Blue Streak

  • Karin's Photo Opportunity: Bonus!
    Karin and Ami stood on the lot between Ami's house and Junta. Karin looked back at Ami, who was looking wistfully at Junta's window.
    "So how do I get to Blue Mountain?" Karin asked. "He's waiting for me."
    "The exit is right off the freeway."
    Karin made a face. "And if I don't have a car?"
    "Kotomi could drive you. Let me PM her."

    "Thanks for the lift."
    "Not a problem."
    Karin slid into the passenger seat of the car and closed the door.
    Kotomi drove silently through the streets of Fukoma. Karin could tell something was bothering Kotomi, but it took her a few moments to muster the courage to ask.
    "What's wrong?"
    "Sana Richardson."
    "What about her?"
    Kotomi stopped and handed her a smartphone. "Look at this!"
    It looked like an ordinary looking Freedomwall profile. She did have a lot of likes on it. A lot of likes.
    "Look how many hits she has. We can't compete with that. It's like she's taking fans from us if we don't do something."
    "What do you suggest?"
    "I'm wearing my orange suit under my jacket. There's a spare suit in back and it's clean. Why don't we talk to your boyfriend about getting more pictures of us when we get to Blue Mountain?"
    "What about Ami and Tomoko?"
    "I don't know where the hell Tomoko is. And I already asked Ami and she turned me down."
    "Well we just have to find time."
    "No time like the present."

    They pulled up to the end of the parking lot. One sole figure stood there, camera in hand.
    "I got your texts, Kotomi. Right here is fine with me."
    Karin had climbed over the seat to the back. She quickly stripped off her top and her bra, and took the suit out. She had been expecting a one piece, but it was a bikini. She positioned herself on the backseat as she went to wriggle out of her jeans and panties. As her panties cleared her ankles, she straightened both legs and pushed on the door with her feet. To her surprise, the door gave way. She looked out to see two figures staring back at her naked body, laying prone across the back seat.
    "Oh no!"
    She quickly sat up. Her breasts made contact with the cold mountain, perking up her nips.
    "Happy to see me, I see!" she heard a lower voice say.
    Karin blushed.
    "Now that's going back to nature," Kotomi added.
    Karin smiled sheepishly as she reached for the door. "Well, now you know I'm not a natural blue down there."

    "So what's this all about?"
    "You, my friend, are our cameraman." Kotomi did a quick spin around in her suit."
    Karin smiled. "And we need some specular pictures if we are going to compete with the likes of Sana Richardson".
    "OK. Stand over there, so I can get the mountain, too."

    The Blue Mountain provided a spectacular backdrop. Karin and Kotomi posed apart and together in front of the mountain, with the sky, the clouds, the lake and the shadows.
    "What do we do next?" Karin asked.
    Kotomi smiled; a menacing grin. "Let's be...daring."
    She reached across Karin's chest and playfully pulled the knot keeping her bikini top together. As Karin gasped, Kotomi smiled at the camera.
    "Tell me you got that."
    Karin let the cups drop on either side, and came up behind Kotomi. Now it was Kotomi's turn to feel the mountain breeze on her breasts, as Karin tugged the top of Kotomi's suit off her boobs.
    "You got that too, didn't you?"
    "You are so dead!"
    Kotomi playfully tackled Karin. Ignoring the cameraman, they rolled on the grass, each trying to get a hold of the other. As Karin rolled on top, she pinned Kotomi's arms to the ground. She bent down and gave Kotomi a long, lingering kiss. Her hands now free, Kotomi rolled Karin over.
    "Ever heard of an Australian kiss?"
    Karin shook her head.Kotomi moved her head below Karin's belly button. Her hands slid the bikini bottom away from Karin's nethers to below her knees.
    "It's like a French kiss. Only...down...under."
    Karin felt the warmth of a tongue bathing her most intimate spot. The girls rolled over one more time, as Karin went up on all fours, lowering herself onto Kotomi's tongue. She looked at the figure standing over them with the camera.
    "Put that down and come here," she cooed. "Time for you to get an Australian kiss."

    As the sun started to hide itself behind the peak of Blue Mountain, Kotomi bathed in the nectar that was Karin's passion. In turn, Karin expertly lathered her boyfriend's shaft and balls with her tongue. Their cried blended together and echoed through the peaks and crevices of the darkening range.
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    • SimMan This is like a poem.
    • Keiryu Nice to see you back on the writing table. Been some time since you last wrote something. Still waiting for a story where Keir Mindf**ks/Kills everyone...But hey you can't have everything. ;D

      Anyway nice to see some new stuff. ^_^
  • Karin & Tomoko Recap: All the Single Ladies...
    The Karin story has always intrigued me once I discovered DNA2 and SIMGirls. What would YOU do if you were sent on a mission 100 years in the past, and the mission failed almost inmediately. What would you think? Eat? Wear? Live? I think Karin did well for herself, all things considered.

    I'm not sure why Tomoko has such bad luck with men, but I think Rakki proved to be just as bad an apple as Ryuuji ever was. I think her future requirements for a lover may evolve away from just a strong man with a big wallet. And wasn't it fun having her step tentatively into the lesbian pool instead of diving right in?

    One of my favorite scenes in the game is when she gives the necklace away to Player; I borrowed it in such a way that Tomoko truly gets that the right thing to do is hand it to Karin.

    Part of the fun of making up these stories is creating a supporting cast.
    As many of you know, some of the SIMGirls characters came from DNA2. Others, such as Sana, did not. Instead, our famous mystic shop employee came straight from the imagination of our fearless leader SimMan. I've tried to follow his lead and expand the universe just a bit.

    The last four story series I wrote required a few extra hands. Allow me to introduce, or reintroduce, them to you:

    From left to right:
    The lady in the blue dress is Nao. She's taking a break from being the snoopy saleslady from Tomoko Gets Lucky. Earlier, she was the snoopy saleslady from Tomoko's original ending. Tell me, how would your life change if you walked in and saw Tomoko Saeki stark naked, in the throes of passion?

    Dressed in her black finery is Yuki. She's the one who keeps Snakeman on a short leash. She was added, then removed, from Sana's story Art of the Sale (but not from the bonus story), and now plays a featured role in Karin's Photo Opportunity. She's not in DNA2 or SIMGirls, but I wouldn't mind seeing more of her!

