Finally 21!
Time to party!
  • Imperial_Soldier I remember when I turned 21, it was a monday, I was out in the field with my unit for two weeks, in the summer, in Texas, in full it was around triple digit heat, anyways, enjoy your twenty first, and if your going somewhere make sure to have a DD, or a Taxi number, Also put down the PBR and get a real mans drink, I suggest Wild Turkey, Ever clear, some Captain etc...and for beer, Dos Equis isnt too bad, or a classic Budd
    • Rasheed Here's the bud!
    • Rasheed I guess you can say, you needed a "cold one"! (Ba-dum-tss)

      Real man's beer? Uhhh a-hem, Budweiser is indeed the finest! Hell, it's everywhere I go when I am out with the real bros! But what's wrong w/ PBR? I mean, it's decent. Actually, I am a newbie. What can I say about beer?
  • Fear57 I remember my 21st. The feeling when you realize you now get to play with the big boy toys, not airsoft and paint ball. Go get a nice little sports pistol, grab a cigar and put down that Blue Ribbon and trade it in for a Blue Moon.
    • Rasheed Damn, what is wrong with the Blue Ribbon? Seem like a lot of folks don't like it.

      Blue moons are pretty dope though! I would much rather drink that but still.
      • Fear57 I've heard Blue Ribbon picks up a lot of the aluminum from the can and has a pretty nasty after taste. Even the Blue Moon cans have the same reputation.
  • Ian Mayer ill be there with you in MAY xD
  • Robin Happy birthday!