Hail Cesar

  • Winds of Change X: Changing My Mind
    The sharp pain on the back of his head was not enough to knock Cesar out. It was enough to piss him off. It was a
    enough to make his turn around to face his attacker and...look down.
    Holding the club was Karsten Wolfchild himself. Cesar knew the face from various TMZ and gossip sites, usually in the frame or on the arm of some wardrobe malfunctioning co-celebrity.
    "I should bash you right now, you little green cockroach!"
    With that, Cesar turned his back on the red giant that he had just been trying to goard into making a mistake. Apparently, it was Cesar's turn to screw up.
    Cesar felt both of his arms being pulled back.
    "You don't seem to be in a position to make that threat." Karsten snickered, much to the delight of his entourage.
    "Yeah, well, this is not the position I had your girlfriend a few minutes ago."
    The entourage laughed briefly until they saw Karsten's glare. A moment later, they heard the sound of Cesar being punched in the stomach. Karsten's arms remained at his side.
    HE'S USING SMA, Cesar thought.
    More precisely, the thought popped into his head. Cesar was a bit confused, as he didn't remember knowing Karsten could do SMA.
    HE DOES.
    The big man had laced his fingers behind Cesar's head. Could it be...
    Cesar made himself think, IT'S YOU, RIGHT?
    He felt a tap of a finger. He also felt another gutbusting punch.
    Ruffus adjusted his position.
    He probably would, Cesar thought.
    Cesar kicked out at Karsten who was beyond range. The huddled Yes Men laughed on cue.
    "You don't have the balls to fight me without Donkey Kong holding me back."
    Karsten was ignoring him. Clearly he was cooling up another element attack.
    I'm not going to let this punk kill me, he thought.
    Yeah, his told himself and his mind reader. But I need to protect my core. Keep living and breathing. Tortoise defense first.
    He felt a tap.
    Karsten's eyes seemed to glow. He stepped back a bit, then raised his hand. The first of the 1001 blows started to land on Cesar's body. The tortoise skill lessened the blows, but the first few were the most painful. The lapdogs had their fun as their leader continued the assault.
    When the final blow landed, Cesar hung his head to catch his breath.
    Cesar took that to mean he would have his chance for revenge. As he planned his Possum skill, he looked at his assailant.
    "Tell Korri I enjoyed the ride. Especially the trip up Hershey Highway."
    He cared little for Karsten's reaction. To the naked eye, Cesar Augusto's body was devoid of life; it slumped in Ruffus's arms like the hair of a beautiful woman might lay down her back.
    Karsten's anger subsided. He was all business now.
    "Get rid of him."

    Zero knew this story. And as he understood Seven's pleadings for just one more stabbing, he nodded towards Cesar.
    "Make it quick."
    • Kentaro Little green cockroach.... Haha loved that one. Plus you write with such depths, I probably need to read multiple times to get it's real meaning.
    • SimMan It's just getting better
    • Keiryu Now Zero don't go asking for the impossible...What am i some virgin learning sex for the first time? My stabbings are long and hard...And yes being stabbed by me is like having sex...For me not sure how it is for the one being stabbed...

      On another note always nice to see a SimMan get the ever loving shit kicked out of him makes them seem like less of a Superman type character.

      Probably why i liked SimNerdyMan he was strong but not overly stong compared to the main core of the SimMan group A.K.A: The Round Table of Perversion and Freedom.
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  • Winds of Change IX: Measuring Up
    Cesar straightened out his clothes and jacket. He smiled back at his reflection. Was there a better moment in a man's life than that feeling after he's had spur-of-the-moment intense sex with a beautiful woman? And back door, too. With possibly more to come.

    Yes, he was a Kotomi fan.

    The crowd did not require much control. Cesar's co-workers milled about in the area surrounding all the mats and equipment. Cesar kept looking up at the scoreboard, then back towards the area where the rhythmic gymnasts were performing. At one point, he thought he saw Korri looking back. How intense she seemed, he thought.

