Winds of Change IV: A Promosing Turn
Cesar marvelled at the scene in front of him. Wawababi, scion of the Wolfchild fortune, one of the most photographed women of her generation, was offering herself to him. Millions might gawk at her sex tape or her upskirts, as she ungallantly exited a car or a yacht with the paparazzi bulbs flashing. But here, in the relative quiet of the Papua NG waterfront, her love, her passion, her inner self, was his for the taking.
No need to keep a lady waiting.

He took her quickly. She traced thw scars on his chest with her fingers as he laid waste to her cleft
"What's this scar?" Her finger found an old incision mark on the left side of his chest. "A broken heart?"
"It's where I cut my heart out." Cesar's eyes went darker. "Turn over."

She was now on her elbows and knees. The pounding began again, now punctuated by her shouts.
"What is my lover's name?"
"I am Signor Augusto to you."
"Fine with me," she gasped. "I prefer men to boys."

"Lay with me," she begged. She spread her bottled pink punani so he could see it.

"I thought you didn't like my hotel."
"I do with you in it."
"I'll make you a deal. You can stay at my villa if you do me a favor."
"You gave a comm device that your friends were using to coordinate ruining Primero's marriage. Tell your friends you're coming to meet them."
She sat up, her perky tits bouncing.
"You'll slaughter them! I will not lead you to them!"
"Fine. Corporal!"
An armed goomba entered the room.
"Miss Haruko will accompany you to the survival camp on the Mosquito Coast. Tell the commander to treat her like any other recruit. She'll need rations and survival gear for two weeks of outside training."
"No, please."
She lowered her sunglasses. The prospect of being outside for more than a minute, let alone two weeks, was too much.
"Not outside. Not here."
"Fine. Make a call to the camp. Make sure to keep talking for 69 seconds. Any less, and your first lesson at camp will be how to barbeque an iguana."
"What do I get in return?"
"Safe passage to my villa. Chilled champagne. And a room temperature of 22 Celsius."
He bent close to her ear.
"And maybe if I have time, we'll test your other skills."
"Asshole?" Cesar looked amused. "Ladies choice, then. We'll start there."
  • Keiryu So i am just assuming i am scratching my ass or stabbing the corpses of Dumb, Dumber and Dumberer. While you are busy fu**ing Miss Pinkie...Why did you need me again? o.O

    Just curious...Also nice Hilton reference.
    • kotomifan My friend, you must find your prey before you can stab it.
      • Keiryu That's what you think. I stab my prey long before i even find it...Heck even long before i even know they exists.

        Still you called me for help not the other way around and all you let me kill was those 3 douchefaces.