Lessons Learned

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  • 1st Person Singular (XVI-d): The Karin Ending
    I heard the shot, and quickly checked myself for any new damage.
    I looked at Junta, who was doing the same.
    "Are you OK?" I asked.
    "Never better," he replied.
    I turned to see a very tired looking Ryuuji staring back at me.
    "I'm sorry about earlier."
    "It's OK. Looks like your temper had a little bit of help."
    I looked beyond him to see Tomoko cowering in her teacher's arms.
    "Tomoko," I called out. "It's okay. He needs you."

    Ami and Sana had the blue girl cornered.
    "Let me go." She protested.
    Akira walked over to where she was. "Can you, at least, tell me why you did this?"
    "It's my mission. I'm supposed to go back in time, find Junta, and create a Megaplayboy. He will be the father of a hundred."
    "And what about Ryuuji and Sakura?"
    "The virus will go away in a day like a bad cold."

    I saw Junta lift Kotomi from the floor; she embraced him as if she had been gone forever. He led her by the hand where Tomoko sat, brushing the hair of a still stunned Ryuuji.
    Junta then walked over to the crowd that had gathered around the blue girl. She still held the gun at arms length.
    "You know," he began. "You never asked me if I WANTED to be a Megaplayboy."
    The blue girl seemed confused. "Wouldn't everybody want to be a Megaplayboy?"
    "Not necessarily. And when you started shooting people, you didn't give any of us a choice. You were one shot away from urning Sakura or Ryuuji into me. A super-me, apparently, but still. What would that have meant for me? What would my future have been?"
    "I never thought of that."
    "Then I will. Sakura, do you want to turn into a man and impregnate 100 women?"
    I laughed. "Um, no, not really."
    "Me neither."
    The blue girl did not laugh. "Then you leave me no choice."
    Before any of us could do anything, she drew the gun back to her chest, put the barrel to her belly, and fired twice.
    The gun fell to the ground as she collapsed.
    Akira rushed forward to help her.
    "I need a sheet. A towel. Something!"
    Kotomi came forward with her gym bag. "I have a towel in here."
    "Thanks. Hold her head up."
    Kotomi cradled the girl's head in her arms. The girl moaned and winced from the pain. As she reached for her head, spiky dark hair began to appear on her scalp.
    "What's happening to her?" Kotomi asked.
    The blue figure writhed in the multiple agonies of injury and transformation.
    The ambulance crew arrived.
    "What do we have here?" The first tech asked.
    Akira shook her head. "I'm not sure where to start."

    Akira and I looked on as the ambulance crew did their work.
    I felt her fingers run through my hair.
    "I...I didn't know that she would..."
    "How could you?"
    Akira gave me a big hug.
    "Would you have loved me, if I was a man?"
    "As a man, yes. As a man with a hundred lovers, I'm not so sure."
    "I'm glad we'll never find out."
    She gave me a squeeze as she released her hug.
    I moved close to her ear.
    "I have this urge to strip you naked and sponge you clean."
    "I won't stop you."
    "Let's go."

    Ami went back over to where the contraption was. The futuristic orb looked out of place in the old building.
    Takeo was still there, looking bored.
    "She's not coming back."
    "I heard."
    "Have you figured it out yet? How to get in?"
    She took out her phone and started walking around. "Do you mind if I take pictures and take notes?"
    "Not at all. In fact, I need to get back to the gym. Take all the time you need."
    Oh, I will, she thought. "Thanks!"
    • dead_phone This is a very interesting approach... four simultaneous endings with somewhat different outcome. [50409,kotomifan] what is your profession? You are an talented writer, maybe you should/could consider becoming an author.
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  • 1st Person Singular (XVI-c): The Junta Ending
    I heard the shot, and quickly checked myself for any new damage.
    I looked at Junta, who was now gazing at his arms in utter astonishment.
    "Are you OK?" I asked.
    "Never better," he replied in a voice that was not entirely his. He was straining to not split the seams of his clothes.
    The boy was vanishing before my eyes, as a very attractive man took his place. The people that had been hiding behind overturned tables found the strength to come forward. Especially the young girls and ladies. I could see why- he had a sparkle I had seen only once before. And that may have had something to do with the moment that I lay naked on his bed, knees bent in his direction. If only he hadn't "turned" into Ryuuji at that moment!
    Behind me, I heard a chair clatter. I turned to see a very tired looking Ryuuji staring back at me. I looked beyond him to see Tomoko cowering in her teacher's arms.
    "Tomoko," Junta called out. "It's okay. He needs you."

    Ami had tackled the blue girl. Sana had retrieved her gun and now was pointing it at her.
    "Let me up." She protested.
    Akira bent down to where she was. "Can you, at least, tell me why you did this?"
    "It's my mission. I'm supposed to go back in time and create a SuperPlayboy. He will be the father of a hundred."
    "And what about Ryuuji and Sakura?"
    "The virus will go away in a day like a bad cold."
    I overheard. That may be so, I thought. But the pain and the hallucinations will be in my memories forever.