    Finally, it was her turn. He knew little about what she was doing, only that she looked good doing it. Her performance was nearly over when a large tree trunk of a man stepped into his view. A second, far less threatening, man, with green hair and glasses, came up beside him.
    "The crowd is over there," said the green haired man."
    "They're not going anywhere."
    "No, you are. Where's your supervisor?"
    "What's it to you?"
    "Well, if the man wants to get paid, he'll fire you. Ruffus?"
    "Yes, Karsten."
    "Walk this greaseball to the office."
    Greaseball? An ethnic joke, in front of 5000 Italians? Cesar was ready to unload on the green character. He just need to figure out how to get the giant away from him.
    "Fine. Let's go, Chewbacca."

    They had only taken a few steps into the corridor when Ruffus stopped him.
    "Whatever you're planning, I advise you reconsider."
    Cesar looked at him funny. "Who says I'm doing that?"
    Ruffus sighed. "You wouldn't be the first to challenge me. Not even the first to challenge me with SMA."
    "How did you know?"
    Almost the moment the words left his lips, he knew. He smiled. Korri had made him, based on his little breeze trick, if not before.
    It didn't seem to stop her from enjoying herself. In fact, she kept things going quite a while, up to and including the happy ending.
    "Have you ever had used an air skill that way? Blow the sweat off of your lover's bare skin? Give a little chill so her boobies perk up just so?"
    Cesar noticed a slight change in Ruffus's look. Until that moment, he assumed that the green man was Korri's boyfriend. But that look meant that Ruffus was distracted. And if there's one skill that can topple a larger man, it's distraction.
    "Kind of inspired, I'd say. Once I got that smell away, she just opened up that back door and DAMN! I've never seen a girl work a booty like that."
    Ruffus's stoic expression was starting to crack.
    "Yeah, I just hung and rode it. Stayed on for a lot more than eight seconds, too."
    The big man looked away. Cesar steadied himself for the stupid punching move thousands of jealous men might make. He probably should have noticed that Ruffus's eyes were looking just behind him.
    Cesar did notice that gymnastic clubs hurt just as much as real ones, when they are applied with brute force to the back of his head.
    • Keiryu Haha pretty nice how he is willing to go that far. However as someone who has had a Gymnastic Club hit him in the head before i can tell you they don't hurt that much to get you knocked out.

