Winds of Change V: About Time
Friend or foe?" Growled the voice behind the door.
Cesar heard Keir unlatch the door. He walked in, followed by Wawababi and the corporal.
Keir smiled as he saw the girl look toward the bathroom door. 
"You don't want to go in there."
She gasped.
It was Cesar's turn to laugh. "This is why you shouldn't get too close to your staff."
"Is that what took so long-she got close to your staff?"
"As close as humanly possible."
"What's the latest, Sergeant?" Cesar asked.
"Comms are intermittent. We do know that Karsten received a lengthy call from Korri, which gave us one vector."
"That BITCH!" Wawababi blurted out.
So why am I still here?" Keir muttered.
"I was hoping to triangulate a position."
"Tell you what. Relay any coordinates you do have to the pilot. I'll have him drop me the second you get a second vector."
"Works for me. But Keir- you see the uniforms on my goombas?"
"They're the good guys. You can kill anyone not dressed like them."
"Got it."
Keir bolted for the door.
The sergeant handed Wawababi the mic. She tried to put a smile over her snarl.
"Camp Alpha, this is Pizza Place."
Cesar shook his head. Subtle, they weren't.
"This is Alpha."
"Put Karsten on."
"Stick with the call signs."
"Whatever. Is he there?"
"Hold on."
Cesar looked over. "Anything?"
"Number 3 says we're looking West South West."
"Relay that to the chopper."
A voice came on the radio. "Yes, Pizza."
"Oh honey, I just wanted to say, I miss you."
"Pizza, don't use this for that."
"What if I told you I was naked?"
"I'd say my guys aren't doing their jobs. Put Hans on."
"He's um, in the bathroom. What if I came there? I could put on the garters you like. I can do that trick with my tongue you like. The lollipop trick?"
"Korri does it better."
"She's a stinky bitch!"
"Wawababi, it's over. I can teach you SMA, but you're nothing else to me."
"Sixty seconds."
"Wait, Greenie. Isn't there anything I can do for you?"
"Yeah, hang up."
"Just one more change."
"Give it up."
"Alpha, out."
She sobbed, for maybe a moment.
"You get it?"
"Bearing 280."
Her face changed. "I hope you get him, Signor Augusto."
"Oh, I plan to." 
"Can I blow you first?"
"Not now."
Cesar took the mic. 
"Give me one of our frequencies."

"Yes, Signor. We are supporting Seven."
"Is he on site?"
"Yes sir. We are trying to be his flanks, but it's tough to keep up."
"What do you mean?"
"Advance patrols have reported fifteen dead, ten more mortally wounded. All slash wounds. The owner's troops are rushing to guard the center."
"So how are you supporting him?"
"To be honest? We're just staying out of the way."
  • Keiryu The title says it perfectly "About Time" i get to kill more than just 3 people...Took long enough. See now i am happy. Remember me to buy the next round of whiskey and by buy i mean kill the bartender and take over his bar.

    Also don't sell yourself short guys that is a pretty good support you are giving me. Unless you want to support me by jumping in front of my knifes. Now that would be really helpfull since Signor Dicks-a-lot decided i am not allowed to stab his toys.
    • kotomifan There is no pleasing some people.
      Now for the next round use the glasses the barkeep has not bled on.
      • Keiryu Remember what i told you? Killing pleases me greatly...It's just not for long.

        As for the glasses. I won't give any promises your best shot would be drinking straight from the bottle.