Just got this baby today!
Recently finished every song on Just Dance 2016 too!
  • Robin Ever played any other dance games?
    Because I've only played DDR (dance dance revolution) before, but finishing every song on it would be really crazy because you have some impossible Japanese ones on it. Don't know how hard Just Dance is?

    Just trying to figure out how impressed I should be :p
    • Rasheed I have played DDR too. I haven't hit expert mode on there just yet. But at the same time, I don't focus that much on DDR because I would need to go to the arcade to play that game. Why go there when I could easily practice Just Dance at home. I believe DDR is more focus on giving you a workout and being quick on your feet. Which is great actually, I know some fit people who can't do cardio. But Just Dance puts hand movements with turns and all different types of actual dance moves in one. And like DDR, there's an extreme mode!
      So, in my opinion, both are actually great games! When I am tired of Just Dance, I will probably turn to DDR.
      • Robin Yeah, true. Just dance is probably much closer to actual dancing than DDR, but it can give you one hell of workout :p
  • SimMan Go Sao