Karin often slept in the empty rooms when she was not at work. She awoke to Sana shaking her.
"Wha...what's wrong?"
"The spike haired boy. He was here the night of the fight. What was his name?"
"Junta. Why?"
"I left him here. Whose therapy room is this?"
"Does she have red hair like mine?"
"It's much brighter, but yes."
"I saw her and Akira take something out of here that night. It must have been him."
Karin teared up. Not only had her mission failed, but Junta had died, right under her nose. If only I had more time...
Now where would a time traveler get more time?
She stripped off her sweats and put on her armor.
"Do you have a car here?"
"I need you to drive me to Ami's."

Akage came into the room a few minutes later. She did not mind the blue haired girl sleeping in her therapy room. Her DNA would mix with the sweat and hair of the men parading through her room, removing all traces of Junta Momonari.
The kid had not put up too much resistance, she recalled. A pillow over his nose and mouth had been his final moments. Akira had come in moments later with a sheet and a rope, and they snuck him out the back door. She was not sure why they had to kill the guy, but she was getting paid enough not to ask.
After the fight was over, they waited for the others to leave. They swung by the pub, looking for the two drunkest, dumbest men they could find. It was not a tough task. A few minutes later, the four of them headed to the Love Motel.
It was Akira's idea to have the men check in as Mario and Luigi Nintendo. It was Akage's to give the men a little show, as the two ladies danced naked, twerked, and licked each other's breasts as they waited for the men to pass out. It was both of their ideas to slip the men into a single bed, naked, so there would be no way they would ever discuss that night.
They went back across the street, trying to avoid streetlights, as they took Junta's body to the empty room. They dangled him from the shower curtain rod. They reentered the room where the men were, wiped it down, and left.

SimMan opened the door, and Ryuuji and Akira stepped in.
"Son," He began. "I am about to make you a happy man."
Ryuuji looked at him blankly. "By doing what?"
"I have information to suggest that you are the direct ancestor of a new race of men and women who will rule this land over the next hundred years. Your children and your children's children will be rich, powerful, and the physical and mental equivalents of gods."
"But what about me?"
Figures, SimMan grumbled to himself. He used the remote to turn on the screen.
"Mister Sugashita, you will be the Megaplayboy. Imagine Einstein, Schwarznegger, and the Emperor in the same body. Girls will spread their legs as you walk by. Men will follow you."
"Can I keep my car?"
"You'll own a hundred better than it."
"What do I do?"
"Tomorrow morning, a woman will come armed with a device that will transform you. You may feel out of sorts for a few moments. When you come to, you will be the strongest, most powerful man this world has ever known."
And I will hold the stock information for every profitable company of the next hundred years, SimMan told himself.
"Come here tomorrow at nine."

Ami came to the door.
Karin stood at her door, in armor.
"Karin. What's going on? Why is Sana here?"
"We can save Junta."
"Junta's dead."
"Today he is. But he wasn't two weeks ago."
"I don't follow."
"History records you as the mother of the time machine. It's common knowledge in my time that your prototype launched time travel as we know it."
She looked to the garage. "You built part of it here. The blue tarp that covers it- I once saw it at a museum display in your honor."
Karin moved close to Ami's ear. "I know you miss him. And this is what I am trained for. Let me fix this."
Ami was stunned. But she knew what to do next.
"The followers of Captain Itaya built the rest at Gateway Park. We need to put the two sections together."
She closed the door behind her and picked up her phone. "It's Ami. We don't need to debate who does the live test anymore. We have an experienced pilot. Please come get the section. We'll meet you at the park."