Keiryu/Keir&His Mistress INSANITY Ver.1.666
GOOOOOD MORNING BLACKSPEARS-NAM!!!....Wait i think i made that reference before...I think i am running out of references...o.O

Oh well moving on. Keiryu here and today i have another version of my character.

This one was an idea that came to me after seeing "SimMan's Comic" explaining how the Spirit Energy works. Mostly because i really did not feel like any of those fit me that well...

Soooo i thought to myself. "What would a good fighting style for me be?" And other than simply using a Minigun or a rusty old spoon (Because it hurts more than a knife) and/or my dear pet raven Cuddles.

The only thing that came to me was. "Use INSANITY." A thing i can't actualy disagree with since nothing is more powerfull than my beloved Misstress. Plus let's face it i love my INSANITY way to much to not use her.

So there you have it and that is pretty much all i have to say for now.

KEI-Percival-Ramteen-Gregory-Nikolai-Jacksko-Leonardo-Gabriel-Socrates-Meanviktor-Nostradamus-Alistair-Podisha-Vladimir-Steepler-Rasputin-Boromir-Wallawalla-Shidiga-Alexander-Oliver-Appleard-Arnesto-Zippy-Zappy-Angel-Eyes-RYU *GAAAAAAAAAAAASP* MASTER OF INSANITY...out (Currently has decided to call himself "KEI-Percival-Ramteen-Gregory-Nikolai-Jacksko-Leonardo-Gabriel-Socrates-Meanviktor-Nostradamus-Alistair-Podisha-Vladimir-Steepler-Rasputin-Boromir-Wallawalla-Shidiga-Alexander-Oliver-Appleard-Arnesto-Zippy-Zappy-Angel-Eyes-RYU"......And enjoying his misstress warm embrace as INSANITY flows comfortingly trough his body.)
  • kotomifan Must be hard for her to cry out your name during sex. "Oh, yes,KEI-Percival-Ramteen-Gregory-Nikolai-Jacksko-Leonardo-Gabriel-Socrates-Meanviktor-Nostradamus-Alistair-Podisha-Vladimir-Steepler-Rasputin-Boromir-Wallawalla-Shidiga-Alexander-Oliver-Appleard-Arnesto-Zippy-Zappy-Angel-Eyes-Ryuuji!"
    "That's RYU, not Ryuuji!"
    "Oops, sorry."
    • Keiryu She never mistakes it she is not your average lady. ^_^

      But even then i do agree it might get a bit complicated with the name so i guess i stick with "Keiryu" for short.
  • Kentaro i like it! err...sorry her.
  • Keiryu This might by far be my favorite version so far. Just something about a long haired shadowy girl that attracts my interesst i guess. ^_^