SimGirls Fan Version (abandoned) - Place your Bets in Fighting Mini Game
The fan version was supposed to have the "Place your Bets" feature in Fighting Mini Game.
Instead of a fixed bet,there's a minimum, maximum bet & betting odds (Strength gained from Fighting).
You can enter the minimum amount,maximum amount or any amount in-between them as your bet which are as follows:-

Fighter            Minimum Bet      Maximum Bet    Betting Odds
Akira                    $0                         $150                        0.5
Snake Man          $150                     $450                        0.8
Ryuuji                  $450                     $1000                      1.5
Bloody King        $1000                   $3000                      2.4

I just want to know does any of you like this freedom of Bet placing,instead of a fixed bet?