A police car stopped outside the Saeki's home. An officer opened the door.
When Tomoko opened the door, two officers stepped into her foyer.
"Tomoko Saeki, you are under arrest for murder."
Instinctively, Tomoko put her hands forward. Suddenly, she felt her father's hands pull her away.
Mr. Saeki stepped forward, along with another man. "Officers, this is my attorney. And on the phone is your superior. You have made a grevious mistake. Arrest my daughter, and that mistake will destroy your department."
Officer Oh took the phone. A few moments later, she dropped it.
She picked it up, handed it back to Tomoko's father, and bowed.
"I apologize, sir."
She turned to Minoru.
"We must leave. Now."
"But why?"
She leaned close to his ear. "If you've already forgotten, Minoru, the chief has plenty of video footage of you and a redheaded student to refresh your memory."
Minoru quickly bowed and left. The drive back to the station was a quiet one.

A park ranger truck showed up to Ami's house. The contents of Ami's project were loaded in.
Ami and Karin went into the back seat of Sana's car.
Ami looked at Karin's strange uniform. "How far do you plan to go back?"
"I just need a moment where I know Junta was and it needs to be when he was alone. I think I know the one."
"Will it be scary, going through time?"
"To be honest, I don't remember much."
"What will you tell Jo?"
"To be honest, I forgot to say something to him. And our whole story was kind of backwards. Maybe I can get him to fall in love with me before we have sex."
"Fat chance," chimed in Sana from the front.
They all laughed.
"They call it the Butterfly Effect," Karin continued. "One change in the past changes everything. So if Junta doesn't die, then nobody killed him."
"So, anything I do right now, would go away without a trace?"
"That's the theory."
Ami curled up close to Karin's ear. "So when you were at my place, and we fooled around," she whispered. "Were you in love?"
Karin looked a little sheepish. "No," she whispered back, now sporting an impish smile. "I was just using you for your body."
Ami took that as a compliment, and giggled. She put a long, lingering kiss on Karin's lips.
"Will I remember you?"
"No, but I'll remember you."
"Let me give you something to remember me by."
Ami removed her shirt to reveal a lavender bra.
Karin knelt in the wheel well, and helped her remove her pants. She positioned Ami to lay as best as she could along the back seat. Beginning with Ami's forehead, Karin let her lips take in all that Ami offered: her nose, her lips, her chin, neck, and navel. She slipped behind Sana's seat and positioned herself between Ami's knees.
Ami raised her bottom and bent her knees as Karin relieved her of her panties. She lay her heels on the armor of Karin's back. She stroked her blue hair as Karin sank into her crotch, parting her lips ever so slightly. Her sighs increased with Karin's movements.

They both felt the car stop. Karin paused and looked up, as Ami saw the seat in front of her move forward.
Sana's face appeared over the seat as she removed her shirt.
"Nobody," she said. "Is having all that fun in my car without my joining in."
She leaned over to kiss Ami as she felt Ami's hands slip under her bra.

The Itaya crew moved Ami's time machine module into the sphere.
Karin checked her gear before hugging Ami and Sana.
"I hope this ancient buggy works," she joked, as she climbed in.
She closed the door from inside and gave a thumbs up.

Three weeks prior, the Itaya crew was running normal tests when the outer shell began to glow. Soon, the whole structure began to transform into a ball of energy, churning within itself and keeping the boundaries of the structure. A few moments later, it cooled, and the hatch opened on its own. Karin emerged from a completed time machine to a sea of stunned technicians.
"Good news!" She cried. "It works!"
Applause broke out in the underground cavern.
The lead tech came forward. "We have a thousand questions we would love to ask you."
"I will make you a deal," Karin replied. "Drive me to an address downtown and let me run an errand. Then I will spend the next three weeks talking to you. You can literally ask me anything."

Junta sat quietly, listening to music as he read a comic. He was totally oblivious to the blue armored, blue haired woman that entered his bedroom.
"Who...who are you?"
He stood up, and back away towards the window.
Karin unholstered her DNA gun and pointed it at Junta.
"This changes everything."
In fear, he turned around. His eyes looked across the way at his friend Ami's bedroom.
A blue haired girl, identical to the one in his room, sat naked on Ami's bed. There was no doubt in his mind that he was looking at the chest of a nude woman.
At the same moment, a warm sensation hit his back.
Junta opened his mouth to yell. Instead, he vomited on his own window.
Across the way, he could hear Ami scream.

Karin holstered her gun and left Junta's bedroom. She was going back to Gateway Park, to a crew that would soon know how to return her to the future. She was now eager to go.
Because now, there was a future.

(Thanks to @Anna for the pic of Ami).
  • dead_phone Very nice. i really liked the link to the other story of yours.
    • kotomifan Thanks. It helped that this ending slipped in so easily to that part of the Ami/ Karin story from before. I appreciate that you caught the reference.
  • Keiryu Not bad a bit more on the strange route...But hey it's always like that when Time Travel is involved
    • kotomifan I remember at the end of the manga thinking how different Karin's future would have been if she actually did her job as directed. Saving Junta simoly added another reason to get it right this time.
      • Keiryu I still say it would make no sense since the whole manga would lead to a Paradox...

        Karin comes back, Karin Kills Junta, Junta won't be Mgea Playboy, Karin won't need to Kill him, Karin won't come back, Junta Lives, Junta becomes Mega Playboy, Karin comes back, Karin Kills Junta....Etc...Etc...Etc...

        So yeah never understood the whole timetravel fandom...
        • kotomifan In this particular SimUniverse, time travel is not only a reality, but is in the hands of the young, the errorprone, and the narcissistic. A scary thought. But in the world that Karin Aoi came from, it's....plausable. Let's be glad that,so far, in our world it is not.
        • dead_phone While not in this story, time travelling is often used, when authors get to a dead-end of their history. While thoughts about time-loops might be funny, I am quiet happy, that mankind has not figured out, how to travel in time.
          • Keiryu Agreed as i see the future we have way to many retards in the near future last thing i need is one of them to go back in time and fu** things up.