Who needs Mcdonalds?
So, eating healthy is difficult for me but exercising is fairly easy since I am moving. So, I'd decided to try to eat healthy for at least a month and see if something happens. If I raise up my testosterone high enough, maybe I could be as big as Rufus! Lol!

Oh, by the way, I was hit on at work but some gay guy and he even gave me his number. Well then.
  • SimMan Getting that kind of body is one thing, keeping it is another big issue. Anyways it seems that you will have a great start in 2017. All the best.
    • Rasheed Very true, I am not actually trying to look like the Devil. That kind of look is crazy! But you know, trying to work for a goal.
      • SimMan Make sure you dye your hair red afterwards, I will need you to be the face of Lovemore promotion.
      • Robin Any specific goals in mind?
        Lately I am really into calisthenics. My current goal is being able to do a 1-arm chin-up, but I'm taking my time. I've got a plan of progressions, but it could easily be 2 more years until I get there. I actually like the work more than the end goal (in all aspects of my life actually reaching a goal generally gives me less fulfilment than striving towards it for some reason)
  • Robin Ah yes, getting hit on by gay guys. The ultimate evidence of being fit :)