1st Person Singular (XIII): Show Me Where It Hurts
I came down the stairs and met Akira and Ami in the hall. Apparently Ami was Junta's next door neighbor, so we set out for Junta's. 

I was relieved when Junta opened the door. To his surprise, I marched to his room.
"Lock the door."
He did.
"Sit over there and look at me."
He did. He also had the biggest grin in his face. I quickly realized why HE thought I was here. Poor guy. He could not be more wrong.
"Now think about Kotomi. Her face. Her hair. Her voice. Her laugh. What you two did yesterday."
He looked away, as if to avoid a bright light. When his head turned back to me, he screamed.
"I'm Kotomi!"
I turned and realized there was a mirror behind me. I reached out for his hand.
"Actually, you're not. The problem is, something in your system is telling you that you are."
I could see he was not convinced. I needed to show him, but I didn't want to just strip right in front of him. I grabbed a towel he had on the bed and excused myself to the bathroom.
I removed the scrubs. The bandage was on my belly, just above my navel.
Out of the corner of my eye, I realized that I'd left the bathroom door open. And I also realized that Junta could see everything.
I sighed. If I wasn't trying to save his life, I'd kill him!
On the other hand, there was no way to show him my wound without showing him everything else. I threw the towel around me and headed out
I watched his face turn. He was trying to hold back the throwing up. I cringed because I'd heard stories about his nausea. But I was here to help.
"I know what you're feeling, Junta. It happens to me. Here's where she shot me."
I took a deep breath and pinched the ends of the towel. I moved the wrapping apart and stood naked in front of him.
To his credit, his eyes went to the wound first. OK, third.
"Does...does it hurt?"
"Stings like hell."
He took a step forward and knelt before me. His finger brushed slowly along the gauze. Then it touched skin. He continued to trace down, past my belly button.
It was then that I realized I was trembling.
His fingertip was not through exploring yet. It lightly grazed over my pubes, then started traveling further south. I bent my knees, ever so slightly, to let him in.
I could feel myself embracing his fingertip as he eased his way along. Wow, that felt good. But I wanted more.

I eyed the bed behind him and moved away from his fingers. I lay on the bed behind him, pulled my knees up, placed the soles of my feet on the bed, and waited for him to turn around.
His body turned. But it was Ryuuji's face that was now staring at my inner thighs.
I'm not sure who screamed first. Or loudest.
This just got weird.
I grabbed my towel and ran to the bathroom. A moment later, I heard him knock at the door.
"What do we do now?"
"I don't know." I replied. "But we have to find that blue girl. This has got to stop."

Ami and Kotomi met us out front. 
"So what can we do?" Kotomi asked. "Go to the police?"
"I don't think they'd believe us," Ami said.
"They might if we had the gun. Or her."
Junta stood up. "She told me her old home is in the slums. Near the pub and the new gym."
"We need to find her," Ami agreed. "And we'll need weapons and people." 
"Did you drive here?" I asked Kotomi.
"Did you bring your phone? And your gym bag?"
If she did, we had rope and clubs.
"Let's go to the mystic shop first." I advised. "We'll need all the help we can get."