Winds of Change VIII: Cool Breeze
Cesar had a trick up his sleeve- a sleight of hand SMA trick thar would create a slight breeze away from the true lovers.
Korri visibly relaxed when she had let go, but neither of them smelt a thing.
"I'm...I'm sorry."
"I see no reason to apologize."
"Men usually run away in fear. Junta would vomit. Karsten gets angry. Primero didn't care, but he would screw anything that moves. And..."
"Shhh." Cesar was actually relieved this woman had a history. It made what he was about to ask for that much easier.
He lowered his jeans. He removed his hand from between her thighs and guided himself in. She was warm to the touch and moved in concert with him. Almost immediately, he wanted more. He reached over to the training table for some cream.
"Do you trust me?"
He popped the cap on the tube. He allowed himself a few more thrusts in that lovely nest of hers. Then he slid out slowly and lubricated himself. He added some more to his fingers and gently played a dollop on her asscrack.
He closed his eyes and empowered the breeze to start again. She was no longer shuddering anymore, even as he placed himself at her rear entry.
He added a bit more cream to the hand that had not serviced her ass. He rubbed her shoulders, her spine, the small of her back. When she responded by rubbing her butt against him, he knew she was ready.
He reached forward and grasped her shoulder. At the same time, he slipped boldly into her behind. Her athletic thighs gave way just enough, as they both gasped their pleasure. The circulating breeze cooled the sweat that seemed to come from every pore. They responded to a rhythm that was both familiar and yet foreign. They were a well oiled machine; heat, cold, energy, passion. The reluctant lass of mere minutes ago was a tiger to be tamed, a bronco, a bird in flight.
"My lover," she panted, as she pulled away. "We cannot go on."
He was stunned. He watched her stand up again. She was never more beautiful than when she stood in that light, her whole naked body glistening. As she turned, he saw her breasts and belly shine as well.
"The same reason I don't want to fart out there. All the world will see."
She fell to her knees in front of him and took him in both her hands. As she moved her hands over his staff, he felt himself pushed to the limit. She smiled and let his warmth splash on her breasts. She looked down.
"Thanks. This will be easier to take care of."
"Promise me, there will be a later."
She laughed as she turned to the sink to wash herself off.
"Then promise me that you'll be...up to it."
He came up from behind. He scooped some of the warm water onto her breasts, then watched the water trickle down. She moved backwards into his embrace.
"Promise me that I can have every part of you."
She drew his arms around her.
"He is here. His men are all over the stadium. His family sponsored the event, and paid the contractors for the food and the security. He owns me. And he owns you."
"Nobody owns me."
She retrieved her uniform. "Then after my last event, the ribbon, come get me."
"I will. I swear."
He waited until she finished slipping her gorgeous body back into her leotard. As she dressed, he wondered how he could pull it off. He shouldn't use his SMA powers in front if everyone. He shouldn't use firearms. He wish he could let Keir just stab everyone in the way, but that would only make Keir happy.
She smiled at him.
He kissed her. It was then he realized it was the first time their lips had touched.
  • Keiryu Strangely enough...He is kinda right...It would make me very happy.

    Also i know where you are going with this and while i do approve of building up to Kotomi betraying Cesar. I am not sure you can get yourself away from her farts long enough to actually pull it off...Then again i have been suprised before.

    Plus as long as there are more people getting killed i am all up for it. ^_^