    This is Akage. Don't tell me you don't know her, guys- you've been paying her $30 (now $100) for a bit of her action for years. Yes, she's the Charm girl, now slipping into a nice orange colored suit that matches her hair. She's been in many of my stories, most recently in Karin's.

    And last but absolutely not least, Mako Iwasaki. She and Kotomi do not get along- their rivalry stretches back to the original DNA2 manga. She's been featured in both of Kotomi's series, and makes a quick cameo in Karin's. I think some of her traits may have been given to Tomoko in the game; but she and her mindgaming brother are so deliciously evil in the manga that I'd love to see them or an equivalent pop up somewhere.

    Should the SIMGirls series continue to evolve, I would love to see one or more of these ladies play a larger role. But for now, I'll just let them take a quick bow.

    Back to work, ladies. We have a new story to tell!
  • Karin's Photo Opportunity XIV: The Closer
    Ami came out and met her friends. 
    "Takeo has given all of us a free membership as part of our endorsement deal. Kotomi and Tomoko cannot use it until the season is over, else they will get kicked off the team."
    "But did we get the job?"
    "Yes. We also came up with a marketing idea. Tomorrow night after midnight, we're going to choreograph a ladies boxing match as an ad for the gym. Bring people that might want to act as the audience."
    She pulled Karin aside. "He wants to talk with you."
    Karin went up front. Takeo and Akage were waiting. There was a box on the desk.
    "When we were opening this place," said Takeo. "We found some items in the alley. We thought it was a costume of sorts. By any chance, are these yours?"
    "It's my stuff!" Karin replied. "How did you know?"
    "Your hair color matches perfectly." Akage laughed.
    "I'd also offer you a job, but I'm assuming you're undocumented." He dangled a set of keys. "Lock up at night, open up in the morning. I'd like the place to be tidy when I get here. And if you lock yourself in to sleep here, make sure there's no sign of it in the morning. Otherwise, you'll have to try your luck at the love hotel across the street."
    "Yes, sir."
    "You'll start tomorrow night. Close up after the filming is done. Oh, and Akira will be there to help."

    As she got out of the car, Karin noticed Ami staring up at window of the house next door.
    "You must really like him."
    Ami blushed. "Yes."
    "This makes what I have to say less complicated. I enjoyed our encounter, but I like somebody else more. Do you know where I can find Jo?"
    Ami took out her phone. "Let's find out."
    WHERE R U?
    A few moments later came the reply.
  • Karin's Photo Opportunity XIII: All That Glitters...
    "Where is she?"
    "In back." Takeo got up to show them.
    As they walked back, he turned to Ami.
    "Would you and your friends like to join here?"
    Ami looked at the lightly used workout equipment. "What have you done for promotion?"
    "Not much."
    "Maybe we can help with that. We model and do advertising."
    "Sure, let's talk." He pointed to the locker room. "I believe your friend is in there."
    "We got this, Ami," Kotomi volunteered. "Go talk business."

    Karin's teary eyes turned happy when she saw her friends.
    "Karin, did you hear?" asked Kotomi. "We got the car promotion!"
    "Well, that's good."
    "Helps to have a little star power." Tomoko struck a faux-glamorous pose. Her diamond necklace shone, even in the dimly lit locker room.
    Karin's face darkened. That was HER necklace. Did Tomoko have it all along? And if so, how did she get it?
    Karin had only one answer. Ryuuji. The one who had stolen everything from her, including her mission.
    "It wasn't you."
    Tomoko turned around, surprised.
    "It wasn't you. Or you. I slept with the manager."
    Tomoko laughed. "That's more than I'd do."
    Karin charged at her, reaching for her necklace. The two girls exchanged punches and kicks before Akage and Kotomi broke them up.
    "You thief!" Karin hollered as Akage moved her away. "That's my necklace!"
    "Psycho slut!" Tomoko screamed back, as Kotomi struggled to hold her.
    Kotomi had been restrained before. But now she was angry.
    "What is wrong with you two?"
    "She's wearing my necklace!"
    "No, I'm not, I..."
    "How do you know that necklace is yours?" Kotomi asked.
    Karin paused. Maybe this was not the time to say the necklace was a communication device with the future.
    "It's a long story, but this guy named Ryuuji and another guy jumped me. He had me locked up, but I got out."
    "How do you know it was Ryuuji?"
    "After they threw me in their basement, they were going through my stuff. The other guy picked up my necklace and said, 'Ryuuji, this is going to make me a lucky man.' "
    Tomoko felt sick. Apparently, her ex-boyfriend the car thief stole jewels, too. And Ryuuji, Tomoko thought. Have I EVER had an honest boyfriend? She looked at Karin's teary eyes. It was hard not to remember their intimate moments in her father's office.
    She took the necklace off and handed it to Karin. 
    "Here. I'll throw in the scumbag boyfriend that's attached."
    "Like I always say, where there's a mess, there's always a man." Akage laughed. "Go on up front. I may have something for you."

    Akira saw Takeo in the office with Ami.
    "New customer?"
    "New promoter. Her modeling agency is going to do webpages for us."
    "Takeo, I work here. I also have a modeling agency. We could have done that."
    "We have a contract." Ami interjected.
    Akira turned in anger toward Ami. "I should drag you into the ring, you little tomboy."
    Ami got very quiet. "My mother taught me to respect my elders."
    Takeo laughed. "So now, you're an elder. I think she got you there."
    "So does your playgroup have a name?" Akira sneered.
    "SIMGirls, Limited."
    Akira knew that name. This was the same group that took the Auto Show work from Sana.
    "This isn't over, Ami." Akira towered over Ami. "You'll be sorry you ever messed with me."
    "Akira, look at the time. You've got work to do." Takeo stood. He looked every inch the Bloody King when he said that.
    "Fine." Akira stormed out.
    Takeo turned back to Ami. "And so do we. Let's get started."
    Ami thought about Akira's challenge. "Here's an idea: how about a foxy boxing theme?"
    "I like that idea," Takeo replied. "Would any of you be up to an actual fight?"
  • Karin's Photo Opportunity XII: Join the Club
    Karin must have used all of the love hotel's free soap and toothpaste when she tried to wash the day's events away.
    She could only hope that the spiky haired manager was a man of his word.
    She walked out to the street. It was a street she had known all her life. Home was one block and 100 years away. She felt a tear form in her eye as she moved forward, not knowing what she would see.