      Other than that i am liking where this is going.
  • Winds of Change VIII: Cool Breeze
    Cesar had a trick up his sleeve- a sleight of hand SMA trick thar would create a slight breeze away from the true lovers.
    Korri visibly relaxed when she had let go, but neither of them smelt a thing.
    "I'm...I'm sorry."
    "I see no reason to apologize."
    "Men usually run away in fear. Junta would vomit. Karsten gets angry. Primero didn't care, but he would screw anything that moves. And..."
    "Shhh." Cesar was actually relieved this woman had a history. It made what he was about to ask for that much easier.
    He lowered his jeans. He removed his hand from between her thighs and guided himself in. She was warm to the touch and moved in concert with him. Almost immediately, he wanted more. He reached over to the training table for some cream.
    "Do you trust me?"
    He popped the cap on the tube. He allowed himself a few more thrusts in that lovely nest of hers. Then he slid out slowly and lubricated himself. He added some more to his fingers and gently played a dollop on her asscrack.
    He closed his eyes and empowered the breeze to start again. She was no longer shuddering anymore, even as he placed himself at her rear entry.
    He added a bit more cream to the hand that had not serviced her ass. He rubbed her shoulders, her spine, the small of her back. When she responded by rubbing her butt against him, he knew she was ready.
    He reached forward and grasped her shoulder. At the same time, he slipped boldly into her behind. Her athletic thighs gave way just enough, as they both gasped their pleasure. The circulating breeze cooled the sweat that seemed to come from every pore. They responded to a rhythm that was both familiar and yet foreign. They were a well oiled machine; heat, cold, energy, passion. The reluctant lass of mere minutes ago was a tiger to be tamed, a bronco, a bird in flight.
    "My lover," she panted, as she pulled away. "We cannot go on."
    He was stunned. He watched her stand up again. She was never more beautiful than when she stood in that light, her whole naked body glistening. As she turned, he saw her breasts and belly shine as well.
    "The same reason I don't want to fart out there. All the world will see."
    She fell to her knees in front of him and took him in both her hands. As she moved her hands over his staff, he felt himself pushed to the limit. She smiled and let his warmth splash on her breasts. She looked down.
    "Thanks. This will be easier to take care of."
    "Promise me, there will be a later."
    She laughed as she turned to the sink to wash herself off.
    "Then promise me that you'll be...up to it."
    He came up from behind. He scooped some of the warm water onto her breasts, then watched the water trickle down. She moved backwards into his embrace.
    "Promise me that I can have every part of you."
    She drew his arms around her.
    "He is here. His men are all over the stadium. His family sponsored the event, and paid the contractors for the food and the security. He owns me. And he owns you."
    "Nobody owns me."
    She retrieved her uniform. "Then after my last event, the ribbon, come get me."
    "I will. I swear."
    He waited until she finished slipping her gorgeous body back into her leotard. As she dressed, he wondered how he could pull it off. He shouldn't use his SMA powers in front if everyone. He shouldn't use firearms. He wish he could let Keir just stab everyone in the way, but that would only make Keir happy.
    She smiled at him.
    He kissed her. It was then he realized it was the first time their lips had touched.
    • Keiryu Strangely enough...He is kinda right...It would make me very happy.

      Also i know where you are going with this and while i do approve of building up to Kotomi betraying Cesar. I am not sure you can get yourself away from her farts long enough to actually pull it off...Then again i have been suprised before.

      Plus as long as there are more people getting killed i am all up for it. ^_^
  • Winds of Change VII: Core Strength
    Cesar looked the part of a security guard with his bright yellow jacket and chiseled looks. He crossed his arms and stood for about a minute outside the door. The irony of having a man wanted throughout the South Pacific guarding the honor of a young Japanese woman was not lost on Cesar. Maybe it WAS the jacket.
    He soon grew restless.
    The door had no latch, and he could easily push it inwards, ever so slightly. He leaded in and cocked his head. His first attempt, he saw nothing. The second, he was able to make out the sink.
    His third attempt was a sight to behold. Korri knelt, naked, on the floor. Her legs were gathered below her, flexing her quads. She raised her beautiful behind, but as he tried to see more, she covered it with her hand. And a feather.
    Cesar closed the door. What did he just see? What was he looking at? And could he be of service?
    He laughed at himself. The scourge of the South Seas did not need a written invitation. He walked in, locking the door behind him.
    "Wait!" She turned around in surprise. "You don't understand."
    "Educate me."
    She stood up. "I...I use the feather to make myself fart. Here. Where nobody is watching. Nobody out there..."
    "Who cares if you fart out there?"
    "They judge me. They think my butt stinks. They think I stink. That I'm dirty. I'm trash."
    She turned around, covering her breasts and nethers the best she could with her hands.
    He moved closer
    "They are wrong, Signorina." Cesar whispered in her ear.He gently touched her shoulders with his fingertips. He felt her shiver.
    "You are strong. Beautiful. Sharp."
    His fingertips now clutched her elbows. He paused to kiss the back of her neck. He took the feather from her hand and traced down her spine
    "These arms, these legs. All controlled by a powerful core."
    He reached down to her knees, letting the feather drop. As his fingertips move back up her leg, he traced the thigh muscles on the outside. When he got to her waist, his fingertips went down to her knees again, this time tracing the inner thighs.
    He had never seen a woman shake so much.
    "Please. I'll fart. And then you'll call me disgusting, just like he does."
    There's always a man, Cesar thought.
    He walked his kisses down to the small of her back.
    "I find nothing disgusting about a woman's scents. Your man is not a man if he does."
    "He's powerful. Rich"
    "So am I."
    His right hand reached around front. His pointer finger followed her lady nest down until it discover her clit. His other hand pressed gently against her thigh gap. From his vantage point, he could see her reaction in the mirror. Her eyes were closing; her lips were parted. The shivering was still there, but joined with a shallow breathing sound that Cesar had only heard during a woman's passion.
    "If I had you, I would make love to all of you. Your lips, your breasts, your sex, and even your ass."