    I saw Junta lift Kotomi from the floor; she embraced him as if she had been gone forever. He led her by the hand where Tomoko sat, brushing the hair of a still stunned Ryuuji.
    Junta held Ryuuji's head in his hands and looked in his eyes. I think he only meant Ryuuji to hear the thoughts he was putting in his head, but I took them to heart anyway.

    Ami had held down the blue girl until the police arrived. The girl was carrying on about needing to return to the future. But I had a feeling the local police had some questions for her.
    Akira and I looked on as the police did their work.
    I felt her fingers run through my hair.
    "I need a shower." I mumbled.
    "How about a bath?"
    "Agreed." I smiled.
    "I know just the place."
  • 1st Person Singular (XVI-b): The Ryuuji Ending
    I heard the scream, then the guttural roar, of Ryuuji, clutching his shoulder.
    I looked at Junta, who was now gazing at him in utter astonishment.
    "Are you OK?" he asked.
    Behind me, I heard a chair clatter. I turned to see a very angry looking Ryuuji staring back at me. 
    My head hurt. It was like I was standing next to a speaker at a concert. without even thinking about it, I could hear him. As could many others- I saw
    I looked beyond him to see Tomoko cowering in her teacher's arms.
    Tomoko seemed to loosen her grip on Akira, who fought to keep her close. I turned back to see Ryuuji, and saw...a monster.
    His head unfurled two horns as his face grew bony. He reached out with his good arm to will Tomoko toward him. Akira's actions to slow her down displeased him, so he reached out with his recently wounded arm.
    A painful cry shot from his mouth. I realized that he was bleeding badly.
    Tomoko broke free of Akira. Ryuuji, his transformation incomplete, fell to his knees. His two wounds oozed fluid, and he winced as he tried to cover them in his hands.

    Ami had tackled the blue girl. Sana had retrieved her gun and now was pointing it at her.
    "Let me up." She protested.
    Akira bent down to where she was. "Can you, at least, tell me why you did this?"
    "It's my mission. I'm supposed to go back in time and create a SuperPlayboy. He will be the father of a hundred."
    I overheard. "Well. That ain't happening."
    "What have you done?" demanded Akira.
    "His body is reacting to both wounds. The DNA in the rounds is messing with his body."
    "So what happens next?"
    We all turned to see Tomoko, knees bent, brush the hair of Ryuuji. The handsome athlete of a few moments ago was no more. The girl that he had cried out for, reached down and held his corpse in her arms.
    I turned my gaze to the blue girl.
    "You did this. To me. To Junta and Ryuuji. Can you fix this?"
    "I only shot you once," she replied. "Your symptoms will go away like a bad cold in a few days. The virus needs two shots with a day between. One is not enough; two on the same day is..."
    "I have one bullet left," she offered. "You could become the MegaPlayboy."
    "No thanks."

    Junta had walked away to help Kotomi up. Ami had held down the blue girl until the police arrived.
    Akira and I looked on as the police did their work. Tomoko had let go of his hand, but she sat by his side.
    "She really did love him," I said.
    "I know," Akira replied. "I could never change that."
    I put my arm around her. "Now, you don't have to."
    She turned to me and kissed me, gently. "You're right."
    I felt her fingers run through my hair.
    "You need a shower."
    "How about a bath?"
    "Agreed." She smiled. "I know just the place."
  • 1st Person Singular (XVI-a): The Sakura Ending
    It happened all at once.
    Suddenly, everything ached, as if I had shin splints, but in every bone in my body.
    I looked at Junta, who was now gazing at me in utter astonishment.
    "Are you OK?" I asked.
    "I am," he replied. He continued to stare at me.
    "What's wrong?"
    "You were shot. Are you turning into...me?"
    "What do you mean?"
    He took my picture with his phone, and turned it back to me. I saw Junta, straining to not split the seams of my clothes.
    "Oh. My. God."
    Behind me, I heard a chair clatter. I turned to see a very tired looking Ryuuji staring back at me.
    Without even thinking about it, I could read his mind.
    I looked beyond him to see Tomoko cowering in her teacher's arms.
    "Tomoko," I called out. "It's okay. He needs you."