    "Welcome to the Club Royal. May I help you?"
    Takeo sat at the desk, waiting for the blue haired girl to reply.
    "I...I live here."
    "So do I." A black haired girl in workout gear walked in behind her. She made her way around Karin, and picked up a pen to log in.
    "Do you have your membership card?" Takeo asked.
    "No," Karen replied.
    "You'll have to leave."
    Karin burst into tears.
    The former Bloody King could handle many things with his fists. A crying girl was not one of them.
    "Mako." He growled at the black haired girl. "Tell Akage I need her up front."

    A red haired woman appeared in a robe. She quickly guided Karin past the punching bags, the ring, the workout equipment and the free weights to the locker room.
    As Karin sat down, the woman rubbed her shoulders.
    "Where did you say you were from?"
    Karin realized that she couldn't tell her that the gleaming building that would someday sit in this site, was years from being built. And the school she had slept in didn't know she existed.
    "It's...hard to explain."
    "Just say there was a man involved. That makes things simpler."
    Karin rested on her front as Akage started rubbing her back.
    "My complicated situation worked at the university. I found out too late thatt he was a bit too popular with his coeds. After I caught him in my bed with a student, I walked out. The trouble was, I had no where else to go."
    Akage stopped. "It took me a long time to stop floating around and to stand on my own two feet. I finally figured out that a burning bridge doesn't hurt you if you don't turn back to look at it. You've got to move forward. Is there somebody I can call for you?"
    Karin only knew one place.
    "Her name is Ami. She's my...partner."

    Kotomi and Tomoko were at Ami's house when the dealership called to confirm they had agreed to the promotional contract, that would include the auto show. Their happiness cooled when Ami received a strange text.
    Ami did not recognize the caller or the location.
    Ami relayed what she had heard to her friends. "We should go get her."
    "We'll take my car," Tomoko volunteered. As she got up, her necklace popped out of her shirt.
    "Wow, where did you get that?" Kotomi asked.
    "Long story. Let's go."
  • Karin's Photo Opportunity XI: The Beast Mistress
    Both the manager and Karin said nothing to each other as he drove. Karin spent her time looking over the car, which would be in a museum in the world she had left.
    The manager broke the silence.
    "I like your hair."
    "What do you think of mine?"
    The manager began tearing at his forehead. Tattoos and a mohawk emerged from under his false hair and latex head cover.
    Karin started to laugh. "I had no idea."
    "It's tough to sell cars with a mohawk. My girl does movie makeup for a living."
    He turned to look at her. "She's going to love you."

    He opened the door to their room at the love hotel. A woman walked up to greet them with three glasses of wine.
    "A pleasure to meet you, blue lady. I'm Yuki."
    Karin took the glass. "Karin. What shall we drink to?"
    Yuki raised her glass. "To strong, serpentine men. And the women who love them."
    The ladies both downed their wine. Yuki took Karin's glass. She stepped forward and kissed her. She then stepped back and began to untie her kimono.
    Karin removed her t-shirt and shorts. She felt a large forearm lifting her off of the ground. She looked in the mirror to see herself being held by his arm. She watched Yuki removed her shoes. She felt her bikini bottoms slide down her thighs, then her calves.
    "Not blue here?" Yuki lightly stroked Karin's pubes with her finger. "I can fix that, if you like..."
    Karin closed her eyes, and opened herself a little, anticipating Yuki's tongue or finger. After a moment, she realized Yuki was actually a few inches below her, taunting and teasing her man with her hand. She could feel his response growing below her.
    Yuki stood back up. She finished removing her kimono, and stepped backwards to the bed.
    She addressed the man. "Have you been good, Snakeman?
    "Yes, mistress. I have been good."
    She nodded. A single fingernail bade him to move forward, still holding Karin. He walked forward, and stood Karin in front of her. Karin felt a hand remove her bikini top. She bent forward to kiss Yuki.
    "If he hurts you, I'll kill him."
    Karin felt a hand on her back as he slid between her legs, achingly close but not quite inside.
    "So far, so good."
    "Tell him what you want."
    "We want the modeling gig from his business."
    She looked at Snakeman.
    Karin felt him clutching her hips.
    "Along with the car show."
    "You're smart, too." Yuki smiled. "But what do you WANT?"
    "Well played."
    Karin moved between Yuki's legs, and slowly bathed Yuki's inner thighs with her tongue. At the same time, she did a slow grind against Snakeman, who faithfully remained just outside her as she pleasured Yuki. She could tell from Yuki's moans that her efforts had paid off. She waited for Yuki's movements to slow.
    The muscleman lasted mere moments before letting loose.

    SimMan slammed the phone down.
    "The car show has declined our application. They say they have enough models."
    "Are you sure?" Akira asked. "They usually have tons of girls walking around."
    "Oh, Sana could do that. But I thought you wanted her as a guest star. Turns out a sponsor is bringing their own group. They call themselves the SIMGirls."
    "Sounds like an idea you'd have," joked Sana.
    "Yes, I suppose it does."
    "I've got a boxing class to teach. I'll be back later." Akira walked out. She looked at Sana's stats as she left.
    I wonder if she'll make enough so I can quit at least one of these jobs, she thought.
  • Karin's Photo Opportunity X: The Butterfly Effect
    The offices were quiet.
    "Where are the printers?" Jo asked.
    "In the next room," Tomoko replied.
    Karin waited until Jo walked out to talk to Tomoko. How should she start this, she wondered. Her heart started pounding.
    Finally, she spoke. "I saw you. My first day here."
    "What do you mean?"
    "In a classroom. You sat on the desk. I watched from the door. Then you raised your skirt and opened yourself up. You were like a butterfly."
    Tomoko gulped. "You were looking at me? At us?"
    "Admiring you. You're very pretty."
    Tomoko remembered her picture in Jo's camera. She very much wanted to kiss her, to undress her. And now Karin was coming on to her. Could this really be happening?
    "I...I thought you like Jo."
    "I do. And I also like you."
    "I like you too, Cat." Tomoko kissed her.
    "Call me Karin." Karin leaned un and kissed her back; her open mouth and tongue inspired Tomoko to respind in kind.
    Jo came into the room. He waited a minute, enjoying the sight of two girls kissing. Once he knew that they were aware of his presence, he spoke.
    The twi girls grinned. They were surprise, but not embarrased.
    "I found a working printer."
    "Good," said Tomoko. "And now you have a new assignment."
    She stripped her sweats off, revealing her bikini. Karin followed suit.
    "We'll call this portfolio High Rises. The goal is to see how high you can rise."
    Jo continued to take oictures. Karin leaned on a table, lit by the sunlight coming through the window. Jo took a couple of snaps. Tomoko joined her on the table.
    "That's good. Look sexy."
    Tomoko smiled, then whispered to Karin. They both removed their tops.
    "Outstanding." Jo's camera kept clicking.
    Tomoko got up. "Time for you to be in the picture."
    Jo handed the camera to Tomoko and joined Karin on the table. Tomoko took a few shots, moving around the table. Jo lay Karin down on the table. She raised her butt so Jo could removed her bottoms. 
    Tomoko joined them in the table. Jo turned Karin so her face lay in Tomoko's lap. She licked Tomoko until she felt Tomoko clutch her body close. Jo slithered in from behind, and they started their own rhythm.
    Tomoko helped turn Karin back over to kiss her face, neck and breast as Jo and Karin drove each other to new heights.

