SimGirls Fan Version (abandoned) - NFS/GTA Style Driving Mini Game
The Driving Mini Game was also supposed to get an update in SimGirls Fan Version.Instead of Front View,it was supposed to have a Top view,with Curvy Roads across the Buildings of the city.
To quote the SimGirls Project Team, "Lordio has been cleaning up the entirely brand spanking new Driving MiniGame.I don't want to give too much away, but suffice to say that we think Need For Speed/GTA are pretty fun".
  • SimMan Quite impressive. For a second I thought they were trying to replace the main map so that instead of point and click players need to drive around the city.
  • Chriskris It's a good/nice idea.
    But I prefer the front view.
    I don't rly like it that i'm looking from above.

    Like NFS/GTA 3/4 You watch from the front sit. Or like a third person watching from behind the car.

    Just my idea though. But I think it might be hard to create it or it takes to much MB/GB to create if for a mini game.
    • Soham Banerjee It wont take much GB/MB if its made in Flash MX
      • Keiryu Actually it would what he means is driving in the same style as GTA 3 /4 or NFS which are both large scale games in 3D. It takes quite a lot of memory to make anything in 3D.
        • Chriskris Nah i didn't rly mean it has to be 3D scaled.
          I just like it if we can watch it in the front vieuw or behind the car. some 2D games have it too.

          See this link.

          And I like it more if we can watch it from the front view or behind the car view (as a third player) then watch it from the top.
        • Soham Banerjee But this mini game was planned back in 2009 or 2010 & it was supposed to be in 2D only.
          • Keiryu You still don't understand....

            [38338,Chriskris] Said he prefered a view like GTA 3/4 or NFS. Those are 3D games. To make the driving minigame like he would have liked it would have to be converted from 2D to 3D which would take a lot of Memory compared to the current version.

            It has nothing to do with when it came out it has to do with it simply would be to much to convert a Minigame just for the sake of it being a diffrent view.
    • Keiryu For a Mini game it's really not worth it since you said it quite well it would take more space than the actual game itself.
      • Soham Banerjee I disagree.They were not planning to make it that long.The NFS/GTA comparison was just styling wise,not length wise.
        Mini Games is definitely one reason that makes SimGirls stand out from other games.
        Besides,off late [24830,SimMan] made the mini-games with a lot more depth & detailing,like Ami's Sex Mini Game or Model Manager.
        Of course,it took a long time to complete them,but its worth the time,specially for people like me who don't play any other games.
        • Keiryu Like i said you still don't understand look at my other comment.
        • Keiryu What i mean is it would take way to much Memory. A minigame is not supposed to take more memory then the actual game itself.

          One thing is making detailed stuff the other is creating a whole new game just because of a Minigame. Just the Map you would drive around in would take way to much space since a lot of detail would go into it.
          • Soham Banerjee I am sure that the Project Team wont made this game size bigger than the actual SG game.They just wanted to upgrade all existing features in Flash to make the whole game more comtemporaray.
  • Keiryu It does have that GTA 2 vibe to eat might have been fun and more of a challenge to drive around like that.
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