Karin's Photo Opportunity XIII: All That Glitters...
"Where is she?"
"In back." Takeo got up to show them.
As they walked back, he turned to Ami.
"Would you and your friends like to join here?"
Ami looked at the lightly used workout equipment. "What have you done for promotion?"
"Not much."
"Maybe we can help with that. We model and do advertising."
"Sure, let's talk." He pointed to the locker room. "I believe your friend is in there."
"We got this, Ami," Kotomi volunteered. "Go talk business."

Karin's teary eyes turned happy when she saw her friends.
"Karin, did you hear?" asked Kotomi. "We got the car promotion!"
"Well, that's good."
"Helps to have a little star power." Tomoko struck a faux-glamorous pose. Her diamond necklace shone, even in the dimly lit locker room.
Karin's face darkened. That was HER necklace. Did Tomoko have it all along? And if so, how did she get it?
Karin had only one answer. Ryuuji. The one who had stolen everything from her, including her mission.
"It wasn't you."
Tomoko turned around, surprised.
"It wasn't you. Or you. I slept with the manager."
Tomoko laughed. "That's more than I'd do."
Karin charged at her, reaching for her necklace. The two girls exchanged punches and kicks before Akage and Kotomi broke them up.
"You thief!" Karin hollered as Akage moved her away. "That's my necklace!"
"Psycho slut!" Tomoko screamed back, as Kotomi struggled to hold her.
Kotomi had been restrained before. But now she was angry.
"What is wrong with you two?"
"She's wearing my necklace!"
"No, I'm not, I..."
"How do you know that necklace is yours?" Kotomi asked.
Karin paused. Maybe this was not the time to say the necklace was a communication device with the future.
"It's a long story, but this guy named Ryuuji and another guy jumped me. He had me locked up, but I got out."
"How do you know it was Ryuuji?"
"After they threw me in their basement, they were going through my stuff. The other guy picked up my necklace and said, 'Ryuuji, this is going to make me a lucky man.' "
Tomoko felt sick. Apparently, her ex-boyfriend the car thief stole jewels, too. And Ryuuji, Tomoko thought. Have I EVER had an honest boyfriend? She looked at Karin's teary eyes. It was hard not to remember their intimate moments in her father's office.
She took the necklace off and handed it to Karin. 
"Here. I'll throw in the scumbag boyfriend that's attached."
"Like I always say, where there's a mess, there's always a man." Akage laughed. "Go on up front. I may have something for you."

Akira saw Takeo in the office with Ami.
"New customer?"
"New promoter. Her modeling agency is going to do webpages for us."
"Takeo, I work here. I also have a modeling agency. We could have done that."
"We have a contract." Ami interjected.
Akira turned in anger toward Ami. "I should drag you into the ring, you little tomboy."
Ami got very quiet. "My mother taught me to respect my elders."
Takeo laughed. "So now, you're an elder. I think she got you there."
"So does your playgroup have a name?" Akira sneered.
"SIMGirls, Limited."
Akira knew that name. This was the same group that took the Auto Show work from Sana.
"This isn't over, Ami." Akira towered over Ami. "You'll be sorry you ever messed with me."
"Akira, look at the time. You've got work to do." Takeo stood. He looked every inch the Bloody King when he said that.
"Fine." Akira stormed out.
Takeo turned back to Ami. "And so do we. Let's get started."
Ami thought about Akira's challenge. "Here's an idea: how about a foxy boxing theme?"
"I like that idea," Takeo replied. "Would any of you be up to an actual fight?"