    Jo took a seat in one of the chairs. Karin straddled him on the chair, facing him. She rode him until they both responded.
    Tomoko climbed off the table and went over to the printer. The beach prints were there. On top was a picture of Karin, nude, baring her claws and a lot more.
    "Well, well." Tomoko held the pic up so they could see it. "At least not everything about you is blue."
    "Let me see that!" Karin jumped up.
    "It'll cost you," replied Tomoko with an evil smile.

    "You took a while." Ami and Kotomi were already in the parking lot.
    "We did a little editing. The dealer probably doesn't need to see every picture in Jo's camera."
    She shot Karin a glance.
    Karin was not happy with Tomoko. But as they entered the manager's office, it was clear from the walls that the manager liked pictures of scantily clad women. It gave her an idea.

    The meeting concluded with no commitment from the manager. As the five were leaving, Karin stopped Ami.
    "I'll sleep at the school tonight. I'm going to do some sightseeing."
    "OK. Have fun."

    Karin came back into the manager's office. "I live down near Itaya Point. Could I get a lift from you?"
    "That's a long drive."
    She put the cat picture on the manager's desk. "I know a shortcut."
    The manager smiled."Give me five minutes."
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  • Karin's Photo Opportunity IX: "Cat" Pictures
    A short distance away, SimMan and Akira sipped tea and watched the numbers on the screen.
    "I've got to hand it to Sana," SimMan observed. "She brought a lot of traffic, both to herself and the Breakout site."
    "The Breakout is a western style restaurant. Fried food. Chicken wings. Beer. Of course, a blonde in a bikini sells. Look who's buying." Akira looked at the screen. "Is this a good amount for them?"
    "The owner expects a bump because of interest in the contest. I think interest in Sana will be higher than they were projecting."
    "That's great, but it won't last. We have to figure out something else she can sell."

    Five glum faces surrounded the table at the internet cafe. Tomoko had treated everyone to canned coffee-it tasted good, but reminded everyone how hungry they were.
    "What should we do next?"Ami asked.
    "Leave," replied Tomoko.
    "We can't just stop now." Karin chimed in.
    "We're already at the beach," Jo volunteered. "Let's take some shots here. We can go to other places and do the same."
    The girls forgot their troubles as they posed on the beach. Jo quickly filled his camera chip with great shots of Tomoko, Kotomi, Karin, and Ami in their bikinis.
    As they left the beach, Tomoko looked worried. "I wish they had showers here. I don't want to get sand in Father's new car."
    This gave Ami an idea.
    "Do you know where he bought it from?"
    "It's a dealer not far from here."
    "There's a lot along this street where a car can pull up next to the beach. Let's stay in our bikinis and take some glamour shots of each of us and all of us with the car and the beach. Then we'll see if the owner is interested in buying them."
    "That's a good idea," Tomoko agreed.
    Kotomi was not so sure. "Then what?"
    "The dealers are usually sponsors of the car show. How about the car show next?"

    As the girls got ready to pose, Jo leaned against the wall. He flipped again through the series of pictures he did of Karin, stopping on her nude "cat" picture.
    Tomoko looked over and noticed the picture. Seeing the blue haired girl in the nude, with her fingers in mock claws, she seemed so different, so pretty. She found herself thinking abut the two of them, together.
    Then, she noticed a rise in Jo's shorts. She found herself thinking of the THREE of them together.

    The girls finished posing in front of Tomoko's car. Ami and Kotomi had quit, but "Cat" was still smiling, still flirting with Jo and his camera. She brought Tomoko into the frame.
    Tomoko remembered her earlier thoughts about Jo and Cat. She decided to act on them.
    "Hey," she called out to Ami. "Father has an office nearby. We can print out a few of these photos and meet you at the dealership."
    Ami took Kotomi's arm. "Great idea. We'll meet you there."
  • Karin's Photo Opportunity VIII: The Breakout
    Ami awoke to the buzzing of her alarm. She rolled out of bed,  stripped off her nightgown and went to the dresser for new clothes.
    "Cat, we have to get up."
    Karin rolled out the other side. She threw Ami's nightshirt back onto the bed.
    "Do we have time for a shower? I'll do your hair."
    "No. We're probably late as it is."
    She turned to see a naked Karin walk to the bathroom. She moved to block the bathroom door.
    The sight of a topless Ami blocking the door made her laugh. "Is the shoot clothing optional?"
    "No, why?"
    "My undies are in there. But if you don't want me to wear them..."
    "Oh, right. Sorry."
    "It's OK. I forgive you." She put her hands on Ami's hips and gave her a long kiss.
    Ami moved her hands from the doorway and placed them on Karin's waist.
    "Oh, Cat..."
    Karin kissed her ear. "My name is Karin."
    She leaned Ami against the door jamb. She saw Ami's eyes close as she worked her way through the valley of Ami's cleavage.
    Ami reached down and stroked Karin's blue hair. She was rewarded with a surge of feeling between her thighs brought on by Karin's lips and tongue. She stepped out of her panties and bent her knees a little more to let Karin go as far as she possibly could. Wave after wave of feeling went through her body as she struggled not to cry out. As she came, she practically collapsed on Karin's head.
    She opened her eyes.
    "Now what should we do?" She had no idea how to reciprocate.
    Karin looked at the clock. "Leave here soon, I'd imagine."

