Karin's Photo Opportunity VI: Trade Secrets
Karin walked over to Ami.
"I need your help. I am hiding from a man named Ryuuji. I thought this school would be safe, but I think he goes here."
I never liked him anyway, Ami thought.
"Were you planning on sleeping here tonight, too?"
Karin looked at her. "Yes. But now I fear doing so."
"I'd like you to sleep over at my house tonight. It's probably your safest option."
Karin put on Jo's gym clothes. "Let's go."
"One thing- I don't live that far from here, so I normally don't drive. Do you mind riding on the back of a bike?"

Jo went back into the school with a plan to take Karin to dinner. He was surprised to find the photo room empty.
He took out his camera, and looked at the saved images. The first one was Karin; she lay on her back, nude, with her hands up like cat claws. He remembered her meowing at him, and all the fun that followed.
"Guess this is all that I have of you."
His phone buzzed.
It was Junta.
A minute later came the reply.
Maybe Junta was right, Jo thought. If she's not here, why am I?
He put his camera back in his bag. He looked out the window. I hope she is okay, he thought.

Sana closed up the shop for the night. She was curious to see how famous SimMan's inventions would make her.
He answered the door and let her in.
"How well is Gayle doing?"
"Come see."
Her picture shrunk, and was replaced with a world map. Little back figures represented new fans. There appeared to be a lot of them. SimMan seemed more interested in the table of figures to the right. He did not appear happy.
"What's wrong?"
"I may have done a disservice to you, my dear. The numbers are lower than I was expecting."
He brought up the picture. "Evidently, the reason why there was a dearth of supply of girls in farm attire is because there was a lack of demand. Swimsuits, lingerie, or, um, less, is tracking much better in America."
"And in Asia?"
"There's more restrictions. The Chinese are really cracking down. Even more so than the Brits."
"Then don't worry about America. Let's just do here."
"Fine. Then goodbye to Gayle Forster. What will your screen name be?"
"Sana. Just Sana. Can you change the name right away in Japan?"
"It shouldn't take too long. Why?"
She showed SimMan a pamphlet on the Bikini Beach promotion. "I've got an idea where we can start."
"You want to enter a dive bar's bikini contest?"
"No. I want to walk in as a big Internet star and use their endorsement to promote my career."
SimMan stroked his chin. "I like that idea." He started working furiously to drum up fans, real and virtual, for Japan's newest star.

Ami opened her door and let Karin into her room. "I think I may have a few things that can fit you."
Karin stripped completely, then held her bra and panties out. "Is there somewhere I can wash these?"
Ami turned and gasped. She wasn't expecting to see Karin nude.
"Um. The bathroom is fine."
"Thanks." She took a step towards the bathroom then looked back. She touched a hand to her head.
"Aren't you glad that the curtains don't match the drapes?"
Ami laughed. "Yeah. I didn't see you as a natural blue."
Ami changed. She fished around for something Karin could wear that night. She found a nightshirt she thought that would work.
Karin stood at the sink, squeezing out the water from her panties. Ami was surprised that she had not picked up a towel to drape over herself.
She held out the nightshirt. "Aren't you forgetting something?"
Karin paused. "Oh, how rude of me. Of course."
She passed by Ami and re-entered the bedroom. She flopped down on the bed and rolled onto her back.
Ami looked back, and was stunned. She had a toes-level view of Karin's naked body. "What are you doing?"
"You're giving me clothes and a place to stay. I have nothing on me. So, to pay you back, I only have myself to trade."
"You...you don't need to pay me."
"Then it's my gift. To you."
Karin sat up, drew her legs under her butt, and sat on her ankles so Ami could see her. She put her hands behind her head to bring out her chest. "Where do you want to start?"
Ami looked at the nude figure on her bed. If there was ever a time that she wanted to try something with a woman, now was it. She dropped the nightshirt and took a step forward. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the open window.
"Oh my, I better close the..."
She saw two eyes look back through the window on the opposite side. Then that window was suddenly filled with liquid.
Ami screamed.
Karin turned to see. Horrified, she clutched a sheet to her body.
"Oh no!" She cried out. "Is that blood?"
Ami looked again.
"That's not blood." She shook her head.
"My neighbor just puked on his window."

Jo was almost at Junta's when he got the text.