    Ami had tackled the blue girl. Sana had retrieved her gun and now was pointing it at her.
    "Let me up." She protested.
    Akira bent down to where she was. "Can you, at least, tell me why you did this?"
    "It's my mission. I'm supposed to go back in time and create a SuperPlayboy. He will be the father of a hundred."
    I overheard.
    "Well. That ain't happening."
    She looked at me. "Wait a minute. What?"
    I looked briefly at my new hands and body before answering. "Because this isn't me. I don't know how to be this superfreak you made me into. And I'm not going to spend my days creating some master race. In fact, I don't know what my future holds."
    Akira stood up . "Maybe I can help."
    She gave me a deep kiss.
    I broke away. "But I'm a man now. Aren't you repulsed by me?"
    "No, because I know your heart. And I know your soul. As long as I know what's inside you, I'll never leave."
    I returned her embrace. Over her shoulder, I saw Junta lift Kotomi from the floor, and Tomoko brush the hair of a still stunned Ryuuji.
    I turned my gaze to the blue girl, who I now knew went by Karin. She was thinking that she had failed.
    No you didn't, my mind told her mind. Now go home.
  • 1st Person Singular (XV): There Can Be Only One
    The four of us devised a plan to confront her at the mall after hours. Ami and SimMan would monitor the feed. Akira talked her boss Takeo into standing near the garage in case the girl slipped by us and came back. We figured the dumpster near Ami's family's restaurant was her likely first target. The alley offered only two ways out: back to the street or through the mall's food court service entrance.

    The blue haired girl made her way out of the old garage. Two black clad figures waited until the girl had turned the corner to enter the door she had exited.
    From his console, SimMan watched her walk down the street. Had she looked over, she might have seen Ami, Kotomi, Junta and me lurking in the shadows. Akira and Sana were ahead of us in the food court.
    I waited until I thought she was cornered.
    "This is as far as you go, lady."
    She turned around quickly, practically running me over.
    She looked at my face.
    "I shot you already."
    "Yes, I know."
    "So one more shot, and you are the Megaplayboy."
    "I'm sorry. The what?"
    The girl's next instinct was to go for her gun. Fortunately, I had the same idea. We both grabbed for the gun.
    It went off.
    A scream came from the parking lot.
    "My God. Ryuuji!"

    I turned to see Tomoko helping Ryuuji to a bench. The blue haired girl wriggled free and headed into the mall. Ami and Kotomi followed.
    I approached Tomoko.
    "How is he?"
    Ryuuji turned and looked at me. I have never seen such an angry look on anyone.
    I paused, and glanced at Tomoko.
    Junta looked back at me. "Come on!"
    I made one last attempt to help Tomoko, but was too late. Ryuuji rose up and threw her over his shoulder.
    He entered the main food court from the front door, angrily yelling at customers and turning over tables.
    Terrorized people scrambled for the exits as the lone figure held his arms up. Tomoko struggled as Ryuuji held her in one arm.
    "What's he saying?" Junta asked.
    "He's yelling Tomoko. Over and over again."
    "But isn't that Tomoko?"
    "It is. But he's really confused right now."
    I knew the feeling.
    I turned to Sana.
    "Do you know where I can find black wigs?"
    "I need to look like Tomoko. We've got to calm him down or he'll go even more nuts."
    From the front of the store, I heard Kotomi cry out, "I've got just the right outfit."
    A few moments later, we left for the shop.

    Ryuuji was a muddled mess in the center of the mall. Overturned tables and chairs were everywhere.
    He held Tomoko in his arm. Her torn clothes and smeared makeup illustrated her misery. The struggle had exhausted her, and she hung rather limply.
    I walked forward.
    "It's me, Ryuuji. It's all right."
    A few more steps.
    He looked up. His face was red.
    "I'm a monster, Tomoko. Help me."
    I put my arms out. The confident athlete was a shell. The real Tomoko fell away like a rag doll. He took a step forward.
    And grabbed my wig.
    "WHO ARE YOU???!!!!!"
    It was a guttural, beastly, voice. His face turned dark red as his hand held my wig aloft, like a scalp. 
    Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Tomoko scramble behind a table. She was safe.
    Behind me, I heard Kotomi scream out. "Back away, Sakura!"
    "I can't!"
    "You have to! She got out! She's here! She's..."
    I looked back just long enough to see Kotomi get knocked out.
    The blue girl came up from behind Kotomi. The armor and cloak she had on covered her body.
    "Move away from Junta!" She ordered. The futuristic gun was now pointed right at me.

    Junta stood like a statue, two feet from me. I turned to Ryuuji. 
    "Ryuuji, it's me. Sakura. Can you hear me?"
    I hoped that nod meant yes. He tossed aside the wig and stared blankly, as if the blue girl's gun had sucked all the rage from him. He looked calm, almost asleep on his feet.
    "You, me, and Junta all have been shot. Our bodies are confused. So are our minds. But if we get help we'll be OK. Do you want help?"
    He nodded.
    I saw my lover and teacher come to the edge of the table pile. "Please, call the cops. And call an ambulance."
    "Noooooo!" Karin aimed towards the three of us and fired.
  • 1st Person Singular (XIV): Come Together
    (Recap: Sakura, a female "player", has charmed her way into the heart and the bed of Akira Kudo, not to mention a few others. Now she and her friends are banding together to stop a blue haired girl from messing with their identities. Thirteen chapters have been written. We start as Sakura, Ami, and Junta climb into Tomoko's car to find Sana.)

