Winds of Change I: Be My Guest
It was never easy finding Keiryu, Cesar thought. Keiryu only made himself available when he wanted too.
Cesar watched the three bodyguards talk outside Wawababi's suite on the screen. The suite was in the fancy hotel nearest Cesar's Papua New Guinea compound; every stone, flower, and drop of pool water belonged to him.The video was fed to the main Blackspears office, on Shambala, which is where Cesar was impatiently waiting for Keiryu to arrive. His goombas reported that there were only three men, and that they stood together during the shift change, probably out of sheer boredom. #3 had reported their communications were sparse, and that their data usage was primarily to German football and pornographic sites.It would be a shame to kill them, Cesar thought. Fortunately, he didn't have to do it. He fingered the bottle of scotch. Hope it's enough.
He hit a couple of buttons. The concierge of the Albergo answered."Sir?""The air conditioning of the master suite is about to fail. Bring the rotary fan to the suite.""Yes, Sir."
Cesar had his usual set of video bugs all over the place. This was kind of a special one - the video fed in from the center of the rotating fan. He figured the young lady might want to cool herself off after a few minutes of losing air conditioning in the equatorial heat. He clicked on the remote to stall the A/C as Keiryu walked in.
The Master of Insanity joined him at the table. "You called, Koto?"
Cesar poured two scotches. He knew to pour a double for his friend.
"You're always bitching about your blade being dry. I've got a solution."
He used his glass to point to the screen. "In the suite is Wawababi, Karsten's ex, and a member of his team. Three men rotate as bodyguards in the room next door. Why she wasn't camping with the others is uncertain, but I don't care. My men have the exits surrounded, and the building is empty save some goombas pretending to be staff. I need her alive. I don't care what you do to the other three."
"How often are the men together?"
"Every four hours, at fifteen minutes before the hour.""Comms?"
"Covered. Countermeasures will kick in on your signal, unless they can scream loud enough to be heard in Europe."
"When do I leave?"
"Chopper is outside. You, me, and my pilot. I've seen you fly."
Cesar handed his friend an iPad after they took off."What's this?"
"Final bit of intelligence. All the video feed you'll ever need. Roof, walls, hallway, stairs. Her guards have four bugs in their room. She has six, less the seventh bug is on."
"I like sevens. Let's see what you got."
The screen opened up to a view of two naked breasts. The skin was light but not completely pale. The areolas were dark, and partially covered in pink hair. Sweat beads on her breasts and ribs travelled away from the gusts of air. Other strands of hair flew back from the mechanical breeze. Above the hair, the chin of the young woman was moving back and forth.
"What do you think she's saying?' Cesar asked.
"My guess is she's cursing out your staff in Japanese."
"Well, she looks good doing it."
"Maybe so, Koto. I'm a bit more picky. She could use a few more inches of hair, and lot less hair color. Jailbirdy's twice the woman this one is."
Cesar laughed. "She'll do."
He took an earpiece out of a box.
"Our ETA is ten minutes. Got what you need?"
The Master of Insanity  did a quick check. "Knife, knife, knife, knife, knife, and...knife. I'm good."
"You'll need this." Cesar handed him the earpiece. "Courtesy of Robin. Tap it twice to talk when you're done.""Then what happens?"
"I greet our guest while you finish off my scotch."
  • SimMan I love all the details. I saw 3, 6, 7 and 10 on the mission. I must say we have a pretty useful team anything from spying on a nice girl to setting up the newer world order... we did more than all Bonds combined.
    • Keiryu Not to mention we have a great variety in our ranks.

      0 Leader - Jack of All Trades - SMA Master
      1. Sub-Leader - Messiah - SMA Master
      2. Moneybags
      3. Media Control - Financing.- Hacking
      4. Dead - Former SMA Expert
      5. DNA Manipulation
      6. Robotics Espert
      7. ....Not sure Killer - Psychopath - INSANE - Ex Doctor - Mindf**ker - Or simply Bastard...Pick one
      8. Dead - Former SMA Expert
      9. SMA Master (I think 9 was Godzilla...?)
      10. Doctor (Same as 9 i am not sure if this was right.)
      11. Ungerground Boss - SMA Expert/Master (Same as above i always forget every number after 7....)

      And now we have the likes of Sana, Ruffus and Ana joining. Which all qualify as SMA Experts (And Master when reffering to Ruffus.)

      All we need is a Long Haired Psychopatic Yandere Loli who i can teach to be my next apprentice since Rang has been MIA and i would be a happy camper...Not sure why a Loli but i realised this things need to have a Loli factor in them...I just want a psychopatic long haired girl i can mold into the perfect image. :D
  • Keiryu Ohhh i am curious the moment i entered the scene. But just saying the name of my mini-me is "Keir" after all i have to distinguish myself from him at least a little. ^_^

    Also are you sure you want to hand me an Ipad seems like a pretty advanced technology...For f**ks sake i live on a island surrounded by trees, sand a cat and whatever i happened to bring me technology ain't my forte.

    Other than that pretty nice version of me let's see where you are going with this little story.