    He kissed her tailbone. The bend in her knees opened her to his fingers; he felt her warmth.
    "You have three seconds to do your worst. I don't scare easily."
    Above him, she gasped. He watched her look at herself in the mirror. Her breasts glistened in the light."I...I...ah...""Three."
    The shaking increased. She was holding it in. He could see her flex her butt muscles as she clenched. So tough and yet so soft. I wonder if that might be the real prize.
    "You'll laugh. You'll leave me."
    "Never."His fingers slid between her thighs. She bucked in reaction; her fingers gripped the sink, as her knees let go a bit, then came back up. For a moment, he imagined her making that motion while perched above his body, her downward motion enveloping his member. He would reach forward and cup her breasts as she yielded to him.
    First things first.
    • Keiryu Seriously...What's with all the Fart love? I...I don't get it...o.O

      I mean i consider myself a man with weird fetishes. But i am pretty sure getting farted at won't get my stiffy hard...I can't say for sure since i never did get farted at so i am ust assuming but still just does not touch me...

      However i can see how this is a bonding moment with her trusting Cesar enough to do such a thing only to stab a ballpoint pen up his anal walls and go suckle on Karsten's jolly green dick....hhh yes love...
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  • Winds of Change VI: Promises
    Keir sheathed his knife. He raised his hand so he could see it. It was covered in dirt, blood, and gore. He made a first and looked at his elbow. None of the blood seemed to be his own. A quick check of his other extremities yielded the same answer.
    Behind him, the jungle tried its best to hide the death and damage Keir knew he had left. He did not know exactly how many bodies he left in his wake- he only knew that he wanted more.
    The crackle of his earpiece did not please him. They never call you to tell you to kill more, he thought.
    "YEAH, ZERO."
    Here it comes.
    The other end was silent. "I PROMISED."

    Zero put down the receiver, and strolled outside to the courtyard of Cesar Augusto's villa. His host had few terms when he agreed to join the Sim team: he wanted to keep command of his troops, keep his resources, and he asked for regular training to keep his skills sharp. He also asked, should the Sim team ever fight the Wolfchilds, that he be granted a man-to-man fight with Karsten.
    He remembered the moment. Cesar had just poured him another glass of wine from his family's vineyard. Zero had commented on its blood red color.
    "Interesting how the Irish work for whisky comes from 'water of life', yet the Spanish got sangria from their word for blood."
    "But wine tastes much better than actual blood."
    Cesar had smiled. "I don't have much of a taste for blood."
    Then his smile faded. "With one exception."

    He had gone home to see family. His father's brother owned a villa in Tuscany, and Cesar went to pay a visit. His cousin Ernesto had won a contract for security of a gymnastic exhibition in Torino. After a few jokes about who was going to watch over the goombas Ernesto would staff his team with, his cousin suggested they attend the event themselves.
    Armed with an all access pass and a "Security" jacket, Cesar was free to roam the halls of the Pala Alpitour. The halls were choked with giggling girls, lithe young men, and their oversized parents and coaches. Cesar slipped down an employee passage.

    That's when he saw her.

