1st Person Singular (X): One on One
We were fairly out of cell phone range, so as we drove closer to town, the messages on our phones came in.
It was from Sana, and it had been sent to Akira. Akira briefly explained who Sana was: her roommate, model in their business venture.
Was this the time to tell her Sana and I had been lovers? I had little time to debate that, as we soon arrived at the mystic store. I gave her a long kiss goodbye and drove off.

I felt bad leaving Kotomi hanging, so I went by her house. I was told she was at the school practicing her gymnastics routine.
When I got to the entrance, I stopped cold.
Kotomi was in the gym. So was Junta. Even in the dim light, his red spiked hair was distinctive.
She was wearing her uniform shirt and stockings. I could see little else. He reached up and slipped his hand under her panty. She stopped him, as if she was waiting for something to happen.
"I can't really explain it," I heard her say. "All my life, I've shied away from intimacy because of my farting. Today, that's not happening."
Junta smiled. "The same with me and nausea. Ever since the shot, I feel... different."
She moved her hand and let him remove her panty, lifting her feet when it slid to her ankles.
They took turns on top, their nude torsoes and buns catching the dim light as they moved back and forth. Both of them were happy, deliriously happy, like they had both been given a gift. The last orgasmic gasp I heard from Kotomi sounded familiar- I had heard it while I was in the shower with her.
I felt so happy for them that I wished I could join them. Instead, I waited. I figured Kotomi would be much more willing to accept my apology once she was done. Clearly she had moved on.
Finally, the door opened.
A figure ran out the door. I recognized the hair as Junta's. I wondered what wrong, as they had seemed so happy just moments ago. Another figure passed. It was Kotomi, calling Junta's name. I looked into the gloom of the empty gym, wondering what set them off. That's when I realized there was a person still in the gym.
This person had blue hair.
And a gun.
At that moment, I could care less if Kotomi and Junta saw that I was spying on them. I just needed one of them to hear me.
"Call the cops. NOW! There's a girl in the gym with a ..."
The pain came quickly and sharply. My final thought before I passed out was seeing Kotomi's face look down on me.
Or was it faces?