Winds of Change IX: Measuring Up
Cesar straightened out his clothes and jacket. He smiled back at his reflection. Was there a better moment in a man's life than that feeling after he's had spur-of-the-moment intense sex with a beautiful woman? And back door, too. With possibly more to come.

Yes, he was a Kotomi fan.

The crowd did not require much control. Cesar's co-workers milled about in the area surrounding all the mats and equipment. Cesar kept looking up at the scoreboard, then back towards the area where the rhythmic gymnasts were performing. At one point, he thought he saw Korri looking back. How intense she seemed, he thought.

Finally, it was her turn. He knew little about what she was doing, only that she looked good doing it. Her performance was nearly over when a large tree trunk of a man stepped into his view. A second, far less threatening, man, with green hair and glasses, came up beside him.
"The crowd is over there," said the green haired man."
"They're not going anywhere."
"No, you are. Where's your supervisor?"
"What's it to you?"
"Well, if the man wants to get paid, he'll fire you. Ruffus?"
"Yes, Karsten."
"Walk this greaseball to the office."
Greaseball? An ethnic joke, in front of 5000 Italians? Cesar was ready to unload on the green character. He just need to figure out how to get the giant away from him.
"Fine. Let's go, Chewbacca."

They had only taken a few steps into the corridor when Ruffus stopped him.
"Whatever you're planning, I advise you reconsider."
Cesar looked at him funny. "Who says I'm doing that?"
Ruffus sighed. "You wouldn't be the first to challenge me. Not even the first to challenge me with SMA."
"How did you know?"
Almost the moment the words left his lips, he knew. He smiled. Korri had made him, based on his little breeze trick, if not before.
It didn't seem to stop her from enjoying herself. In fact, she kept things going quite a while, up to and including the happy ending.
"Have you ever had used an air skill that way? Blow the sweat off of your lover's bare skin? Give a little chill so her boobies perk up just so?"
Cesar noticed a slight change in Ruffus's look. Until that moment, he assumed that the green man was Korri's boyfriend. But that look meant that Ruffus was distracted. And if there's one skill that can topple a larger man, it's distraction.
"Kind of inspired, I'd say. Once I got that smell away, she just opened up that back door and DAMN! I've never seen a girl work a booty like that."
Ruffus's stoic expression was starting to crack.
"Yeah, I just hung and rode it. Stayed on for a lot more than eight seconds, too."
The big man looked away. Cesar steadied himself for the stupid punching move thousands of jealous men might make. He probably should have noticed that Ruffus's eyes were looking just behind him.
Cesar did notice that gymnastic clubs hurt just as much as real ones, when they are applied with brute force to the back of his head.
  • Keiryu Haha pretty nice how he is willing to go that far. However as someone who has had a Gymnastic Club hit him in the head before i can tell you they don't hurt that much to get you knocked out.

    Other than that i am liking where this is going.