    There were only two people in that hall, so Cesar knew that the look she gave him could only be for him. She was not a child- she looked thin, but not fragile. Two strong legs, converging on the maxima of gluteus maximuses.
    The woman was startled. She looked Japanese- he wondered if she knew Italian. He tried English.
    "I am Cesar."
    "I'm, um, Korri."
    "Are you sure?"
    "Here I'm Korri. Back home, my name is Kotomi."
    "Kotomi it is. You came a long way."
    "I'm living in Germany now. I came here for the exhibition."
    "Me too."
    "So you're a gymnastics fan."
    Cesar smiled. Today, I will be a Kotomi fan.
    "Never got to see it this close before. But aren't you away from the staging area?"
    "No, I just needed to do something...private."
    She smiled. "Want to help?"
    She opened the door. Inside was a small training table and some sinks. She looked at Cesar.
    "Guard this door with your life," she commanded. "And I will give you a reward."
    Cesar saw her eyes sparkle. He could only imagine what that reward would be.
    "I swear."
    • SimMan Then when he saw her!
    • Keiryu A great truth has been spoken today. They really never call you to kill more...ALSO Lilith got no locks. She has long flowing black hair ...I told ya i am very picky about my hair. ^_^
  • Winds of Change V: About Time
    Friend or foe?" Growled the voice behind the door.
    Cesar heard Keir unlatch the door. He walked in, followed by Wawababi and the corporal.
    Keir smiled as he saw the girl look toward the bathroom door. 
    "You don't want to go in there."
    She gasped.
    It was Cesar's turn to laugh. "This is why you shouldn't get too close to your staff."
    "Is that what took so long-she got close to your staff?"
    "As close as humanly possible."
    "What's the latest, Sergeant?" Cesar asked.
    "Comms are intermittent. We do know that Karsten received a lengthy call from Korri, which gave us one vector."
    "That BITCH!" Wawababi blurted out.
    So why am I still here?" Keir muttered.
    "I was hoping to triangulate a position."
    "Tell you what. Relay any coordinates you do have to the pilot. I'll have him drop me the second you get a second vector."
    "Works for me. But Keir- you see the uniforms on my goombas?"
    "They're the good guys. You can kill anyone not dressed like them."
    "Got it."
    Keir bolted for the door.
    The sergeant handed Wawababi the mic. She tried to put a smile over her snarl.
    "Camp Alpha, this is Pizza Place."
    Cesar shook his head. Subtle, they weren't.
    "This is Alpha."
    "Put Karsten on."
    "Stick with the call signs."
    "Whatever. Is he there?"
    "Hold on."
    Cesar looked over. "Anything?"
    "Number 3 says we're looking West South West."
    "Relay that to the chopper."
    A voice came on the radio. "Yes, Pizza."
    "Oh honey, I just wanted to say, I miss you."
    "Pizza, don't use this for that."
    "What if I told you I was naked?"
    "I'd say my guys aren't doing their jobs. Put Hans on."
    "He's um, in the bathroom. What if I came there? I could put on the garters you like. I can do that trick with my tongue you like. The lollipop trick?"
    "Korri does it better."
    "She's a stinky bitch!"
    "Wawababi, it's over. I can teach you SMA, but you're nothing else to me."
    "Sixty seconds."
    "Wait, Greenie. Isn't there anything I can do for you?"
    "Yeah, hang up."
    "Just one more change."
    "Give it up."
    "Alpha, out."
    She sobbed, for maybe a moment.
    "You get it?"
    "Bearing 280."
    Her face changed. "I hope you get him, Signor Augusto."
    "Oh, I plan to." 
    "Can I blow you first?"
    "Not now."
    Cesar took the mic. 
    "Give me one of our frequencies."

    "Yes, Signor. We are supporting Seven."
    "Is he on site?"
    "Yes sir. We are trying to be his flanks, but it's tough to keep up."
    "What do you mean?"
    "Advance patrols have reported fifteen dead, ten more mortally wounded. All slash wounds. The owner's troops are rushing to guard the center."
    "So how are you supporting him?"
    "To be honest? We're just staying out of the way."
    • Keiryu The title says it perfectly "About Time" i get to kill more than just 3 people...Took long enough. See now i am happy. Remember me to buy the next round of whiskey and by buy i mean kill the bartender and take over his bar.

