Cheers!! Wine > Beer!
Wine is fancy! Beer is not!
  • Keiryu Pfff fancy. Is that what they call weakling drinkers nowadays? Everyone knows a true MAN only drinks Whiskey. Or occasionally the blood of his enemies.

    Everything else is just for people who can't drink but want to look cool.
    • Rasheed Whiskey is not my cup of alcohol. It just taste unnatural but that's me. But I will tell you vodka is the best water in the world!

      You say it's a weak drink but at least it's a weak drink with flavor! Unlike that nasty crap we call Rum that people sip on! Lol
  • Robin You have fancy and overpriced beer too though :p
    • Rasheed Yeah, I also have like 3 Mike's Lemonades in my fridge.

      No, I am not addicted. I am a modest drinker but I do enjoy it!
  • SimMan what kind of wine is that?