    Ami got in the driver's side. She waved at Junta as he walked by the car.
    Karin got in the other door. "Who's the cute boy with the spiky hair?"
    "Oh, that's our neighbor. Junta. I should introduce you two."
    Karin turned to look at Junta as Ami pulled out. She hope she had not reacted too much to Junta's name.
    "Maybe when we get back?"
    "OK, but I warn you, he might be mad at you."
    "The sight of you naked yesterday made him throw up."
    "Oh." Karin had not forgotten her mission. But without her gun and her necklace, she could do nothing about it. But at least meeting the person she came 100 years to see had to count for something.

    Ami and Karin found their colleagues.
    Ami spoke.
    "The Breakout promotion is a professional gig. We'll need a name other than the Fukoma High Photo Club."
    "How about Agency 18?" Karin volunteered.
    "It sounds like we're kids." Tomoko replied.
    "How about SIMGirls, Limited?" Ami suggested.
    "As long as nobody confuses it with simple." Tomoko sniffed.
    "No. S-I-M. Sexy. Innovative. Memorable." Ami emphasized the last word the most.
    "Is that OK with you, Jo?" Kotomi asked.
    "Sure. I don't plan on posing."
    Everyone laughed.
    Ami put her hand out. The others joined by placing their hand on hers.
    "To commemorate this moment, let's make our symbol a five sided star. In a circle."
    They all agreed.
    "Follow me," Ami said, as she opened the door of the Breakout. She stopped the first person she saw, a young girl in shorts and a baby doll tee shirt.
    "Where is the Bikini Beach promotion?"
    "It's over."
    "But we were supposed to be here at 11:00. It's only ten after."
    "It was cancelled an hour ago. This blonde girl came in, some sort of Internet star, and the boss signed her on the spot. Look."
    The girl pointed to a video screen. A blonde girl in a bikini flanked the Breakout sign on the restaurant web page.
    "But that's not fair."
    "Sorry, but you're out of luck."
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  • Karin's Photo Opportunity VII: What's Cooking?
    Kotomi felt her phone buzz as she sat in her room. The message from Tomoko made her smile.
    Kotomi looked at the screen. She was sure the way Tomoko meant it did not involve textbooks.
    I PLAN TO...

    "Tell me about your world."
    Ami looked at Karin,  surprised by the question. "What do you mean?"
    Karin continued. "Describe this, all of this, like you were describing it to person from the future."
    "Well, this is Japan. We have houses, jobs, food. We go to school. Some of us go to uni, then we work, marry, have kids. Same everywhere else, I guess."
    "Where I'm from," Karin replied. "A home with a family is something I only dream about. Your own bed. Food in the refrigerator. Quiet streets. This is pure luxury."
    She lay back on the bedspread, her head on the pillow.
    "Where are you from?" Ami asked.
    "Here. Across the river, actually. But it's a future version of here. I was born there 81 years from now."
    "O...kay." Ami did not believe her. But playing along was fun.
    "So what about your world? Are there some good things about it?"
    "The air is cleaner. The buildings are shinier. The Ambient makes your Internet as comparatively old as a telegraph."
    "How about cures for cancer? The Middle East?"
    Karin shrugged. She lay back again.
    "We have great train systems. It even goes to America."
    Ami got up to look up a world map on the net. "America? How? Does it go through Russia?"
    Silence. When she turned, Karin was snoring.

    Ami was changing when she heard her phone buzz.
    U UP?
    It was Junta.
    Ami figured she couldn't move Karin, so she lay down next to her.
    Ami looked across and saw Junta's light go out. She turned off her own light and went to sleep.

    Tomoko had set out her favorite sushi on the table. After she opened the door, she walked back over to the table and sat down on the floor next to it. She straightened out her black sweater.
    "Please, sit down."
    Kotomi sat down. She wasn't a big sushi fan, but she wanted to be polite.
    Tomoko jumped back up, and brought wine in two glasses.
    Kotomi picked one up.
    "So what are we studying?"
    "Chemistry. The effect of a good wine on my inhibitions."
    "You have inhibitions?"
    Tomoko downed her wine. "A few."
    She kissed Kotomi, who kissed her back. Her lips were even sweeter now.
    Tomoko poured, then took another gulp of wine. "I need you to help me with something. I've never gone down on a woman. I don't know how."
    Kotomi looked at her sushi. "Do you have any cucumber left?"
    "Check the fridge."
    Kotomi smiled. "I'll be right back."
    She went to the kitchen and found a cucumber.
    And, a knife.
    She came back to the dining table. "OK, you know the jokes about Cucumber Man, right?"
    She took one end and moved her mouth back and forth over the tip. Then she cut a slice off, diagonally.
    "And now, Cucumber Woman." Kotomi pointed to the top of where she cut.
    "My cucumber man!" Tomoko shouted in mock horror.
    "Start here. " Kotomi pointed to the top of the slice. Come down slowly either side."
    Tomoko moved her tongue as instructed, giggling as she did.
    Kotomi got up from the table, taking a couple of steps back. She removed her panties, and stepped back over to where Tomoko was. Facing her friend, she slowly lifted her skirt.
    Tomoko put the green vegetable down. She closed her eyes and moved her head forward. She felt Kotomi tense up as her tongue touched her.
    "Is this OK?" 
    Kotomi closed her eyes and held Tomoko's head in place. "Oh, yeah."
    She lay on the floor and put her legs over each of Tomoko's shoulders. She pulled up her shirt and lay back, baring her belly and breasts to the ceiling fan as her friend tentatively teased her folds.
    Kotomi saw the cucumber roll towards her off of the table. She sat up and picked up the cuke. She turned her head a bit, and kissed the end of the it with her lips. 
    "I'm about to make Cucumber Man very happy," she teased, as she opened her mouth and took in the uncut tip.
    Kotomi traced a line with the cuke from her chin, between her boobs, and down to her navel. 
    "Want some more fun, Cucumber Man?" She gave Tomoko a saucy look.
    Tomoko looked up. "You are not leaving me for a vegetable."
    "You'll have to catch us!"
    Kotomi bolted for the upstairs bedroom with Tomoko in hot pursuit.