    Junta had called shotgun, so Ami and I climbed in the back of Tokomi's car. She slipped into the driver's seat, and we headed out.
    As the car passed the park, Tokomi playfully reached for Junta's hand.
    He pulled it away.
    A moment later, she tried again, with the same result.
    She stopped the car. "What's wrong?"
    I knew what the problem was. His fingers smelled like...me. I watched Kotomi's smile disappear and Junta's complexion turn red and green. I had to say something.
    "You know, everybody in this car has seen me naked. And Kotomi, he's not nearly as good at fingering me as you are."
    Kotomi and Junta stared at me, then at each other. Then they started laughing. He held out his pointer finger. Kotomi gave his finger a very sensual kiss.
    Ami did not seem as happy. "I had no idea Junta had been so...busy lately."
    "Do you want to know a secret?"
    I turned her away so she couldn't see Junta and Tomoko making out up front.
    "When he was touching me, he thought I was you."
    "Figures. He's never laid a finger on me."
    Something possessed me to kiss her at that moment. Something else caused her to return my kiss. And that same devil magic must have taken her top off, too. I explored every inch that she let me, paying close attention to her tummy as I silently dared her to go further. But just as I was about to free her from the rest of her garments, we arrived at our destination.

    We pulled into the parking lot of the mystic shop.
    Sana greeted me with a hug. 
    "Do you know where Akira is?"
    "In back, but..."
    All of us tried to walk back. Sana tried to stop us.
    "You can't go back there."
    "Why not?"
    I could see her grabbing for answers. "There's, um, not enough room. Just you. Come with me."

    Akira sat at a console next to a man I did not know.
    The man in the chair introduced himself.
    "My name is SimMan. I run a security firm. We have surveillance footage of the girl who I think you're looking for."
    He pointed to a screen. It was badly lit, but I recognized the walls in back as our school gym.
    "She has set up an abandoned garage in the slums as the home for her spherical craft. We assume she sleeps there."
    "So we can just go get her?"
    "Not so fast."
    He zoomed in on the location, in the alley just behind the pub and the gym.
    "Something that sophisticated probably has an alarm or defense system. We'll either need to catch her outside or penetrate the defenses."
    "Well, doea she leave it to eat?" I asked.
    "Let me check."
    A few mouse clicks later, he had the answer.
    "Prerty regularly, apparently. She cases out the mall food court and convenience store at dawn and at closing."
    "Can you print that out?" I asked.
    "Great. We need a plan to make sure she can't get away."
  • 1st Person Singular (XIII): Show Me Where It Hurts
    I came down the stairs and met Akira and Ami in the hall. Apparently Ami was Junta's next door neighbor, so we set out for Junta's. 

    I was relieved when Junta opened the door. To his surprise, I marched to his room.
    "Lock the door."
    He did.
    "Sit over there and look at me."
    He did. He also had the biggest grin in his face. I quickly realized why HE thought I was here. Poor guy. He could not be more wrong.
    "Now think about Kotomi. Her face. Her hair. Her voice. Her laugh. What you two did yesterday."
    He looked away, as if to avoid a bright light. When his head turned back to me, he screamed.
    "I'm Kotomi!"
    I turned and realized there was a mirror behind me. I reached out for his hand.
    "Actually, you're not. The problem is, something in your system is telling you that you are."
    I could see he was not convinced. I needed to show him, but I didn't want to just strip right in front of him. I grabbed a towel he had on the bed and excused myself to the bathroom.
    I removed the scrubs. The bandage was on my belly, just above my navel.
    Out of the corner of my eye, I realized that I'd left the bathroom door open. And I also realized that Junta could see everything.
    I sighed. If I wasn't trying to save his life, I'd kill him!
    On the other hand, there was no way to show him my wound without showing him everything else. I threw the towel around me and headed out
    I watched his face turn. He was trying to hold back the throwing up. I cringed because I'd heard stories about his nausea. But I was here to help.
    "I know what you're feeling, Junta. It happens to me. Here's where she shot me."
    I took a deep breath and pinched the ends of the towel. I moved the wrapping apart and stood naked in front of him.
    To his credit, his eyes went to the wound first. OK, third.
    "Does...does it hurt?"
    "Stings like hell."
    He took a step forward and knelt before me. His finger brushed slowly along the gauze. Then it touched skin. He continued to trace down, past my belly button.
    It was then that I realized I was trembling.
    His fingertip was not through exploring yet. It lightly grazed over my pubes, then started traveling further south. I bent my knees, ever so slightly, to let him in.
    I could feel myself embracing his fingertip as he eased his way along. Wow, that felt good. But I wanted more.

