"Who's the girl?" Jo whispered.
Junta pointed with his pencil at Tomoko.
"I hope there's more."
Junta paused to remember what he saw. His mind still went back to that day that he walked into Ms. Kudo's class. At first, he just saw Tomoko from the back. The next, his teacher's face emerged, her makeup running and her hair askew. Were they doing what he thought they were doing?
He stopped himself- would simply thinking about Tomoko and Ms. Kudo make him sick? He closed his notebook.
"I'll show you more later."

Tomoko approached Akira at the end of class.
"I need to ask you something."
Akira looked at her. It was becoming a struggle for her to look at Tomoko and not immediately think of their passion together. She saw her skirt, and her mind flashed thoughts of it rising up. Her musk. Her saltiness. Unconsciously, she licked her lips.
"What...can I help you with?"
"I know you're starting a studio. I'd like to join it."
"Sure. The minute you graduate, I'd love to have you."
"No, I mean today."
Akira's face changed. "I can't have you until you graduate. I'd lose my job here."
Tomoko waited until the last student left. "You don't understand. They suspended me from the gravure studio because they know about me in the car."
She came closer. "I can make it worth your time."
Akira stopped her. Secret passions were one thing. But Tomoko's pictures coming from her business would lead to public suspicion. She would lose everything.
She turned away. "I'm sorry, Ms. Saeki."
The sudden formal tone angered Tomoko. "Fine."

She marched to the far end of the school, and opened the door of the photo lab. She saw three figures- Ami, some guy she didn't know, and some blue haired girl.
"OK, Ami. I'll be in your little club." She looked at the others.
"Who are these freaks?"
"I'm Jo."
Jo extended his hand. "We're in the same English class."
She looked past his hand to Karin.
"Our dress code doesn't allow blue hair. Who are you?"
"Just call me...Cat." Karin smiled back at her. It was the girl from the classroom.
"As in alley cat?" Tomoko sniffed.
"We've asked her to be our third model. We're going to pose at the Bikini Beach promotion at the Breakout." Ami held out a brochure. "Would you be our fourth?"
"I'm already signed..." Tomoko trailed off. The manager's office. Akira's rejection. This ragtag team of schoolgirls might not be much, but it was modeling. And she would clearly be the star.
"Who's the other model?"
"Kotomi. But she's at practice."
"Practice? Oh, crap." Tomoko was also a member of the team. And she was now late. "I have to go."