1sr Person Singular (VI): I'll Have the Special
I had dropped a note on Ms. Kudo's desk when I went by, saying that I'd come by after school. When I came in, she was alone. 
She held up my pass. "Pay Takeo each month by the 5th." 
"Do you teach there?" 
"A couple of classes. Boxing, kickboxing, that kind of thing."
"Do you have a slot open for kickboxing?" 
"What can I teach you about kickboxing?" 
"The kick part, for one. I'll need that if I go into MMA." 
"It meets today, actually. I'll give you a lift there." 
I texted Kotomi that I needed to cancel our plans for later. I was hoping to cool her rather obvious clinginess between classes today, anyway, but I didn't want to be a guy about it. 
Yeah, you read that right. 

When kickboxing class was over, I approached. 
"There's a pub next door. Want to grab something to eat, Ms.Kudo? 
"It's OK to call me Akira away from school. As for the pub, their wings are OK, if you don't mind a side of sexual harrassment." 
"Oceans, then? Or that new place, Lovemore?" 
"My roommate is pulling a few shifts at the Cosplay Cafe. Ever been there?" 

The hostess greeted us at the door of the restaurant. Like the rest of the wait staff, she was in costume. 
Akira introduced us. "Sana, this is Sakura." 
"Pleased to meet you." She was dressed as Sailor Moon.
The place was full of anime and manga references, but was thankfully bare of Naruto references. Or so I thought. 
A girl approached in a cheap pink wig. "Welcome to the Cosplay Cafe. I am Sakura, and I'll be your ser..." 
Her voice trailed off as she recognized Akira. Under the cheap wig was Tomoko Saeki, and she was not happy. She was glaring at us, mostly at Akira. I knew why, but said nothing. Finally, Akira sent her away with a tea order. 

Akira became noticeably quieter after Tomoko left. I took the opportunity to read my texts, which tonight consisted of Kotomi selfies, laced with the occasional WHERE R U CALL OR TXT. I barely noticed when Akira excused herself to go to the ladies room.

After a while, I wondered what was keeping Akira. My second cup of tea triggered my need to use the ladies room. The doorknob was locked. 
"It's, it's busy right now." 
The unmistakeable voice of Tomoko Saeki came through the door.
Through the wood, I could hear her cooing in response to whatever Akira was doing to her in there. My guess was that Tomoko had her little bottoms move just low enough so Akira could get to her goods. She was probably still wearing the pink Sakura wig. And Akira was letting her fingers and tongue do the walking all up in Tomoko's business, clutching her lower half like a drowning sailor.
I guess I was a little hurt that Akira did not choose to try that with me, in a nicer, dryer place after dinner. Then I got text number one hundred eleven from Kotomi and realized how silly this all sounded. Hell, I wasn't tied down. Neither was Akira.
In fact, that Sailor Moon girl was looking good.