Karin's Photo Opportunity: Bonus!
Karin and Ami stood on the lot between Ami's house and Junta. Karin looked back at Ami, who was looking wistfully at Junta's window.
"So how do I get to Blue Mountain?" Karin asked. "He's waiting for me."
"The exit is right off the freeway."
Karin made a face. "And if I don't have a car?"
"Kotomi could drive you. Let me PM her."

"Thanks for the lift."
"Not a problem."
Karin slid into the passenger seat of the car and closed the door.
Kotomi drove silently through the streets of Fukoma. Karin could tell something was bothering Kotomi, but it took her a few moments to muster the courage to ask.
"What's wrong?"
"Sana Richardson."
"What about her?"
Kotomi stopped and handed her a smartphone. "Look at this!"
It looked like an ordinary looking Freedomwall profile. She did have a lot of likes on it. A lot of likes.
"Look how many hits she has. We can't compete with that. It's like she's taking fans from us if we don't do something."
"What do you suggest?"
"I'm wearing my orange suit under my jacket. There's a spare suit in back and it's clean. Why don't we talk to your boyfriend about getting more pictures of us when we get to Blue Mountain?"
"What about Ami and Tomoko?"
"I don't know where the hell Tomoko is. And I already asked Ami and she turned me down."
"Well we just have to find time."
"No time like the present."

They pulled up to the end of the parking lot. One sole figure stood there, camera in hand.
"I got your texts, Kotomi. Right here is fine with me."
Karin had climbed over the seat to the back. She quickly stripped off her top and her bra, and took the suit out. She had been expecting a one piece, but it was a bikini. She positioned herself on the backseat as she went to wriggle out of her jeans and panties. As her panties cleared her ankles, she straightened both legs and pushed on the door with her feet. To her surprise, the door gave way. She looked out to see two figures staring back at her naked body, laying prone across the back seat.
"Oh no!"
She quickly sat up. Her breasts made contact with the cold mountain, perking up her nips.
"Happy to see me, I see!" she heard a lower voice say.
Karin blushed.
"Now that's going back to nature," Kotomi added.
Karin smiled sheepishly as she reached for the door. "Well, now you know I'm not a natural blue down there."

"So what's this all about?"
"You, my friend, are our cameraman." Kotomi did a quick spin around in her suit."
Karin smiled. "And we need some specular pictures if we are going to compete with the likes of Sana Richardson".
"OK. Stand over there, so I can get the mountain, too."

The Blue Mountain provided a spectacular backdrop. Karin and Kotomi posed apart and together in front of the mountain, with the sky, the clouds, the lake and the shadows.
"What do we do next?" Karin asked.
Kotomi smiled; a menacing grin. "Let's be...daring."
She reached across Karin's chest and playfully pulled the knot keeping her bikini top together. As Karin gasped, Kotomi smiled at the camera.
"Tell me you got that."
Karin let the cups drop on either side, and came up behind Kotomi. Now it was Kotomi's turn to feel the mountain breeze on her breasts, as Karin tugged the top of Kotomi's suit off her boobs.
"You got that too, didn't you?"
"You are so dead!"
Kotomi playfully tackled Karin. Ignoring the cameraman, they rolled on the grass, each trying to get a hold of the other. As Karin rolled on top, she pinned Kotomi's arms to the ground. She bent down and gave Kotomi a long, lingering kiss. Her hands now free, Kotomi rolled Karin over.
"Ever heard of an Australian kiss?"
Karin shook her head.Kotomi moved her head below Karin's belly button. Her hands slid the bikini bottom away from Karin's nethers to below her knees.
"It's like a French kiss. Only...down...under."
Karin felt the warmth of a tongue bathing her most intimate spot. The girls rolled over one more time, as Karin went up on all fours, lowering herself onto Kotomi's tongue. She looked at the figure standing over them with the camera.
"Put that down and come here," she cooed. "Time for you to get an Australian kiss."

As the sun started to hide itself behind the peak of Blue Mountain, Kotomi bathed in the nectar that was Karin's passion. In turn, Karin expertly lathered her boyfriend's shaft and balls with her tongue. Their cried blended together and echoed through the peaks and crevices of the darkening range.