Happy Valentine's Day...With Keiryu, Lilith and Usagi
Of course. I would not forget about yours truly, THE MASTER OF LOVE himself. As fo Lilith i just really like her...

Especialy since she is named, after the same name. I have been screaming since joining here. Yeah i sceamed Lilith a lot back in the days, way before she came out even. 

As for "Usagi" that is just the name, i gave here. Since she has none, as of now...As far as i know at least...It really just means "Bunny" in japanese. So it sticks for me. 

Anyway this is the last one...Yep, sadly the MASTER OF LOVE! Will vanish until next year...

On the bright side WELCOME BACK!!!

The one and only, Mind Destroying, Raven Handling, Soul Sacrifing, Poop Throwing, Anus Breaking, INSANITY Worshiping One of a kind glad to be back and still INSANE!


And with that i hope you all had a Happy Fu**ing Valentine's Day!

KEIRYU MASTE OF LOVE REBORN TO INSANITY...out (Currently sad but still happy cause he spread the LOVE a little more for this year.)