Personal Film Favorites: Collateral (
The first official trailer for Collateral.

Collateral was released August of 2004 and was met with mostly positive reviews by critics and viewers. Cruise's and Foxx's performances were highly praised. The film was released on DVD and BlueRay.

Tom Cruise is the villain? One ticket please! Collateral takes you on an adrenaline rush through the streets of L.A. The film captures the isolation and abandonment in L.A. perfectly and the scenes are wonderfully edited. Did I mention the soundtrack? Oh are you in for a treat. One of the best soundtracks out there. The film also has one of the best shootouts on screen.

There is little to say about the film except for you to see it. If you enjoy fast paced films you'll love this movie. If you're a firearm enthusiast then you'll love the showcasing of the USP from H&K. If you are wondering what Tom Cruise would look like as the bad guy then this is it. The film is dark and makes you feel trapped and abandoned begging for escape. Be warned, Collateral has one of the most haunting and despair filled endings ever felt in movies.

Personal rating: 4.5 out of 5
Director: Michael Mann
Vincent: Tom Cruise
Max: Jamie Foxx
Music: "Ready Steady Go" (Korean Style) by Paul Oakenfold

  • Rasheed One thing I found funny about this movie is that Jamie Foxx has that same look in The Amazing Spider-Man 2! Even the same name, Max.

    Another strange thing about this movie is, the bond between Max & Vincent. It's like, "Hey! I am the bad guy but I will not kill you because I somewhat like you enough not to." It's hard to explain.
    • Fear57 Tom and Jamie had great chemistry together. Tom's character had compassion and sympathy elements. Even Tom's character didn't look at it as good or evil, it was just a job. He was just an indifferent man, the grey suit represents he just goes unnoticed doing his work. After all, how many times do you pay attention to people in grey? It's a neutral color.

      The symbolism in the film is amazing, it would take well over a day to put everything together.