SimGirls 6.6 Bug #13 - Ami misguiding me about Raising Charm @ Pub!!!
I never expected this from her. She is not only my Childhood Friend, but my Best friend as well.
On the first day of the semester, she volunteered to be my Personal Adviser & promised me to Help.
I wanted to be charming & visitedĀ Pub & found out there were no hookers!
I Asked Ami & she kept saying "Go to Pub".
But somehow I found out that the Hookers are now available @ Love Hotel!
I felt betrayed!!! My GeniusĀ Best friend misguided me!!
Was she drunk or taking revenge since I refused to study with her before Exams???

P.S. I guess that's the reason so many people posted questions about raising Charm in 6.6 & as a result it was added to FAQs.
I personally found it on Day 1, since I visited all the locations.