Karin's Photo Opportunity XI: The Beast Mistress
Both the manager and Karin said nothing to each other as he drove. Karin spent her time looking over the car, which would be in a museum in the world she had left.
The manager broke the silence.
"I like your hair."
"What do you think of mine?"
The manager began tearing at his forehead. Tattoos and a mohawk emerged from under his false hair and latex head cover.
Karin started to laugh. "I had no idea."
"It's tough to sell cars with a mohawk. My girl does movie makeup for a living."
He turned to look at her. "She's going to love you."

He opened the door to their room at the love hotel. A woman walked up to greet them with three glasses of wine.
"A pleasure to meet you, blue lady. I'm Yuki."
Karin took the glass. "Karin. What shall we drink to?"
Yuki raised her glass. "To strong, serpentine men. And the women who love them."
The ladies both downed their wine. Yuki took Karin's glass. She stepped forward and kissed her. She then stepped back and began to untie her kimono.
Karin removed her t-shirt and shorts. She felt a large forearm lifting her off of the ground. She looked in the mirror to see herself being held by his arm. She watched Yuki removed her shoes. She felt her bikini bottoms slide down her thighs, then her calves.
"Not blue here?" Yuki lightly stroked Karin's pubes with her finger. "I can fix that, if you like..."
Karin closed her eyes, and opened herself a little, anticipating Yuki's tongue or finger. After a moment, she realized Yuki was actually a few inches below her, taunting and teasing her man with her hand. She could feel his response growing below her.
Yuki stood back up. She finished removing her kimono, and stepped backwards to the bed.
She addressed the man. "Have you been good, Snakeman?
"Yes, mistress. I have been good."
She nodded. A single fingernail bade him to move forward, still holding Karin. He walked forward, and stood Karin in front of her. Karin felt a hand remove her bikini top. She bent forward to kiss Yuki.
"If he hurts you, I'll kill him."
Karin felt a hand on her back as he slid between her legs, achingly close but not quite inside.
"So far, so good."
"Tell him what you want."
"We want the modeling gig from his business."
She looked at Snakeman.
Karin felt him clutching her hips.
"Along with the car show."
"You're smart, too." Yuki smiled. "But what do you WANT?"
"Well played."
Karin moved between Yuki's legs, and slowly bathed Yuki's inner thighs with her tongue. At the same time, she did a slow grind against Snakeman, who faithfully remained just outside her as she pleasured Yuki. She could tell from Yuki's moans that her efforts had paid off. She waited for Yuki's movements to slow.
The muscleman lasted mere moments before letting loose.

SimMan slammed the phone down.
"The car show has declined our application. They say they have enough models."
"Are you sure?" Akira asked. "They usually have tons of girls walking around."
"Oh, Sana could do that. But I thought you wanted her as a guest star. Turns out a sponsor is bringing their own group. They call themselves the SIMGirls."
"Sounds like an idea you'd have," joked Sana.
"Yes, I suppose it does."
"I've got a boxing class to teach. I'll be back later." Akira walked out. She looked at Sana's stats as she left.
I wonder if she'll make enough so I can quit at least one of these jobs, she thought.