Winds of Change VII: Core Strength
Cesar looked the part of a security guard with his bright yellow jacket and chiseled looks. He crossed his arms and stood for about a minute outside the door. The irony of having a man wanted throughout the South Pacific guarding the honor of a young Japanese woman was not lost on Cesar. Maybe it WAS the jacket.
He soon grew restless.
The door had no latch, and he could easily push it inwards, ever so slightly. He leaded in and cocked his head. His first attempt, he saw nothing. The second, he was able to make out the sink.
His third attempt was a sight to behold. Korri knelt, naked, on the floor. Her legs were gathered below her, flexing her quads. She raised her beautiful behind, but as he tried to see more, she covered it with her hand. And a feather.
Cesar closed the door. What did he just see? What was he looking at? And could he be of service?
He laughed at himself. The scourge of the South Seas did not need a written invitation. He walked in, locking the door behind him.
"Wait!" She turned around in surprise. "You don't understand."
"Educate me."
She stood up. "I...I use the feather to make myself fart. Here. Where nobody is watching. Nobody out there..."
"Who cares if you fart out there?"
"They judge me. They think my butt stinks. They think I stink. That I'm dirty. I'm trash."
She turned around, covering her breasts and nethers the best she could with her hands.
He moved closer
"They are wrong, Signorina." Cesar whispered in her ear.He gently touched her shoulders with his fingertips. He felt her shiver.
"You are strong. Beautiful. Sharp."
His fingertips now clutched her elbows. He paused to kiss the back of her neck. He took the feather from her hand and traced down her spine
"These arms, these legs. All controlled by a powerful core."
He reached down to her knees, letting the feather drop. As his fingertips move back up her leg, he traced the thigh muscles on the outside. When he got to her waist, his fingertips went down to her knees again, this time tracing the inner thighs.
He had never seen a woman shake so much.
"Please. I'll fart. And then you'll call me disgusting, just like he does."
There's always a man, Cesar thought.
He walked his kisses down to the small of her back.
"I find nothing disgusting about a woman's scents. Your man is not a man if he does."
"He's powerful. Rich"
"So am I."
His right hand reached around front. His pointer finger followed her lady nest down until it discover her clit. His other hand pressed gently against her thigh gap. From his vantage point, he could see her reaction in the mirror. Her eyes were closing; her lips were parted. The shivering was still there, but joined with a shallow breathing sound that Cesar had only heard during a woman's passion.
"If I had you, I would make love to all of you. Your lips, your breasts, your sex, and even your ass."

He kissed her tailbone. The bend in her knees opened her to his fingers; he felt her warmth.
"You have three seconds to do your worst. I don't scare easily."
Above him, she gasped. He watched her look at herself in the mirror. Her breasts glistened in the light."I...I...ah...""Three."
The shaking increased. She was holding it in. He could see her flex her butt muscles as she clenched. So tough and yet so soft. I wonder if that might be the real prize.
"You'll laugh. You'll leave me."
"Never."His fingers slid between her thighs. She bucked in reaction; her fingers gripped the sink, as her knees let go a bit, then came back up. For a moment, he imagined her making that motion while perched above his body, her downward motion enveloping his member. He would reach forward and cup her breasts as she yielded to him.
First things first.
  • Keiryu Seriously...What's with all the Fart love? I...I don't get it...o.O

    I mean i consider myself a man with weird fetishes. But i am pretty sure getting farted at won't get my stiffy hard...I can't say for sure since i never did get farted at so i am ust assuming but still just does not touch me...

    However i can see how this is a bonding moment with her trusting Cesar enough to do such a thing only to stab a ballpoint pen up his anal walls and go suckle on Karsten's jolly green dick....hhh yes love...
    • SimMan I think it's like when you love a person you love all both good and bad kind of thing. Besides I think many men deep down inside may have a similar hero fetish, they want to see some insecurities in a woman so they can protect her comfort her or something.
      • Keiryu Like i said i know what her character is supposed to represent...Still does not change that it looks like a bunch of guys loving the fact that she is farting in their faces...Some more literal then others...Looking at you Primero...

        Also wow never that i would not fit the average "Dude" stereotype. But honestly i actually like the idea of a girl who needs no saving. Maybe it's my constant love for anything that could kill me. Then again as long as the girl has long hair she is a winner in my book....Which Kotomi does not qualify as.
    • kotomifan It's not fart love. It's fear. It's her defining ostracising character trait in the manga, the anime, and the game. And it's implied that richie rich Karsten has issues with it. Cesar's attitude is F it, go ahead.
      • Keiryu It's still fart love...And i mean in the general sense really from manga, Anime and game.

        Manga and Anime have Junta being "Meh fart all you want." and game has Primero doing the same now Cesar is doing the exact same as the two above.

        Hence all of them either have a love for farts or the universe is in reverse and everyone considers the sign for accepting a fart to the face to be like a diamond ring for a gold digger when it comes to "Love"...