    I eyed the bed behind him and moved away from his fingers. I lay on the bed behind him, pulled my knees up, placed the soles of my feet on the bed, and waited for him to turn around.
    His body turned. But it was Ryuuji's face that was now staring at my inner thighs.
    I'm not sure who screamed first. Or loudest.
    This just got weird.
    I grabbed my towel and ran to the bathroom. A moment later, I heard him knock at the door.
    "What do we do now?"
    "I don't know." I replied. "But we have to find that blue girl. This has got to stop."

    Ami and Kotomi met us out front. 
    "So what can we do?" Kotomi asked. "Go to the police?"
    "I don't think they'd believe us," Ami said.
    "They might if we had the gun. Or her."
    Junta stood up. "She told me her old home is in the slums. Near the pub and the new gym."
    "We need to find her," Ami agreed. "And we'll need weapons and people." 
    "Did you drive here?" I asked Kotomi.
    "Did you bring your phone? And your gym bag?"
    If she did, we had rope and clubs.
    "Let's go to the mystic shop first." I advised. "We'll need all the help we can get."
  • 1st Person Singular (XII): Going Up or Going Down?
    My thoughts cleared for a moment, long enough to remember the gym. Junta had run out of there like he had seen a ghost. I quickly decided to see Junta. The shot must have done something to me. And, to him. He might be the only other person on the planet that was as confused as me.
    I remembered Ami's words about Junta returning to class, so I talked Akira into driving me back to school. But Akira's driving was not fast enough. By the time I arrived, class was letting out. I looked around desperately for Junta; somebody else found me first.

    I turned around to see Tomoko. She did not seemed really pleased to see me.
    "Sakura Ozaki?"
    "We need to talk. Alone."

    I followed her up to the roof. I marched right behind her, even though alarm bells were going off in my head.
    She turned and looked at me, with a look that was almost as sad as mad.
    "I should kill you right now."
    I was stunned. "Why?"
    "I talked with Ryuuji, and I want to know. Who told you that I like it when people go down on me? Was it Kotomi? Ami? Mako? Tell me!"
    In anger, I spat back, "It was Ms. Kudo!"
    "YOU were with Akira?"
    "You were."
    Her jaw dropped.
    Realizing that I had just ratted myself out, I told her the truth. Almost.
    "I came by her classroom and saw the two of you together. It seemed like you liked it."
    She seemed quite touched by my confession. She closed her eyes as I spoke; she seemed like she was drifting back to those moments.
    "You really liked it. You were so open, and she spent so much time down there."
    I came close to her ear.
    "I can do that for you. Right here, right now."
    I kissed her.
    Her face blushed.
    "Please. Please do."
    I started by unbuttoning her shirt.
    She returned my kisses, moaned as I gently buzzed her tits, and even giggled a bit when I stopped at her tummy. And even I was pleasantly surprised at how sweet she tasted. It was like going down on a honeycomb. She had shaved her pubes out of the way, and everything looked and smelled perfect. I could have spent all day down there. And I don't think she would have minded. I didn't even mind her yelling out as she came.
    And wow, did she ever.
  • 1st Person Singular (XI): Not Myself Today
    When I woke up, I saw a nurse at my bedside.
    "You're awake. And you look a lot better."
    I blinked a few times. Nothing looked familiar.
    "You're in the hospital. You were shot."
    I stared upwards as she looked under the bandage. "You could hardly tell. Seriously, you look really, really good."
    Was she flirting with me? I decided to respond with something witty and romantic.
    "You, too. Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?"
    Holy crap. Where did THAT come from? And did I have a sore throat?

    I lay there, listening to the machines. I wished today was like yesterday. In the cabin, naked to the world, Akira's attention focused on my pleasure and I on hers.
    I felt so lucky. Especially compared to poor Tomoko. Bakers are probably more gentle with dough than Ryuuji was with Tomoko's body. And no coochie kissing? What's up with that?
    Instead, Ryuuji just dropped the clothes as soon as he could. I gave him credit- he wasn't bad looking. In fact, I wish I had his abs.

    I was not tied down to my bed, so I got up to use the bathroom. I thought for a minute I walked in on somebody, as the image on the mirror was not me.
    I stopped and looked again.
    The very confused face of Ryuuji stared back at me.
    Instinctively, I ripped open my hospital gown. My tits were masculine, as was the well defined muscle wall where my stomach used to be. But to the monstrosity I saw below me, I only had one question. Please tell me that's just an oversized clit.

