Karin's Photo Opportunity X: The Butterfly Effect
The offices were quiet.
"Where are the printers?" Jo asked.
"In the next room," Tomoko replied.
Karin waited until Jo walked out to talk to Tomoko. How should she start this, she wondered. Her heart started pounding.
Finally, she spoke. "I saw you. My first day here."
"What do you mean?"
"In a classroom. You sat on the desk. I watched from the door. Then you raised your skirt and opened yourself up. You were like a butterfly."
Tomoko gulped. "You were looking at me? At us?"
"Admiring you. You're very pretty."
Tomoko remembered her picture in Jo's camera. She very much wanted to kiss her, to undress her. And now Karin was coming on to her. Could this really be happening?
"I...I thought you like Jo."
"I do. And I also like you."
"I like you too, Cat." Tomoko kissed her.
"Call me Karin." Karin leaned un and kissed her back; her open mouth and tongue inspired Tomoko to respind in kind.
Jo came into the room. He waited a minute, enjoying the sight of two girls kissing. Once he knew that they were aware of his presence, he spoke.
The twi girls grinned. They were surprise, but not embarrased.
"I found a working printer."
"Good," said Tomoko. "And now you have a new assignment."
She stripped her sweats off, revealing her bikini. Karin followed suit.
"We'll call this portfolio High Rises. The goal is to see how high you can rise."
Jo continued to take oictures. Karin leaned on a table, lit by the sunlight coming through the window. Jo took a couple of snaps. Tomoko joined her on the table.
"That's good. Look sexy."
Tomoko smiled, then whispered to Karin. They both removed their tops.
"Outstanding." Jo's camera kept clicking.
Tomoko got up. "Time for you to be in the picture."
Jo handed the camera to Tomoko and joined Karin on the table. Tomoko took a few shots, moving around the table. Jo lay Karin down on the table. She raised her butt so Jo could removed her bottoms. 
Tomoko joined them in the table. Jo turned Karin so her face lay in Tomoko's lap. She licked Tomoko until she felt Tomoko clutch her body close. Jo slithered in from behind, and they started their own rhythm.
Tomoko helped turn Karin back over to kiss her face, neck and breast as Jo and Karin drove each other to new heights.

Jo took a seat in one of the chairs. Karin straddled him on the chair, facing him. She rode him until they both responded.
Tomoko climbed off the table and went over to the printer. The beach prints were there. On top was a picture of Karin, nude, baring her claws and a lot more.
"Well, well." Tomoko held the pic up so they could see it. "At least not everything about you is blue."
"Let me see that!" Karin jumped up.
"It'll cost you," replied Tomoko with an evil smile.

"You took a while." Ami and Kotomi were already in the parking lot.
"We did a little editing. The dealer probably doesn't need to see every picture in Jo's camera."
She shot Karin a glance.
Karin was not happy with Tomoko. But as they entered the manager's office, it was clear from the walls that the manager liked pictures of scantily clad women. It gave her an idea.

The meeting concluded with no commitment from the manager. As the five were leaving, Karin stopped Ami.
"I'll sleep at the school tonight. I'm going to do some sightseeing."
"OK. Have fun."

Karin came back into the manager's office. "I live down near Itaya Point. Could I get a lift from you?"
"That's a long drive."
She put the cat picture on the manager's desk. "I know a shortcut."
The manager smiled."Give me five minutes."
  • dead_phone Well, being a commited fan of Karin, I can't help myself than stating "great writing, kotomifan". I wish, there would be much more stories with Karin to come.
    • kotomifan Thanks, I appreciate that. Karin has the potential for a greater story line, and I plan on offering a few more ideas about what it could be.