Exclusive!!! Simgirls Fan Version!!!
After SimMan abandoned Simgirls in March 2006,the members of old simgirls forum tried contacting him.After after waiting for 1 year,they decided to complete simgirls and started working on it slowly.
In 2007,a member destroyed the old simgirls forum with some malacious software,deleting almost all posts from it.
It was a huge loss as there was no backup of posts.So,all work in progress contribution of simgirls were lost.
In 2009,a new simgirls forum was started.But by then many contributors decided not to work on it,since 2 years of their effort got wasted.

The above Title Screen is just a draft and was supposed to be the 1st fan version 6.But after SimMan's sudden comeback in August 2011,with the release of simgirls 5.0,the fan project has been temporarily paused.

This title screen is based on Kotomi's character.SimMan's title screen was based on Tomoko's character.