    I held my gown closed as I exited the bathroom. I walked out into the hall just as Akira was coming towards my room. She saw my face.
    "What's wrong?" She asked.
    I was incredulous.
    "What's wrong? You must be joking. Look at me!"
    With that, I threw my tattered hospital gown open. At that moment, all the chatting and moving equipment in the hallway stopped. A dozen eyes focused on me as I realized that all my lady parts were exactly where they were supposed to be. If I had any doubt, I could ask any one of the people staring at my breasts and bush.
    The only one not smiling about it was Akira.
    "Go back in your room." She ordered, in her most teacher-sounding voice. And like any good student, I listened.
  • 1st Person Singular (X): One on One
    We were fairly out of cell phone range, so as we drove closer to town, the messages on our phones came in.
    It was from Sana, and it had been sent to Akira. Akira briefly explained who Sana was: her roommate, model in their business venture.
    Was this the time to tell her Sana and I had been lovers? I had little time to debate that, as we soon arrived at the mystic store. I gave her a long kiss goodbye and drove off.

    I felt bad leaving Kotomi hanging, so I went by her house. I was told she was at the school practicing her gymnastics routine.
    When I got to the entrance, I stopped cold.
    Kotomi was in the gym. So was Junta. Even in the dim light, his red spiked hair was distinctive.
    She was wearing her uniform shirt and stockings. I could see little else. He reached up and slipped his hand under her panty. She stopped him, as if she was waiting for something to happen.
    "I can't really explain it," I heard her say. "All my life, I've shied away from intimacy because of my farting. Today, that's not happening."
    Junta smiled. "The same with me and nausea. Ever since the shot, I feel... different."
    She moved her hand and let him remove her panty, lifting her feet when it slid to her ankles.
    They took turns on top, their nude torsoes and buns catching the dim light as they moved back and forth. Both of them were happy, deliriously happy, like they had both been given a gift. The last orgasmic gasp I heard from Kotomi sounded familiar- I had heard it while I was in the shower with her.
    I felt so happy for them that I wished I could join them. Instead, I waited. I figured Kotomi would be much more willing to accept my apology once she was done. Clearly she had moved on.
    Finally, the door opened.
    A figure ran out the door. I recognized the hair as Junta's. I wondered what wrong, as they had seemed so happy just moments ago. Another figure passed. It was Kotomi, calling Junta's name. I looked into the gloom of the empty gym, wondering what set them off. That's when I realized there was a person still in the gym.
    This person had blue hair.
    And a gun.
    At that moment, I could care less if Kotomi and Junta saw that I was spying on them. I just needed one of them to hear me.
    "Call the cops. NOW! There's a girl in the gym with a ..."
    The pain came quickly and sharply. My final thought before I passed out was seeing Kotomi's face look down on me.
    Or was it faces?
  • 1st Person Singular (IX): Cabin Fever
    The shore parking was a little crowded, so we grabbed some yakitori at the snack bar. She drove until we saw signs for the trail.
    After ten minutes of hiking, we agreed to stop at an empty cabin to eat our food and sip wine. We sat next to each other on the front stoop.
    "Why did you want to come here?" She asked.
    "Less waitresses."
    "Odd place for a first date."
    "You're counting Cosplay Cafe?"
    "It depends," I said, coming closer. "I usually don't kiss on the first date."
    She took the hint and kissed me.
    "Too bad the cabin is not open."
    "Let me check."
    I took a brief walk around the cabin.
    I went to the back, jimmied the window, and climbed in. A minute later, I opened the front door.
    The cabin was spare. A sink, a counter, a table. And a futon. We quickly configured the futon as a bed. I watched her watch me remove my clothes.
    I lay on the futon; it smelled of the woods, of campfires and long rains.
    Remembering her preference, I let her go down on me first. It took only a moment to know why Tomoko spent her afternoons in that classroom. Compared to her in-and-out boyfriend, Akira was all about soft. She lay down next to me, her gorgeous body draped only in a white shirt. Her tongue slid down my titty to my belly, danced with my clit, lathered my lips, and left no part of my nethers untouched. Free of worrying about prying eyes or curious ears, I screamed out my bliss at the wood log roof, with its ancient ceiling fan staring back down at us.
    Wanting to be just as generous, I gladly dove into her red muff. She broke from giving me pleasure to revel in her own. She resumed her explorations of my vag and there we were, a nude, eight limbed creature, its two heads devouring itself, bringing upon wave after wave of pleasure. We writhed and wriggled as one; our gyrations released the scents stored in the mattress, letting them mingle with our sweat and our musk.
    When we finally slowed down, I lay my head on her belly and let her stroke my hair.
    "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?" She whispered. "Thou art more lovely and more temperate."
    I smiled. Nobody had ever called me lovely before.
    "If I could, I'd repeat this day, over and over. Or maybe just spend forever right here."
    "We'll need to eat and drink at some point."
    I rolled over and looked at her. She had put her glasses back on.
    "I could just nibble on you for a while." I moved up close enough so that I could reach her left breast. I enclosed her nipple with my mouth, letting my tongue roll over it. I felt her body relax and her knees part. She moaned as she let two of my fingers in. She stroked my back as I moved to her right breast and took it in. The stroking became a clench as we both enjoyed her latest orgasm.
    I looked through her glasses into her eyes. "If we can't repeat this day," I requested. "Let's make today last as long as possible."
  • 1st Person Singular (VIII): Schooling Ryuuji
    One thing about getting laid- it takes the edge off of whatever it is that you're angry about. Still, I wanted to do something to Tomoko that did not get Akira in trouble.
    The answer was right in front of me, as it turns out. Ryuuji and Tomoko walked in, arm in arm, just like the young lovers they were. As it happens, Ryuuji and I go to lunch at the same time.