      Also don't sell yourself short guys that is a pretty good support you are giving me. Unless you want to support me by jumping in front of my knifes. Now that would be really helpfull since Signor Dicks-a-lot decided i am not allowed to stab his toys.
  • Winds of Change IV: A Promosing Turn
    Cesar marvelled at the scene in front of him. Wawababi, scion of the Wolfchild fortune, one of the most photographed women of her generation, was offering herself to him. Millions might gawk at her sex tape or her upskirts, as she ungallantly exited a car or a yacht with the paparazzi bulbs flashing. But here, in the relative quiet of the Papua NG waterfront, her love, her passion, her inner self, was his for the taking.
    No need to keep a lady waiting.

    He took her quickly. She traced thw scars on his chest with her fingers as he laid waste to her cleft
    "What's this scar?" Her finger found an old incision mark on the left side of his chest. "A broken heart?"
    "It's where I cut my heart out." Cesar's eyes went darker. "Turn over."

    She was now on her elbows and knees. The pounding began again, now punctuated by her shouts.
    "What is my lover's name?"
    "I am Signor Augusto to you."
    "Fine with me," she gasped. "I prefer men to boys."

    "Lay with me," she begged. She spread her bottled pink punani so he could see it.

    "I thought you didn't like my hotel."
    "I do with you in it."
    "I'll make you a deal. You can stay at my villa if you do me a favor."
    "You gave a comm device that your friends were using to coordinate ruining Primero's marriage. Tell your friends you're coming to meet them."
    She sat up, her perky tits bouncing.
    "You'll slaughter them! I will not lead you to them!"
    "Fine. Corporal!"
    An armed goomba entered the room.
    "Miss Haruko will accompany you to the survival camp on the Mosquito Coast. Tell the commander to treat her like any other recruit. She'll need rations and survival gear for two weeks of outside training."
    "No, please."
    She lowered her sunglasses. The prospect of being outside for more than a minute, let alone two weeks, was too much.
    "Not outside. Not here."
    "Fine. Make a call to the camp. Make sure to keep talking for 69 seconds. Any less, and your first lesson at camp will be how to barbeque an iguana."
    "What do I get in return?"
    "Safe passage to my villa. Chilled champagne. And a room temperature of 22 Celsius."
    He bent close to her ear.
    "And maybe if I have time, we'll test your other skills."
    "Asshole?" Cesar looked amused. "Ladies choice, then. We'll start there."
    • Keiryu So i am just assuming i am scratching my ass or stabbing the corpses of Dumb, Dumber and Dumberer. While you are busy fu**ing Miss Pinkie...Why did you need me again? o.O

      Just curious...Also nice Hilton reference.
  • Winds of Change III: The Right Direction

    Wawababi was anry now. Shefaced the door and yelled.

    "Are no longer with us." He tossed the iPad on the bed.
    "You should pick your help better. Hans Schmidt killed a man in Rotterdam last year. Franz Messerschmidt? Interpol was lioking for him. And Dieter Bock? He...just had bad timing."

    She sat on the bed, the towel in disarray. Sensing the goombas were paying too much attention to her open legs and uncovered hooha, he dispatched them.
    "Corporal, the door. Sergeant, check on #7's progress with the comm relay."

    Wawababi waited until the other men had walked away. Thinking she had the droo on him, she inviked her power. Within moments, she sent a flurry of umbrellas towards Cesar.

    He grabbed the fan. A sudden gust rom the fan created an air wall stopping the umbrellas.
    She was stunned. "How, how did you..."
    "My dear Wawababi. If you spent more time studying SMA, you'd have more skills to use. Instead, you run around Paris, New York, Berlin, and Tokyo NOT wearing these.."

    He twirled her panties on his finger.

    "WTF! Why you...my panties..."

    "You didn't need them in Gstaad according to TMZ. Why woory about them now?"

    "Don't you lay a finger on me!"

    "I do not intend to, if I don't need to."

