Gakusha watched the girl on the other side of the booth avoid the food in front of her. There was not much of a crowd at Oceans for lunch, but she insisted on the most remote booth.
Sana looked nervous. She pulled out a coffee can and a pillbox. She downed the medicine, then washed it down with the canned coffee. She pulled out her phone, then put it away. 
"I'm sorry. That was rude of me." 
"That's okay. Is everything all right?" 
"Sure. I just have to lose weight." 
"You dont have any weight to lose." 
"You're sweet. Is it hot in here?" 
Gakusha frowned. He wanted to encourage her choice to be a model. He just wondered if the smart girl who talked his ear off about Japanese literature was being silenced in the process. 
"You look mad at me.' Sana observed. "May I come over to your side?"
"Sure." He made room as she sat down.
She took his napkin off the table. "it's always good manners to use these."
She unzipped his fly.
"What are you doing?"
She whispered in his ear. "Bad table manners." Her left hand deftly maneuvered his member out of his boxers while her right hand covered his crotch in a napkin.
"What are you thinking about?" She asked as she stroked him.
"What I'll need to do to you in return." He smiled.
Sana smiled back. This would be a Valentines Day to remember.

Minoru ducked into a men's room. From his pocket he produced a packet of pictures from the surveillance tape of the Club Royal. A short bob-haired girl was at the front of group. With a marker, he put the name Ami Kuramoto on the picture. 

"Chief, it's Fuji." 
"I've identified one of the individuals in the gym photos as Ami Kuramoto. She ID'ed herself and knew the victim." 
"Did you want to formally question her?" 
"I've got an idea. I'd like to stay undercover until I've made some more IDs. I'd also like to see if I can get any of them linked to the evidence found." 
The chief rubbed his eyes. 
"Proceed. But Fuji- these are schoolkids, not the Yakuza. Find what you need then get back here." 
"Yes, sir." 
"Heard from Misao?" 
"She thought she had a lead, but neither the Love Hotel nor the gym wanted to talk. We're waiting on warrants." 
"Why not have her go undercover while you're waiting? People wander in and out of those places all day." 
"Good point." 

Ami finished showing Minoru the school. She finished at the theatre. 
"We put on many productions here. I'm working on one. Have you ever done any playwriting?" 
He had written a few short plays for uni. But he had not done high school drama in years.  
"I can try. What's the plot?" 
"Four girls join forces to make an elite squad. They fight an evil witch and then move to a new land to start a utopian colony." 
It dawned on Fuji that he could use his character development to interrogate Ami without her knowledge. 
"I have an idea. Let's come up with the outlines of each character. Then we'll interview as many people as we can based on the outlines. Pretty soon, they will evolve into their own persona." 
"Wow. You're good at this." Ami blushed. "We kind of decided on roles already, though. I'm the medic." 
"And I'm the ninja." Kotomi stepped up behind Ami. "There's also a fighter and a gunner. We're supposed to return the prince to his rightful throne in Utopia. But we can't do that now." 
He almost said, because he's Junta.