    I stopped him short of the door to the cafeteria. "Could you help me with something in the theatre?"
    Miraculously, he agreed.
    Soon we were onstage, moving chairs around at random. I decided we were done.
    "Just wanted to say thanks."
    I pulled his head close to mine and kissed him. Not surprisingly, he kissed back. Also not surprisingly, his foreplay consisted of how quickly he could get us naked. His hands were everywhere, slipping my uniform off and rolling my panties down. I had to help him out to avoid losing buttons. No attention to my neck, torso, or legs, not even my tits. Just kiss, kiss, turn around, bend over, bang, bang. I was thinking, hey, it's sex. Wouldn't you want to enjoy it longer? No, this freaking athlete here is going for a speed record. And then he tried to put the tip right at my back door. As if!
    I cleverly retrieved my smartphone and I took a quick selfie of the two of us in that position. It was time for the other shoe to fall.
    "You know who would love this?" I asked. "Tomoko."
    His expression changed. "You're not going to tell her, are you?"
    "Tell her? Ryuuji, I want her to join us. You where you are. Me here. And her juicy little pie slice right where I can lick it. I hope I do a good a job on her as Ms. Kudo does during her after school specials."
    He looked stunned. "Wait a minute. What?"
    I turned around and put my hands on my hips.
    "Oh, come on. It's no big deal. It's just girls getting lunch at the Y."
    Hell, I was already naked. And a tongue's a tongue.
    "You try it."
    But Ryuuji looked like I offered him a dead octopus. The great swim team captain, squeamish about giving head?
    I laughed and started putting on my clothes.
    "I tell you what. It's your choice. You can have her meet us at the pool deep end, right after school. Or, I'll invite her."
    "No, no, no." He was now scrambling to get dressed. "I'll do it."

    A swimsuit is one piece of cloth away from being naked. By my estimate, it only took Tomoko a few seconds to remove hers, to prove to her on again boyfriend that she could not possibly be doing anything with her teacher. Or me. It took even less time for Ryuuji to forget why he was mad. Just like with me, he was coming in from behind. Except this time, Tomoko let him. He clung to her breasts as they rutted furiously by the high dive.
    Akira and I watched them from the safety of the guard shack, through the blinds.
    "I knew it," she sighed.
    We filed slowly out of the locker room. Yeah, it was probably a crappy thing to do. About on the level of leaving one person at the table while you go diddle another in the ladies room.
    "What do I do now?" She asked.
    "Blue mountain."
    "I heard it's a sad place."
    "Not if you bring wine."
  • 1st Person Singular (VII): Cheap Thrills
    I waited until Sana had settled back at her station. 
    "Can I help you?" 
    "Yeah, I seem to have lost my dinner companion. Did she leave?" 
    I knew the answer. I was looking for a little sympathy. 
    "I don't think so." 
    "Well, I could use someone to talk to. When's your shift end?" 
    "Here's my number. I'll be at the corner shop, a block down." 