    This time, it was Tomoko's turn. She lay back on her pillow amid the scattered clothes and underwear as Kotomi's face and tongue burrowed below her belly, making her more and more frenzied. 
    When the moment came, Kotomi watched her friend's face tense up and then relax.
    Tomoko put the green vegetable on the nightstand. "I don't think I've ever had a threesome with a cucumber before."
    Kotomi gave her a kiss, then snuggled up next to her." Maybe it was a foursome?"
    The term "foursome" prompted Tomoko to remember her boyfriend, and also that Kotomi had a boyfriend, one that Tomoko knew all too well.
    "Kotomi, I've got to tell you something."
    "Me, too."
    Tomoko was intrigued as to what Kotomi would say. "OK, you first."
    Kotomi pulled away and sat up. "This was a lot of fun, and I'm glad we did this, but...I like guys."
    "Like Toreda."
    "Yeah, if I can find him. He vanished the same day as your boyfriend's arrest. Have you talked to him?"
    "I don't talk to car thieves."
    "So what's your secret?"
    Tomoko looked at her friend, smiling sweetly in her birthday suit. She feared what she would say would kill that smile. She looked away.
    "Toreda was here."
    "The day of the meet? I know. He had this idea that I needed you to skip the meet so I could win. I was happy to win, but now I feel manipulated."
    "Me, too."  Tomoko reached over and kissed her friend.
    "Let's finish this where we started it."
    She took Kotomi's hand and led her to the shower.
  • Karin's Photo Opportunity VI: Trade Secrets
    Karin walked over to Ami.
    "I need your help. I am hiding from a man named Ryuuji. I thought this school would be safe, but I think he goes here."
    I never liked him anyway, Ami thought.
    "Were you planning on sleeping here tonight, too?"
    Karin looked at her. "Yes. But now I fear doing so."
    "I'd like you to sleep over at my house tonight. It's probably your safest option."
    Karin put on Jo's gym clothes. "Let's go."
    "One thing- I don't live that far from here, so I normally don't drive. Do you mind riding on the back of a bike?"

    Jo went back into the school with a plan to take Karin to dinner. He was surprised to find the photo room empty.
    He took out his camera, and looked at the saved images. The first one was Karin; she lay on her back, nude, with her hands up like cat claws. He remembered her meowing at him, and all the fun that followed.
    "Guess this is all that I have of you."
    His phone buzzed.
    It was Junta.
    A minute later came the reply.
    Maybe Junta was right, Jo thought. If she's not here, why am I?
    He put his camera back in his bag. He looked out the window. I hope she is okay, he thought.

    Sana closed up the shop for the night. She was curious to see how famous SimMan's inventions would make her.
    He answered the door and let her in.
    "How well is Gayle doing?"
    "Come see."
    Her picture shrunk, and was replaced with a world map. Little back figures represented new fans. There appeared to be a lot of them. SimMan seemed more interested in the table of figures to the right. He did not appear happy.
    "What's wrong?"
    "I may have done a disservice to you, my dear. The numbers are lower than I was expecting."
    He brought up the picture. "Evidently, the reason why there was a dearth of supply of girls in farm attire is because there was a lack of demand. Swimsuits, lingerie, or, um, less, is tracking much better in America."
    "And in Asia?"
    "There's more restrictions. The Chinese are really cracking down. Even more so than the Brits."
    "Then don't worry about America. Let's just do here."
    "Fine. Then goodbye to Gayle Forster. What will your screen name be?"
    "Sana. Just Sana. Can you change the name right away in Japan?"
    "It shouldn't take too long. Why?"
    She showed SimMan a pamphlet on the Bikini Beach promotion. "I've got an idea where we can start."
    "You want to enter a dive bar's bikini contest?"
    "No. I want to walk in as a big Internet star and use their endorsement to promote my career."
    SimMan stroked his chin. "I like that idea." He started working furiously to drum up fans, real and virtual, for Japan's newest star.

    Ami opened her door and let Karin into her room. "I think I may have a few things that can fit you."
    Karin stripped completely, then held her bra and panties out. "Is there somewhere I can wash these?"
    Ami turned and gasped. She wasn't expecting to see Karin nude.
    "Um. The bathroom is fine."
    "Thanks." She took a step towards the bathroom then looked back. She touched a hand to her head.
    "Aren't you glad that the curtains don't match the drapes?"
    Ami laughed. "Yeah. I didn't see you as a natural blue."
    Ami changed. She fished around for something Karin could wear that night. She found a nightshirt she thought that would work.
    Karin stood at the sink, squeezing out the water from her panties. Ami was surprised that she had not picked up a towel to drape over herself.
    She held out the nightshirt. "Aren't you forgetting something?"
    Karin paused. "Oh, how rude of me. Of course."
    She passed by Ami and re-entered the bedroom. She flopped down on the bed and rolled onto her back.
    Ami looked back, and was stunned. She had a toes-level view of Karin's naked body. "What are you doing?"
    "You're giving me clothes and a place to stay. I have nothing on me. So, to pay you back, I only have myself to trade."
    " don't need to pay me."
    "Then it's my gift. To you."
    Karin sat up, drew her legs under her butt, and sat on her ankles so Ami could see her. She put her hands behind her head to bring out her chest. "Where do you want to start?"
    Ami looked at the nude figure on her bed. If there was ever a time that she wanted to try something with a woman, now was it. She dropped the nightshirt and took a step forward. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the open window.
    "Oh my, I better close the..."
    She saw two eyes look back through the window on the opposite side. Then that window was suddenly filled with liquid.
    Ami screamed.
    Karin turned to see. Horrified, she clutched a sheet to her body.
    "Oh no!" She cried out. "Is that blood?"
    Ami looked again.
    "That's not blood." She shook her head.
    "My neighbor just puked on his window."