    He smiled. "Now I understand you're having an issue with the air conditioning here."

    "Yes. Tour grimy little slum building can't keep an A/C unit working."

    "When you live down here, you learn how to live off of the land. Try this."

    The blades of the fan whirled fast, just as they had when they repelled the umbrellas. Wawababi's towel blew to the pther side of the room as she covered her face from the wind gust.

    "Too high?"

    Cesar cupped the outside cage around the blades in his hands. A stream of cool air was now directed just toward the base of Wawababi's neck.
    "Move your hands."

    She did.

    The cooling air found the valley between her breasts. The change in temperature was enough to perk up her nipples. Seeing that, he directed the breeze right at her left nipple, fluttering it slightly.

    She gasped. She did not know how he did this magic, but she was enjoying it. She lay down and watched the tiny hairs of her publc mound dance as wave upon wave of cool air webt up her body.

    When he focused the air on her clit, she came alive with moans and sobs. She quickky worked her fingers, first one hand then both, clawing at herself to assist the air channels in bringing her to an earth-shattering orgasm.

    He laughed.

    "I promised, I wouldn't touch you."
    She spread her famous legs as far as she could open them, the pink of her nethers blending with the bubblegum pink oif her hair.

    "For Lilith's sake. TOUCH ME!!!"

    • SimMan So awesome. It was certainly hot in there.
    • kotomifan Unlike some megastalkers in this story, I think Cesar knows when to move on. Besides- it's not like Kotomi/ Korri has a monopoly on lady parts.
      Case in point- is Keir planning to invite his jailbirdy to his wedding?
    • Keiryu BITCH THAT'S MY LINE!!! Pinkie gonna die tonight. Nobody steals my lines and get's away with it.

      Also i am suprised that even though you have such a hard one for Kotomi you are going after Pinkie.
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  • Winds of Change II: Room Service

    Keir's plan was to rappel onto the roof and climb down into the bodyguard's room. Cesar gave the go-ahead, as it would require less explanation to the others in the hotel. The guests below Wawababi's room were being offered a day-long cruise of the nearby waters as compensation for the air conditioning problem. She might have been extended the same courtesy, had she not been running communications for Karsten's war party from her suite.
    The drop was designed to coincide with the three bodyguards meeting outside her door. After accessing the room through the window, he could choose to wait for his prey or approach them in the hall.
    He never was one for doing things the easy way.
    The three guards saw the door open wide, as a masked maniac with two knives sliced his way into their company. The first fell to the floor immediately. The second staggered, bleeding profusely, until Keir took out his blade and ended his misery. The third began to run, but was dropped by a thrown shuriken to the skull.
    Keir took his kill into the open room. Per Cesar's  instruction, he took out a cellphone and took pictures of each bodyguard.
    "Smile, you bastards."
    He sent the pictures to Cesar's cell, who had casually entered the front lobby. He went to work on destroying the comm relay as his colleague rode the elevator up.

    Cesar casually entered the suite using his key. Hearing the shower, he sat down on the chair and waited. Two of his goombas flanked him, each with an AK-47.

    Wawababi, not expecting company, walked into the room naked, daubing herself with a towel. She stopped when she realized she was not alone.

    "Haruko." Cesar addressed her by her real name. "My hotel offers many services. Conveniences. We have a pool, a massage service. A restaurant. And Wi-Fi."

    He sat up. "You need not bring an army. Fortunately for all of us, you no longer have one."

    • Keiryu For a moment i looked at the picture and was like. "Why the f**k am i there...I don't remember posting this again. o.O"

      Then i noticed what was going on. Also Brain Surgeon, Torturer, Maniac, Psychopathic Killer and now Ninja...This is INSANITY....and i love it. ^_^

      Also since when do i do anything with a plan? o.O "Mini-Me The Third" is not being a good mini-me.

