The maids of Love Hotel had a game amongst themselves. They would open doors at random and say, "Housekeeping!" Customers caught in the act were a "base." They would pass each other in the halls and say "First Base" or "Second Base." depending on how lucky they were.

Nao was making some extra money helping her sister clean the rooms. She knew the game; it was something she could not get away with at her usual job at the Mall. She had seen a few instances of dressing room sex at the shop; she just never kept score.
She moved her cart outside room 301 of the Love Hotel. She took a deep breath, hoping for her first base of the day.
When nobody inside objected to housekeeping, she went inside.
The sole occupant of the room was in the bathroom, slumped over the edge of the tub. The shower curtain bar lay on top of the curtain; they both covered the person so only the pants and shoes were visible.
She came closer, just enough to see that the curtain bar was connected to the person's neck with a pink rope.

The manager was the second to know. He was mad at the fact that there was now a need to call police to his hotel, where the guests paid cash, used aliases, and would be mortified to find police in the hallways. He was mad that he wasn't going to get paid, and that the occupiers of the other rooms might find reason to leave. He also knew that tampering with a body would get him arrested and his business closed down. He reluctantly called the police.

The third person to know was Officer Minoru Fuji. He noted the position of the body, the rod, the curtain and the rope. He gingerly pulled back the curtain and removed three objects from the jacket pocket: a can of coffee, a hand wipe, and a vial of medicine. The jeans still held the victim's wallet.
Something did not seem right.

The manager stood next to him. "Will you be removing the body? I have other people staying here."
"Not quite yet. In fact, could you step out of the room for a minute?"

He looked at his partner, Officer Misao Oh.
"I'm thinking this guy died elsewhere."
"Me, too. Hanging suicides are not this clean. The eyes and mouth are closed. No sign of a struggle."
Minoru got on the radio. "Chief, I'd like forensics in here. Victim is a Japanese male, approximately eighteen to twenty years old. Victim was found hanging in a bathtub. My suspicion is the victim was already dead when he was hung."
"Have you identified the victim?"
"Not yet."
He held his hand to the receiver.
"Check for an ID."
Misao slipped on gloves and removed the wallet from the victim's pants. She found a recently minted drivers license and showed it to her partner.
He nodded, and removed his hand from the receiver.
"Yes, sir. His name is Junta Momonari."