    Jo was almost at Junta's when he got the text.
    • SimMan lol one of the definitive moments of the original dna series
    • dead_phone Now this reminiscence of the puking Junta made me actually laugh. [50409,kotomifan]: great writing, not only this part, but all your stories so far. I am looking forward for some more.
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  • Karin's Photo Opportunity V: Good Clean Fun
    Kotomi had volunteered to run with Tomoko, who had been penalized for being late to practice.
    By the time they hit the showers, the rest of the team had left the locker room. Tomoko had turned on the shower and was starting to lather up when Kotomi approached.
    "I need to ask you something."
    "If you want me to join your modeling group, I already have."
    "Thanks for doing that. No, I want to know something. You had sex in my room. On my bed."
    Tomoko looked down. "It was a stupid thing to do. It was supposed to pay you back for stealing my boyfriend."
    "Then that explains why you didn't invite me."
    Tomoko froze as Kotomi dropped her hands and stood naked before her. She looked at Kotomi's wide open eyes. She wanted it, too.
    "Is anyone else here?"
    "Let's check."

    Akira walked into the mystic shop. She could not get Tomoko off her mind, and she needed to.
    "Have a lot of business today?"
    "No, not really."
    "Let's take a break. Time for the Internet to discover you."
    They both walked up to SimMan's door. Akira knocked.
    "I've been expecting you." 
    SimMan led them both inside. He directed their attention to the far left screen.
    "Sana, I mean Gayle, is here. We will begin introducing her via multiple social media outlets. We will create a buzz through a creation of faux accounts referencing her, withdrawing them once she develops some followers. Watch."
    He hit a few buttons.
    Sana and Akira looked on as her number of followers grew from zero to about 600.
    "This will probably be enough to put you atop some search engine searches. The trick will be seeing how long it takes to have real accounts follow you."
    "And if they don't?"
    "We disavow Gayle Forster as a fake name and try you under another name in Russia or Europe."
    "Why not Japan?"
    SimMan smiled. "Well, any man in Japan can see these pics as well. But as long as your persona is American or European, the paparazzi and the stalkers will let you sleep and buy groceries here at home."
    He looked back at the screen. "And your first follower request is from...Japan."
    Sana saw it, too. "Maybe I should try my luck here."

    Kotomi joined Tomoko in the streams of water. She put Tomoko's back against the wall.
    "I changed the sheets, even the blanket. Your scent was still there."
    They kissed, and opened their mouths almost immediately to each other's tongue.
    Kotomi balanced on her toes; their bodies lined up, breasts to breast, navel to navel. She released the kiss; she stood back on her feet, kissing her chin, her neck, her shoulder, as her fingers strokes her lover's sides. Tomoko closed her eyes, and felt Kotomi kiss and nibble her chest.
    It was just like Tomoko imagined; a tender touch on each side, a warm tongue bathing her nipple.

    But as Kotomi worked her way down, Tomoko tried to stop her.
    "Should we do this, here?"
    "I smelled you all night long." Kotomi replied. "I touched myself so many times, thinking of you. If only for a moment, I wanted to..."
    Kotomi stopped talking. Tomoko looked down through the fog of the cascading waters to see Kotomi in front of her crotch, her eyes closed. Tokomo slid down the wall slightly, bending her knees as she did.
    Kotomi's eyes opened. She looked up at Tomoko and smiled. She moved her head forward and kissed her clit. Tomoko reached down to stroke her hair as her heartbeat rose. She closed her eyes and let Kotomi explore. Her cries echoed off the floor, mixing with the splashes of the water to form an erotic concert. A show that ended on a very high note.
  • Karin's Photo Opportunity IV: Team Building
    Jo found Ami and Tomoko inside of school the next morning.
    "You said nobody uses the photo lab room anymore, right?
    "You have a key?"
    Ami nodded.
    "I met a girl last night. You saw her at dinner. I let her stay there last night."
    Kotomi looked horrified. "What if she stole my camera?"
    She raced down the hall, with Jo and Ami behind her.
    Karin was at the door when Ami unlocked it; she was in the school gym uniform.
    "Where's the bathroom?"
    "Not far. I'll walk you there."
    Jo and Karin left as Ami and Kotomi walked inside. Ami was impressed that the room had been picked up.  "It looks nicer in here today."
    "Looks like she hasn't taken anything yet." Kotomi didn't seemed convinced.
    "And he's quite the photographer. You should see his shots of me," Ami added.
    "Ami, you're a nice person. But we've only known Jo a day. And I don't know if this blue haired girl will be around tomorrow."
    "If she sticks around, she can be our third model."
    "A homeless girl? We need four models for shoots, not three. Shall we find a hooker for the fourth? Or see how Jo looks in a bikini?"
    "You're right." Ami sat down. "But what if we asked Tomoko? Maybe she'd join us?"
    "She'd never agree."

    Jo waited until Akira turned her head to the board to look over at Junta's drawing.
    He had sketched the face of a dark haired girl leaning against a desk, with her eyes closed and her mouth open.
    "Who's the girl?" Jo whispered.
    Junta pointed with his pencil at Tomoko.
    "I hope there's more."
    Junta paused to remember what he saw. His mind still went back to that day that he walked into Ms. Kudo's class. At first, he just saw Tomoko from the back. The next, his teacher's face emerged, her makeup running and her hair askew. Were they doing what he thought they were doing?
    He stopped himself- would simply thinking about Tomoko and Ms. Kudo make him sick? He closed his notebook.
    "I'll show you more later."

    Tomoko approached Akira at the end of class.
    "I need to ask you something."
    Akira looked at her. It was becoming a struggle for her to look at Tomoko and not immediately think of their passion together. She saw her skirt, and her mind flashed thoughts of it rising up. Her musk. Her saltiness. Unconsciously, she licked her lips.
    "What...can I help you with?"
    "I know you're starting a studio. I'd like to join it."
    "Sure. The minute you graduate, I'd love to have you."
    "No, I mean today."
    Akira's face changed. "I can't have you until you graduate. I'd lose my job here."
    Tomoko waited until the last student left. "You don't understand. They suspended me from the gravure studio because they know about me in the car."
    She came closer. "I can make it worth your time."
    Akira stopped her. Secret passions were one thing. But Tomoko's pictures coming from her business would lead to public suspicion. She would lose everything.
    She turned away. "I'm sorry, Ms. Saeki."
    The sudden formal tone angered Tomoko. "Fine."

