Announcement : SimGirls 5.7 available with Reward Points Program !!!
Yes,its true. SimGirls 5.7 is available for all Freedomwall members with 300 points & up.

Send a PM to SimMan for the password & play it here :-

  • Dynamo I really hope I can play it sometime soon, I looks great
  • Blackjack I'm almost there. Come on!
    However, should you guys keep version 5.6 as 100 points reward as we used to know? I think some people with almost 100 points will be very upset about this :))
    And wait, one more thing: Does version 5.7 is the same as version 5.8?
    • Soham Banerjee Yes, 5.7 = 5.72 = 5.8. The difference is in coding only. [24830,SimMan] renamed 5.7/5.72 to 5.8
      5.72 includes an All Girls X-mas eve scene, so that's the difference between 5.7 & 5.72.
  • Keiryu 300 Seems like little if i am being honest. Might just be me though.
    • Robin Is it easier or harder to get points these days?
      Personally, I think 300 points gives you plenty of time to learn if you like this site or not. If they do not like it here, they're going to leave after getting their reward anyway (and get there using bullshit posts) and if it they do like it they'l stay after reaching 300 so... Maybe 500 would be better but I wouldn't make the lowest reward any higher than that.
      • Jessica Lai sorry to bud into this old-ish conversation! but I agree with what [25669,Robin] said for the most part because that's exactly what happened to me :3 I think I might have left earlier and did not come back if the rewards were too high to attain.

        I think it would have been a good idea to keep the point threshold for 5.6 and just made 5.7 higher :) That way players would have been able to see the progression of the game development AND be active in the community :) but those are just my two cents :3
      • Keiryu Well that was the idea.

        The more points you have to get = more activity = more fun for everyone = No knife in anyone's anus...For now. ^_^

        But maybe 1000 is a bit going overboard. Even though i still say it's not that hard to get the points. People who are here just for the game are honestly not the kind we need. We need active and fun members.
        • Robin Agreed, we need fun members but I just don't know how to get rid of this [65583,Keiryu] :p
          • Keiryu True too. Sadly he does not give a shit what people call him...So yeah just endure and hope he dies...Which is unlikely but hey a guy can hooooooooooooope. :D

            But nah seriously y'all fucked.... (º_º)
          • Robin We could try calling him Leiryu, but that's kind of stupid so I guess it's hopeless...
          • Keiryu Well that guy is on a league of it's own. I once heard ignoring him helps but the people who tried it dissapeared shortly after.

            Just try calling him a douchebag and hope not to get a knife in you anus. Best adivce i can give, only other idea would be asking that asshole directly. ^_^
    • Soham Banerjee That's true for me as well, but then even if more points would be added, ppl would just create multiple profiles to reach it.
      It would have been better if it would be included after a very long time (next year).

      I just hope that it will lead to the comeback of huge members & maybe more newbies!
      • Keiryu To be fair i did say the same thing about the DVD and all the other versions.

        The point of having a reward system is to make people be active. The more time they have to spend earning it the more active they are which in turn means more alive community which in turn means more fun.

        So yeah i do still think it should be increased but that is personal opinion.
      • Keiryu Agreed there. Always nice to have more members active. While i do like the point system for rewards i would make this version around 1000 points simply cause of the larger content.
        • dead_phone Disagreed! 1000 points are out of my scope at the moment...
          • Soham Banerjee Well, in that case, 5.7 & 6.6 deserves these points.
            If you look at [24830,SimMan] 's hard work, these points are nothing or very less.
            He removed the frame & made the Whole game in full screen.
            As a result, he had to not only re-size everything, but he also had to re-draw many pics & even the new pics had to be drawn in big resolution.

            This is just 1 of the many updates, so if you see it like this, 300 seems to be nothing.
            Many members who already have the DVD or not has already achieved it long ago.
          • Keiryu It might seem like a big thing. But in a realistic sense 1000 points are almost nothing. Plust it gives a bigger reason for people to be active.
  • simgirllover i like version 6.6 myself ;) but thats just me
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