If I could write someone's name in the Death Note in Rosebery.....
It would put T-Rex's name in the book!
  • Keiryu I probably put my own name in there just for shiz and giggles.

    No real fun in murdering anyone unless ya do it with ya own hands while watching their faces twist from pain slowly to despair and then finally nothingness. So yeah. I stick to just using knifes. Much more fun.
  • Mike This Is such a funny game, I have a group of people (Mostly just in general criminals) I want dead, but unfortunately that's not the way the book works T-T
  • SimMan I would put Lucifer there. I would rather have someone who is bad inside out, at least you can try to avoid him.
  • Ebony hmmmmm i would put a few SJWs that would be needed in that book and there deaths would be "death by allies"