First Joke (
Ugh, I hate my voice. Some like it, some don't. I personally don't like it because it's a weird deep and not a cool deep. Were you expecting it to be nerdy or average? 

Anyway, I just randomly thought about this and wanted to post it. I was also thinking about posting more videos with my cam. Once I get over the nervous energy maybe I can post something interesting.
  • Robin It's true, nobody likes his own voice but I really didn't expect this voice :p
    Very charismatic and masculin voice, would be a great radio voice too.
    Don't be offended for not expecting the masculinity :D
    • Rasheed I'd always thought it sounded dumb.
      Some people thought I was trying to act tough but no. Lol.
      Even judging by my photos and personality, some folks from other social media expect me to sound childish. Lol.
      Maybe I am overthinking the way my voice sounds. I do get some mockery from it too.
  • SimMan I assure you almost no one like their own voice. It's just because you are so used to listening to your own voice so closely between your vocal cords and ears, and you will never find it comfortable listening it after going through air and recording device.
    • Rasheed I mean, I am doing a little voice acting just because some people like it. "Seems like you have a lot of testosterone." is what they say. But like you said, it's hard to get over. It's like I never want to hear it.

      Well, what's your opinion?
      • SimMan I find it a very charismatic voice a bit like Obama.
        • Rasheed I think that just gave me an idea.
        • Rasheed Hahaha! No joke! I used to be called, "Obama" when I was 18. Thru out my senior year in high school, people would quote:
          "I'm Barack Obama, and I believe in change!" to me.
          I even cut my hair short like him to keep the vibe going!
          Maybe I am his relation.
          I guess, thank you. Lol.