    She marched to the far end of the school, and opened the door of the photo lab. She saw three figures- Ami, some guy she didn't know, and some blue haired girl.
    "OK, Ami. I'll be in your little club." She looked at the others.
    "Who are these freaks?"
    "I'm Jo."
    Jo extended his hand. "We're in the same English class."
    She looked past his hand to Karin.
    "Our dress code doesn't allow blue hair. Who are you?"
    "Just call me...Cat." Karin smiled back at her. It was the girl from the classroom.
    "As in alley cat?" Tomoko sniffed.
    "We've asked her to be our third model. We're going to pose at the Bikini Beach promotion at the Breakout." Ami held out a brochure. "Would you be our fourth?"
    "I'm already signed..." Tomoko trailed off. The manager's office. Akira's rejection. This ragtag team of schoolgirls might not be much, but it was modeling. And she would clearly be the star.
    "Who's the other model?"
    "Kotomi. But she's at practice."
    "Practice? Oh, crap." Tomoko was also a member of the team. And she was now late. "I have to go."
  • Karin's Photo Opportunity III: Tomoko Exposed
    Tomoko entered and locked the door behind her. Akira came forward and greeted her with a kiss.
    Tomoko returned the kiss with her tongue. She leaned against the door and watched as Akira knelt down ti grasp her panties and liberate them from her legs.
    Akira could not wait to taste her again. She took her hand and led her away from the door.
    Tomoko pushed some papers across the desk; she hopped up on the desk, and held her knees.
    "Hey, do't make a mess." Akira cautioned.
    Tomoko moved her feet apart, exposing herself.
    "Eat me."

    Karin waited until Jo left. She pasted tape in the door lock so she could return, then quietly slipped out. She passed by rows of unlit classrooms until she heard noises.
    She looked into a class. A figure clad in the girl's uniform on the desk had her skirt hiked up. Suddenly, she exposed herself.
    She was daring. She was bare. She was beautiful.
    Another figure emerged: she placed her head of red hair in the crotch of the first.
    Karin slipped a hand under the uniform and quietly stroked her already moist folds under her panties. An involuntary gasp told her she should finish elsewhere. She dashed to a ladies room. Locking the door behind her, she quickly put her fingers to work, finishing off her orgasm.
    As she left the ladies' room, she thought of how lucky she was, and how well she'd sleep tonight, now that she was free from Ryuuji.
    She was so lost in thought that she nearly collided with a red uniforn clad figure.
    Tomoko was angry. "Out of ny way!"

    "What do you mean, you're releasing me?"
    Tomoko had sprinted over from school after receiving her manager's message. She was still in her uniform.
    The manager of the modeling agency sat behind his desk. "Try to understand. You signed a code of conduct when you agreed to join us, yes?"
    "Of course."
    "We received reports that you were found in the company of a car thief, in a state of undress. Is that so?"
    "What are you talking about?"
    "Here." He tossed a folder on the desk. "One of the officers who arrested the man posted pictures on the net. A sponsor of the Miss Fukoma pageant alerted us."
    Tomoko looked at the picture. Her face and naked torso were clearly  visible, as she lay on the steering wheel of the car with the diamond necklace between her breasts.
    To be honest, it was a pretty good picture.
    "So what happens now?"
    "You are suspended from using our services, pending a review. If I were you, I might take this opportunity to find a less scrupulous agency."
    Tomoko contemplated flashing her panty-less crotch at the manager as a way of changing his mind. Then she remembered Akira's new modeling business. It was the perfect backup plan.
  • Karin's Photo Opportunity II: The New Model
    "Please let me stay. This is the worst day of my life."
    "Calm down." Jo looked over. At the very least, she was a cute, well built, halfnaked crazy girl. "Put your clothes back on."
    "These are my only clothes." Karin whimpered. "He took my clothes."
    "My kidnapper. He and another man took all my things."
    "So why do you want to go to the slums?"
    "Itaya Point is not the slums!"
    "I may have just moved here, but even I know that's a bad neighborhood."
    The girl was quiet and appeared to be thinking.
    "Can I stay with you?"
    He felt her hand touch him again. His mind raced as she stroked him.
    "I wish you could." he gasped. He tried hard to think and drive as his pulse increased.
    At a stop light, she went to go down on him again. He racked his brain for a solution.
    "I...I have an idea for a place you can go tonight."
    Jo turned the car around and headed back to the school.
    She looked up. "Where are we going?"
    "I have a hunch you can stay at the photo lab and nobody will know you're there." 
    "But what do I wear to get inside?"
    "My gym clothes are in the trunk."
    He quickly zipped himself as they entered the lot.

    Karin sorted through the costumes in the classroom. She was able to find a Fukoma High uniform that fit her, along with a few other clothes, including a bikini.
    "So the girls pose for you?"
    "It's only my first day here. So far, one has- her name is Ami."
    Karin went behind a panel and changed into the bikini. She came out, and twirled around.
    "What do you think?"
    "Looks like it fits. Let's get something to eat."
    "OK." She put Jo's workout clothes over the bikini.

    Karin opened the menu.
    "Wow, food is cheap now!"
    The waitress came by.
    "My name is Ami. Can I take your order?"
    "Yakitori, rice, and tea," said Karin.
    "The same. And hey," Jo reached for his camera. "Did you want to see your picture?"
    Ami watched him pull his camera out.
    "I don't normally take a good picture."
    He showed her pic to Karin.
    "It looks very pretty to me." Karin commented.
    "Oh, I guess it does." Ami put her pencil behind her ear. "I'll be back soon."

    Jo and Karin came back to the photo lab classroom.
    "You need some pictures of me now!"
    Karin leaned against the window and struck a pose. He took a few pictures. He did the same as she slipped the shirt and shorts off to reveal the bikini.
    She went behind the screen. When she emerged, she had on just the bra and panties. She smiled at Jo.
    "I want to thank you for helping me."
    As his shutter clicked, she slowly undressed in front of him. After she slipped her panties off, she waited for him to take a few more. She beckoned for him with her hand.
    Jo stepped forward. She undid his pants, and resumed her tongue's services to his shaft. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the attention.
    She rolled on her back, spreadeagle.
    "You look like a cat."
    He took one final picture of her, then lowered himself onto her.
    He planted kisses on her breasts and neck. As he went to kiss her lips, he saw her look back at him.
    "I don't know your name," she panted.
    "It's Jo."
    She reached down and guided him in. She bucked her hips, moving him in deeper. She came alive at that point, rolling him over and riding him as he held her hips on his. He could only hope they were alone in the building when she cried out to the world as she came.
    She lay next to him.
    "Thank you, Jo."