      I would have walked right up to them smile and ask them how they would like their stabbing today.
  • Winds of Change I: Be My Guest
    It was never easy finding Keiryu, Cesar thought. Keiryu only made himself available when he wanted too.
    Cesar watched the three bodyguards talk outside Wawababi's suite on the screen. The suite was in the fancy hotel nearest Cesar's Papua New Guinea compound; every stone, flower, and drop of pool water belonged to him.The video was fed to the main Blackspears office, on Shambala, which is where Cesar was impatiently waiting for Keiryu to arrive. His goombas reported that there were only three men, and that they stood together during the shift change, probably out of sheer boredom. #3 had reported their communications were sparse, and that their data usage was primarily to German football and pornographic sites.It would be a shame to kill them, Cesar thought. Fortunately, he didn't have to do it. He fingered the bottle of scotch. Hope it's enough.
    He hit a couple of buttons. The concierge of the Albergo answered."Sir?""The air conditioning of the master suite is about to fail. Bring the rotary fan to the suite.""Yes, Sir."
    Cesar had his usual set of video bugs all over the place. This was kind of a special one - the video fed in from the center of the rotating fan. He figured the young lady might want to cool herself off after a few minutes of losing air conditioning in the equatorial heat. He clicked on the remote to stall the A/C as Keiryu walked in.
    The Master of Insanity joined him at the table. "You called, Koto?"
    Cesar poured two scotches. He knew to pour a double for his friend.
    "You're always bitching about your blade being dry. I've got a solution."
    He used his glass to point to the screen. "In the suite is Wawababi, Karsten's ex, and a member of his team. Three men rotate as bodyguards in the room next door. Why she wasn't camping with the others is uncertain, but I don't care. My men have the exits surrounded, and the building is empty save some goombas pretending to be staff. I need her alive. I don't care what you do to the other three."
    "How often are the men together?"
    "Every four hours, at fifteen minutes before the hour.""Comms?"
    "Covered. Countermeasures will kick in on your signal, unless they can scream loud enough to be heard in Europe."
    "When do I leave?"
    "Chopper is outside. You, me, and my pilot. I've seen you fly."
    Cesar handed his friend an iPad after they took off."What's this?"
    "Final bit of intelligence. All the video feed you'll ever need. Roof, walls, hallway, stairs. Her guards have four bugs in their room. She has six, less the seventh bug is on."
    "I like sevens. Let's see what you got."
    The screen opened up to a view of two naked breasts. The skin was light but not completely pale. The areolas were dark, and partially covered in pink hair. Sweat beads on her breasts and ribs travelled away from the gusts of air. Other strands of hair flew back from the mechanical breeze. Above the hair, the chin of the young woman was moving back and forth.
    "What do you think she's saying?' Cesar asked.
    "My guess is she's cursing out your staff in Japanese."
    "Well, she looks good doing it."
    "Maybe so, Koto. I'm a bit more picky. She could use a few more inches of hair, and lot less hair color. Jailbirdy's twice the woman this one is."
    Cesar laughed. "She'll do."
    He took an earpiece out of a box.
    "Our ETA is ten minutes. Got what you need?"
    The Master of Insanity  did a quick check. "Knife, knife, knife, knife, knife, and...knife. I'm good."
    "You'll need this." Cesar handed him the earpiece. "Courtesy of Robin. Tap it twice to talk when you're done.""Then what happens?"
    "I greet our guest while you finish off my scotch."
    • SimMan I love all the details. I saw 3, 6, 7 and 10 on the mission. I must say we have a pretty useful team anything from spying on a nice girl to setting up the newer world order... we did more than all Bonds combined.
    • Keiryu Ohhh i am curious the moment i entered the scene. But just saying the name of my mini-me is "Keir" after all i have to distinguish myself from him at least a little. ^_^

      Also are you sure you want to hand me an Ipad seems like a pretty advanced technology...For f**ks sake i live on a island surrounded by trees, sand a cat and whatever i happened to bring there...trust me technology ain't my forte.

      Other than that pretty nice version of me let's see where you are going with this little story.