Valentine's Day...With The Lovemore Ladies.
Hey Everyone i am BACK. I wanted to post this earlie,r but i was busy with...A friend...Yeah...

Anyway, not that that matters. Valentine's Day might be over by me...sadly... BUTT THE MASTER OF LOVE! Is not yet done. 

I will finish this Valentine's Day, with a couple of image. Made by yours truly, hope you enjoy it. 

KEIRYU MASTE OF LOVE...out (Currently very sad that this day is over...)
  • SimMan this has to be the best valentine gift for me thanks Keiryu
    • Keiryu I honetly thank you and the artists i can make this little images because of you. Plus i have fun making them
  • Keiryu First one i made lot's of character in this and i think it is the largest one too... As for the Tentacle Monster...Yeah it's me...What do you expect. I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT MAKING A DARK HUMOR JOKE!!!