    Sana joined me a few minutes after eleven. I had tea waiting for her. 
    She was no longer dressed as Sailor Moon, but her hair had not changed. 
    She was immediately apologetic. 
    "Honestly, I did not mean for that to happen. I thought it would be cute that you'd have thekura as your waitress, and it was Tomoko's turn."
    That explains the wig.
    "Akira came out to me about five minutes after you left, looking for you." 
    I shrugged. "How do you know her?" 
    "Long story. We're roommates. And we're in business together. I model, she guides me through."
    "Do you like modeling?" 
    "It's OK. The trouble with me and modeling is that I like a lot of guy things. I was way into manga and cosplay well before I dressed the part for work. And I like baseball and beer and hikings and..."
    "Yes. No. Sometimes. I don't know." 
    I saw an opening. I also saw that the corner store sold twelve packs of toilet paper. 
    "Let's do something fun. Ever model anything...artsy?" 
    "Just bathing suits and casual clothes, so far."
    "Nothing really outrageous? Avant garde?"
    "Like what?"
    "I saw online where people make wedding dresses from wrapping toilet paper. Then, when you're done, you trash the dress like the divorced people do. Want to try it?"
    I bought the paper and talked her into getting wine. We figured we could not go to her place, because Akira and Tomoko might be there, so we went to the mystic store.
    I went first to demonstrate. Stripping to my undies, I spun around slowly, letting her drape my torso in paper. 
    She laughed. "I have a dress like this!"
    It was her turn. I guess she did not wear a bra to work, because she was topless when she started. To her credit, her creation looked like a really cute minidress. 
    "Now what?" 
    "We take them off. You either strip them off slowly to save the paper, or trash them." 
    "Trash mine." 
    I dont usually waste good wine. Fortunately she did not buy good wine. A quick exchange of red wine tossing quickly ate into what we were wearing. When her paper bustier failed to give way, I dribbled some more wine on it. She reached under the bustline, tearing it from her body. 
    Before she started her next dress, I saw that she also removed her panties. But before I could say anything, she was wrapping herself up again. As she finished, I got naked. 
    "OK, now me," I directed.
    She was a bit messier this time with the paper. I had fluffy sleeves, a tight bust, and a hemline that barely covered my butt. 
    She was happy with her work. "We look like a lesbian wedding." 
    "Well, when in Lesbos, do what the lesbians do." I smiled. "You may kiss the bride." 
    I puckered up, and enjoyed a lingering kiss from Sana. When we finished, I promptly got a cheap glass of red wine down my front for my troubles. 
    I grabbed the bottle, and poured some between her tits. As the line of red came through the paper, I tore the front of her dress. She pawed at mine until we stood naked, face to face. 
    There would be no third round. Our next kiss was a mess of tongues and wine and paper. There would be many more. At one point, I grabbed her hip and lowered her to the floor. I went to taste her, only to discover she was already tasting me. I teased her with my finger; she teased me with two. 
    As we finally collapsed in each others arms, I heard her say the sweetest thing. 
    "Oh shit. I have to clean this up."
  • 1sr Person Singular (VI): I'll Have the Special
    I had dropped a note on Ms. Kudo's desk when I went by, saying that I'd come by after school. When I came in, she was alone. 
    She held up my pass. "Pay Takeo each month by the 5th." 
    "Do you teach there?" 
    "A couple of classes. Boxing, kickboxing, that kind of thing."
    "Do you have a slot open for kickboxing?" 
    "What can I teach you about kickboxing?" 
    "The kick part, for one. I'll need that if I go into MMA." 
    "It meets today, actually. I'll give you a lift there." 
    I texted Kotomi that I needed to cancel our plans for later. I was hoping to cool her rather obvious clinginess between classes today, anyway, but I didn't want to be a guy about it. 
    Yeah, you read that right. 

    When kickboxing class was over, I approached. 
    "There's a pub next door. Want to grab something to eat, Ms.Kudo? 
    "It's OK to call me Akira away from school. As for the pub, their wings are OK, if you don't mind a side of sexual harrassment." 
    "Oceans, then? Or that new place, Lovemore?" 
    "My roommate is pulling a few shifts at the Cosplay Cafe. Ever been there?" 

    The hostess greeted us at the door of the restaurant. Like the rest of the wait staff, she was in costume. 
    Akira introduced us. "Sana, this is Sakura." 
    "Pleased to meet you." She was dressed as Sailor Moon.
    The place was full of anime and manga references, but was thankfully bare of Naruto references. Or so I thought. 
    A girl approached in a cheap pink wig. "Welcome to the Cosplay Cafe. I am Sakura, and I'll be your ser..." 
    Her voice trailed off as she recognized Akira. Under the cheap wig was Tomoko Saeki, and she was not happy. She was glaring at us, mostly at Akira. I knew why, but said nothing. Finally, Akira sent her away with a tea order. 

    Akira became noticeably quieter after Tomoko left. I took the opportunity to read my texts, which tonight consisted of Kotomi selfies, laced with the occasional WHERE R U CALL OR TXT. I barely noticed when Akira excused herself to go to the ladies room.

    After a while, I wondered what was keeping Akira. My second cup of tea triggered my need to use the ladies room. The doorknob was locked. 
    "It's, it's busy right now." 
    The unmistakeable voice of Tomoko Saeki came through the door.
    Through the wood, I could hear her cooing in response to whatever Akira was doing to her in there. My guess was that Tomoko had her little bottoms move just low enough so Akira could get to her goods. She was probably still wearing the pink Sakura wig. And Akira was letting her fingers and tongue do the walking all up in Tomoko's business, clutching her lower half like a drowning sailor.
    I guess I was a little hurt that Akira did not choose to try that with me, in a nicer, dryer place after dinner. Then I got text number one hundred eleven from Kotomi and realized how silly this all sounded. Hell, I wasn't tied down. Neither was Akira.
    In fact, that Sailor Moon girl was looking good.