Winds of Change III: The Right Direction

Wawababi was anry now. Shefaced the door and yelled.

"Are no longer with us." He tossed the iPad on the bed.
"You should pick your help better. Hans Schmidt killed a man in Rotterdam last year. Franz Messerschmidt? Interpol was lioking for him. And Dieter Bock? He...just had bad timing."

She sat on the bed, the towel in disarray. Sensing the goombas were paying too much attention to her open legs and uncovered hooha, he dispatched them.
"Corporal, the door. Sergeant, check on #7's progress with the comm relay."

Wawababi waited until the other men had walked away. Thinking she had the droo on him, she inviked her power. Within moments, she sent a flurry of umbrellas towards Cesar.

He grabbed the fan. A sudden gust rom the fan created an air wall stopping the umbrellas.
She was stunned. "How, how did you..."
"My dear Wawababi. If you spent more time studying SMA, you'd have more skills to use. Instead, you run around Paris, New York, Berlin, and Tokyo NOT wearing these.."

He twirled her panties on his finger.

"WTF! Why panties..."

"You didn't need them in Gstaad according to TMZ. Why woory about them now?"

"Don't you lay a finger on me!"

"I do not intend to, if I don't need to."

He smiled. "Now I understand you're having an issue with the air conditioning here."

"Yes. Tour grimy little slum building can't keep an A/C unit working."

"When you live down here, you learn how to live off of the land. Try this."

The blades of the fan whirled fast, just as they had when they repelled the umbrellas. Wawababi's towel blew to the pther side of the room as she covered her face from the wind gust.

"Too high?"

Cesar cupped the outside cage around the blades in his hands. A stream of cool air was now directed just toward the base of Wawababi's neck.
"Move your hands."

She did.

The cooling air found the valley between her breasts. The change in temperature was enough to perk up her nipples. Seeing that, he directed the breeze right at her left nipple, fluttering it slightly.

She gasped. She did not know how he did this magic, but she was enjoying it. She lay down and watched the tiny hairs of her publc mound dance as wave upon wave of cool air webt up her body.

When he focused the air on her clit, she came alive with moans and sobs. She quickky worked her fingers, first one hand then both, clawing at herself to assist the air channels in bringing her to an earth-shattering orgasm.

He laughed.

"I promised, I wouldn't touch you."
She spread her famous legs as far as she could open them, the pink of her nethers blending with the bubblegum pink oif her hair.

"For Lilith's sake. TOUCH ME!!!"

  • SimMan So awesome. It was certainly hot in there.
  • kotomifan Unlike some megastalkers in this story, I think Cesar knows when to move on. Besides- it's not like Kotomi/ Korri has a monopoly on lady parts.
    Case in point- is Keir planning to invite his jailbirdy to his wedding?
    • Keiryu Sure i am the more the merrier i say.

      BUTT!!! Unlike you i have no desire in her body or her love...She is a mindfu**ed slave to me nothing sexual in my interesst i just want to destroy her mind and make her my second pet bird.

      I miss Cuddles don't know where he is...I need a pet and i can't really f**k with the Kittycat's mind...Not my Wife to be i mean the actual cat.

      So yeah diffrence between you and me is that i won't try sticking my dick into my Blue Jailbirdy of happiness.

      Also i am not a stalker...I just like watching private....while they don't know it...NOT STALKING!!!
      • SimMan You said it a lot. I am curious.
        How do you mindfuck someone? Mind sharing your techniques?
        • Keiryu Trade secrets. I don't just give them away.

          However i don't mind demonstrating it...Just tell me where you are and i more than gladly show you. ^_^
  • Keiryu BITCH THAT'S MY LINE!!! Pinkie gonna die tonight. Nobody steals my lines and get's away with it.

    Also i am suprised that even though you have such a hard one for Kotomi you are going after Pinkie.