1st Person Singular (XIV): Come Together
(Recap: Sakura, a female "player", has charmed her way into the heart and the bed of Akira Kudo, not to mention a few others. Now she and her friends are banding together to stop a blue haired girl from messing with their identities. Thirteen chapters have been written. We start as Sakura, Ami, and Junta climb into Tomoko's car to find Sana.)

Junta had called shotgun, so Ami and I climbed in the back of Tokomi's car. She slipped into the driver's seat, and we headed out.
As the car passed the park, Tokomi playfully reached for Junta's hand.
He pulled it away.
A moment later, she tried again, with the same result.
She stopped the car. "What's wrong?"
I knew what the problem was. His fingers smelled like...me. I watched Kotomi's smile disappear and Junta's complexion turn red and green. I had to say something.
"You know, everybody in this car has seen me naked. And Kotomi, he's not nearly as good at fingering me as you are."
Kotomi and Junta stared at me, then at each other. Then they started laughing. He held out his pointer finger. Kotomi gave his finger a very sensual kiss.
Ami did not seem as happy. "I had no idea Junta had been so...busy lately."
"Do you want to know a secret?"
I turned her away so she couldn't see Junta and Tomoko making out up front.
"When he was touching me, he thought I was you."
"Figures. He's never laid a finger on me."
Something possessed me to kiss her at that moment. Something else caused her to return my kiss. And that same devil magic must have taken her top off, too. I explored every inch that she let me, paying close attention to her tummy as I silently dared her to go further. But just as I was about to free her from the rest of her garments, we arrived at our destination.

We pulled into the parking lot of the mystic shop.
Sana greeted me with a hug. 
"Do you know where Akira is?"
"In back, but..."
All of us tried to walk back. Sana tried to stop us.
"You can't go back there."
"Why not?"
I could see her grabbing for answers. "There's, um, not enough room. Just you. Come with me."

Akira sat at a console next to a man I did not know.
The man in the chair introduced himself.
"My name is SimMan. I run a security firm. We have surveillance footage of the girl who I think you're looking for."
He pointed to a screen. It was badly lit, but I recognized the walls in back as our school gym.
"She has set up an abandoned garage in the slums as the home for her spherical craft. We assume she sleeps there."
"So we can just go get her?"
"Not so fast."
He zoomed in on the location, in the alley just behind the pub and the gym.
"Something that sophisticated probably has an alarm or defense system. We'll either need to catch her outside or penetrate the defenses."
"Well, doea she leave it to eat?" I asked.
"Let me check."
A few mouse clicks later, he had the answer.
"Prerty regularly, apparently. She cases out the mall food court and convenience store at dawn and at closing."
"Can you print that out?" I asked.
"Great. We need a plan to make sure she can't get away."